2011: Translations from Selected Sina Microblogs on Wukan Village Incident Part I

Translations from Selected Sina Microblogs on Wukan Village Incident December 16, 2011

Qu wat: #Wukan Village# The escalation of the Wukan Village incident this December has become the banner of our desire for freedom. This is the kind of mass incident rarely seen in recent decades. It shows that the nature of mass incidents in China has begun to change. Now Wukan Village is in anarchy but the villagers themselves are keeping things in order. One villager who was arrested, Xue Jinbo, had an illness after being confined for three days, he was sent to the hospital for treatment but it was not effective so he died.

Angry Talented Woman: They have no scruples about hanging the label “infiltration of foreign enemy forces” on these innocent villagers. They want to rely on that to repress the resistance of the masses into nothingness. [A quote from the ancient philosopher Lao Zi] ‘The people do not fear death, so how can [the authorities] make them fear death?’ Therefore the incident gets bigger and bigger, and exhausts the political resources of the local authorities. There is the old saying “If you cannot sweep your own roof of snow, how can you expect to sweep clean all under heaven?” To Wang Yang it was said “If ruling even a village is hard, how can all under heaven be ruled?” Bearing the burden of the Wukan Incident, this kind of negative political capital, how can Wang Yang hope to be promoted at the Eighteenth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party?”

Angry Talented Woman: The Wukan rights defense case became steadily more serious, it was repeatedly a shame to the image of Guangdong Province, and it is tied to the political prospects of the Guangdong Party Secretary at the Eighteenth Party Congress. If a little village is so hard to rule, however can one hope to rule a grand and magnificent country of 1.3 billion people? Ever since the Wukan incident erupted in September, the Guangdong authorities have alternately used carrot and stick tactics on the villagers. They tried everything, negotiations, firing village cadres, and met some of the villagers’ demands. By their actions, they turned a small incident into a big incident.

The world media is watching China’s Wukan Village http://t.cn/Sthv7y All the Chinese communist officials were kicked out of the village.

The Bitter words of a Peasant: the people have suffered greatly from the corruption of the Lufeng government. Wukan is just a small village. Even thought the people had only a little bit of land it was nonetheless all gobbled up. Young peasants depend on looking for work in other places to make a living. The elderly mostly make their living from fishing. In this incident, the Lufeng government took by force farmland and gave it to the Bigui Garden Development Company which wanted seaside properties. Without the consent of the peasants, they stole 4.8 billion RMB and made the entire village furious. What can drive a peasant more deeply into despair than this? The distortion of the facts in the media made this incident even more serious.

Seventh Armored Expedition: The 41st and 42nd group armies of the PLA have already temporarily relinquished their task of defense against Vietnam and Taiwan and are hurrying towards Lufeng City. It is expect that they will form a second and a third lines of armored encirclement of Wukan Village. Moreover, the 38th group army subordinate to the Beijing Defense District is already urgently being shifted for garrison duty. Currently its movements and garrison destination are unclear.

Fashionable Me: For some time some Guangdong officials http://t.cn/ScS1UI have been reporting on Wukan but nobody took it seriously.


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ruiquan666:被押村民猝死 广东乌坎村再爆骚乱 http://t.cn/ScVTxa

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雨夜飘移:http://t.cn/Sthv7y 世界媒体聚焦中国乌坎村 中共官员全被赶走

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风尚_有我:http://t.cn/ScS1UI其实在网络上早有人向广东的高官们反映乌坎土地的问题,就是没有人重视,哎 (今天 18:28)


晴天雷v:草根屁民 转自:@kenneth888 : 陸豐烏坎村,數千村民昨繼續在村內開村民大會,有村民拉起白布(圖),不少學生穿校服參加,有女學生更上台向村民演講,並帶動村民大叫口號,指斥民主訴求被定性為非法集會。進入烏坎的各條道路佈防,嚴防村民衝出烏坎。

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俗家人释永乖:廣東汕尾陸豐烏坎村示威潮不斷,昨日再有四千名村民遊行抗議,要求中央政府介入調查徵地糾紛,徹查官商勾結,並要求交還猝死村代表薛錦波的屍體,及釋放其餘被捕村民。薛錦波家屬稱,一直無法領回遺體,今日將在村內空棺出殯,料有七千人出席送別。 【on.cc 東方互動專訊】

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@刘继兴:1945年6月中苏双方在莫斯科举行多次会谈,最后蒋介石的国民政府同意在“苏联不援助中共”等条件下,允许外蒙古独立。 1946年1月5日,国民政府正式承认外蒙古的独立。 从此中国也成为了历史上唯一的在胜利的时候,还丢失大片国土的“战胜国”。

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广东SW520:广东汕尾陆丰乌坎违纪村官被纪委“双规” |  中新社汕尾12月14日电 (记者 索有为)广东汕尾市代市长吴紫骊14日在此间举行的媒体见面会上称,陆丰市纪委于14日批准对乌坎村涉及违纪的个别村官采取“两规”措施。同时,中共 http://t.cn/ScGNSO

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阿生爱看海:烏坎村民續抗議 警嚴密佈防 發生抗議事件的陸豐烏坎村,數千村民昨繼續在村內開村民大會,有村民拉起寫有「民主訴求竟是非法集會」的白布不少學生穿校服參加,有女學生更上台向村民演講,並帶動村民大叫口號,指斥民主訴求被當局定性為非法集會。當局則在進入烏坎的各條道路佈防嚴防村民衝出烏坎

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舨诺缘_iae:美国华尔街游行是谁煽动的? ——看到一品高官的博文《天天维稳,乌坎村群众还是被境外势力煽动了!(图)》有感而发的评论。http://t.cn/ScUogr

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hidestone:#2011微博盘点# 英國每日電訊報指出:中國廣東陸豐市的濱海漁村烏坎村遭封鎖,隨著烏坎村十二名官員中最後一名於十二日逃離該村,中國共產黨權完全失去對這個兩萬人口漁村的控制,創下中共建政以來首見紀錄。

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精雕者://@Charlie_肇龍的博客:英國每日電訊報指出:中國廣東陸豐市的濱海漁村烏坎村遭封鎖,隨著烏坎村十二名官員中最後一名於十二日逃離該村,中國共產黨權完全失去對這個兩萬人口漁村的控制,創下中共建政以來首見紀錄。 – 原文地址:http://t.cn/ScyAd6

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You_are_my_girl://@碧海彩霞:// @我是李念奴 : // @戴玉梅yy : // @军都山人 : // @哎乌 : 这话,献给东师古村口劫匪、乌坎村抓人武警官兵、各种刑迅逼供警察、联动执法、强拆城管。都很自豪吧,很觉得自己是盘菜。能耐。


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bxzzgr:kenneth888 : 發生抗議事件的陸豐烏坎村,數千村民昨繼續在村內開村民大會,有村民拉起寫有「民主訴求竟是非法集會」的白布(圖1),不少學生穿校服參加,有女學生更上台向村民演講,並帶動村民大叫口號,指斥民主訴求被當局定性為非法集會。當局則在進入烏坎的各條道路佈防,嚴防村民衝出烏坎。

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陸克曼:发表了博文 《【陽光時務008-009】大事記-烏坎村莊日記》 – 1993年,「烏坎港實業開發有限公司」成立,烏坎村政府開始賣村土地。 2009年4月3日,烏坎村出現名為《給烏坎村鄉親們的信——我們 http://t.cn/Sc2FGl

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一个萝卜帮子:Hi,给你推荐一篇好资讯,很值得看哟:[受羁押村民死亡 广东乌坎村与警方对峙]。点击查看:http://t.cn/Sc2CxV @3gqa.com @www3gqacom

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