2011: Sina Microblogs on the Wukan Incident December 17, 2011 Part II

Searches on the village name ‘Wukan’ were blocked the morning of 12/17 Beijing time except for one stray. I notice that some microblogs which still carry much material on Wukan so I am translating or summarizing some of it here with photos. Blocking searches on a keyword, it seems, is much easier than erasing relevant material from millions of microblogs, and the ones with only a few hundred or less ‘fans’ are likely ‘cleansed’ last.

Microblog comments can come from many sources, including from outside of China.  Most  seem to be from people who have heard from people on the scene, other comments may be from armchair revolutionaries either within or outside of China. I found the comments interesting and hope they can help to get an understanding of events by not relying too much on individual postings but on the pattern of the postings.

From a Microblog

According to ‘comment from someone online’: Contact the nearby villages, kick out all the officials, set up joint self-government of the villages. Make it harder for the bandits to concentrate the forces for repression! Force him to worry about both his head and his tail. Whenever it retreats, there the space for self-government increases. Force the bandits to retreat to the county capital. Reverse the situation between us and the enemy around. This government has fallen to the point of being just a gangster government. Open fire on the fascists….

转发| 收藏| 评论11分钟前 来自移动微博同步应用

转发: 共党的这种作为显然进一步证明他们正在步法西斯的后尘,国际社会应该合力歼灭这种反人类的政党,彻底清算他们的罪恶,替中国60余年间在法西斯党统治下被以各种方式孽杀的高级搜索近亿人讨回公道。//@天空郅蓝: 援引网友评论7:绝对不能够容忍中共惨绝人寰的纳粹行径,更多图片
Retweeting: This action by the Communist Party clearly shows that it moving even further on the road to fascism. The international community should destroy this inhuman political party and make them pay fully for their crimes. The nearly 100 million people who have suffered for the sins of these fascists during the over 60 years of fascist power in China should find justice. // Deep Blue Heavens: Citing the comment of an online person: We cannnot tolerate the Chinese communists taking the fascist path and call on the United Nations to investigate the crimes of the Chinese Communists. We cannot ignore the “New Nazi Fascist Party” continues to slaughter people who are just upholding their rights.

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援引网友评论:如果你们有100人,我们将用棍子打趴你们。如果你们有1000 人,我们就用催泪弹。如果1万人上街游行,我们将站在那里注视。但如果有10万人出现,我们将加入你们的行列。—- 这是近期,莫斯科抗议国家杜马选举舞弊的示威活动中一位警察对抗议者说的话。
Citing the comment of a online person: If there are 100, we will hit you with clubs, if there are 1000 we will use tear gas on you, if there are 10,000 marching in the streets, we will stand by and watch. If 100,000 people appear, then we will join you. — what a Russian police officer said recently to Moscow protesters demonstrating against fraud in the Duma elections.


转发(1)| 收藏| 评论今天07:33 来自移动微博同步应用

“We don’t encourage children to fight in the front lines”. Tang Jingling said “This incident shows that the thinking of the people has changed fundamentally. They don’t believe that the problems of the peasants can be solved under this system of dictatorship. If the peasant problem cannot be solved, we will not be able to give our children a good future. Therefore, these children are fighting for their own futures. These boys and girls understand that things have gone so far that any retreat or compromise is hopeless.”


转发| 收藏| 评论今天07:15 来自移动微博同步应用

广东律师唐荆陵表示,以前中国农民为了土地维权、为乡村自治的权益进行抗争,避免 动员青年一代,都是老幼妇孺参与抗争。这次看到最大的区别是:他们进行了全面的动员,这才是真正的进步。只有彻底的觉醒,才会有这种全面的抗争,孩子也参 与了,因为他们进行的是“非暴力的和平抗争”。
Guangdong lawyer Tang Jingling said that formerly, Chinese peasants protests to uphold their rights to land and for self-government in their rural districts. In doing this, they avoided mobilizing youth, it was only the old and the very young who particpated in protests. The big difference this time is that they have mobilized everyone. This is genuine progress. Only if a profound awakening has taken place can there be this struggle on all fronts. Children also particpate since because they are carrying on a “non-violent, peaceful struggle”.

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A Ms. Wu said, on September 21, the mayor said to all the peasants, the Jade Gardens area 碧桂园 was not sold, a contract was not signed and people will not be forced to sign. Now the government is eating its words and illegally occupying the Jade Gardens area. Recently they tried to start construction but were stopped by the peasants. Later the government has been forcing students and some migrant workers from outside to sign.

转发| 收藏| 评论121618:28 来自移动微博同步应用

A young person named Zhou carried a placard saying “The Government is Forcing Students to Sign an Agreement to Sell Land”. At their school today they were told by a group of people to stop, they don’t know if they were government officials or people working for the developer, asking them to sign a contract to sell the Jade Gardens land. The classmates all refused to sign. The group said, we’ll give each person who signs several hundred RMB.

转发| 收藏| 评论121618:16 来自移动微博同步应用

According to a citizen blogger “China Wukan” , on December 8, twelve Wukan Village representatives released the receipt of the corrupt government selling Wukan land for about 4.8 billion RMB. This made the people furious! The corrupt government stole that large sum of money, after it was revealed the officials protected one another. What made the people even more angry was that the government suddenly arrested five of the representatives.

转发(3)| 收藏| 评论(1)121617:07 来自移动微博同步应用

As far as the nature of the authorities goes, Liu Feiyu said, they are using their old methods and tricks. How could this possibly be connected to forces from outside China’s borders? Even if eforts were made to make the foreign media and people in other countries pay attention to this situation, that is completely normal and legal. That the authorities use this tactics, is just a way of blackening the names and insulting the proper actions of the people in upholding their rights. It is just a way of hiding their violent crimes and protecting this dictatorial and tyrannical system.

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According to the online person “Chicken Essence” microblog, of the five people’s representatives who were taken, two are dead and three have been seriously injured. One’s mouth has been smashed, he has no teeth left. One had nails driven into his fingers. They used all kinds of torture. It is just too horrible.

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“Foreigners Find the Wukan Incident Significant” wrote the Daily Telegraph in the UK. The report described “The Wukan Incient is extremely unusual. Twenty thousand people — an entire village — are in open resistance. The Chinese Communists seem to be left with no alternative to using violent repression since all other methods will mean that they completely lose control. This is unprecedented in the history of China’s mass incidents.

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『接上条』惊奇不已的抗议者争相用相机或手机将这一幕拍摄下来,甚至有抗议者爬上 大树,试图更近距离的观察这个神秘飞行物。而这架UFO似乎也正在默默地观察下面的2.5万名抗议示威者。只是因为数码像数不够高或者变焦距离不够远的原 因,拍摄下来的图像不够清晰,是留下遗憾的。
‘The Link” is astonished at how the protesters use cameras and cellphone to take pictures of one another. Some protesters even climb up in trees to take pictures of this mysterious flying object. This UFO seems to be quietly observing the 25,000 protesters beneath it. Unfortunately because the camera doesn’t have enough pixels or the lens isn’t long enough, the picture isn’t clear enough. What a shame.

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