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2011: China Development Brief 中国发展简报准备新版中国NGO目录

关心中国NGO英文中国非政府组织博客主Shawn Shieh11月份到了四川来了解四川非政府公益组织。他参与中国发展简报准备新版中国NGO目录。 Shawn Shieh on his Chinese NGOs blog in late November discussed Sichuan NGOs and mentioned the new project to update the China Development Brief’s directory of Chinese NGOs.  The China Development Brief was a great source of information … Continue reading

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微博评论广东省陆丰市乌坎事件 III 12/19日

要永辉: //@袁裕来律师: 用重兵围困一个村子,意欲何为?! (10秒前) 举报| 转发 What is the meaning of surrounding a village with massive forces? Yeohhelen: 历次变革的重要起因就是农民失去土地 //@王功权: (30秒前) 举报| 转发 浅礁: 革命在进行中~ (40秒前) 举报| 转发 Important changes throughout history have been caused by peasants losing their land. … Continue reading

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闹医/ 医闹问题与法治

In Chengdu I hear sometimes about cases in which people take revenge on a doctor for some suspected malpractice.  I heard about a case last year in which a gangster-type had some people attack a hospital and a physician when … Continue reading

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共产党的附属党说中国要更民主:读Popular Tribune 群言

I saw two interesting articles in the August 2011 issue of  Popular Tribune 群言 a magazine from the satellite parties under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.  This is the first time I read this magazine, so I can’t … Continue reading

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According to a  September 12, 2011  China Newsweekly article,  the PRC is preparing for the land contract management rights markets established as experiments in Chengdu and Chongqing from 2007.  More precisely the experiment started in 2007 but quite a lot … Continue reading

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The September 12 issue of China Newsweekly Zhongguo Xinwen Zhoukan discusses the consequences of the proliferation of social insurance cards with computer chips including 32 kilobytes of memory. I have heard some officials who say the IC social insurance cards will … Continue reading

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The Chinese publication Leadership Decision Making Information regularly has information on the Twelfth Five Year Plan aka Program (it is called guihua vice jihua now) and its local implementations. I regularly see notes about it on Lingdao Juece Xinxi … Continue reading

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Li Junru: What is the “New Situation” in Party Building? 翻阅李君如:执政党建设遇到的“新形势”是什么

The Cadres’ Reader: Correctly Handle Contradictions Among the People, Do Mass Work Well Under the New Circumstances  published March 2011 by the Zhongguo Chang’an Chubanshe  includes recent speeches or reports of speeches given by Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping on fighting corruption … Continue reading

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2011: Why Calls for Great Leap Forward Style Development Costs Lives 大跃进式发展为什么“要命”

Yao Liwen of People’s Daily and Liu Jianping of China Media University in the September 29 Nanfang Zhoumo have a hard-hitting article. [Yao Liwen was once the personal secretary to former PRC State Chairman Liu Shaoqi.] My quick summary: Yao … Continue reading

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Zhou Guanghui’s article “The Development and Reform of the Policy-making System in Contemporary China” which appeared in the 3/2011 issue of Zhongguo Shehui Kexue  is useful for the examples it gives of changes in the policy making system in China … Continue reading

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