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英文翻译:唯色的诗《无 措》

 中文原文 无 措 唯色 拿起一本书, 看了几行又放下。 而窗外的北京 弥漫着末日气象, 雾霭中,看不见 稍远处的高楼。 其实我啊 牵挂着更远的远处, 无所畏惧的族人啊, 火焰中,会不会 被红色的子弹击中? 2012年1月17日 补充:本月14日自焚的一位阿坝僧人已确认在自焚后遭军警毒打身亡。从2009年2月27日起,境内藏地自焚的17名藏人中,已有12位牺牲。4人当场被军警带走,下落不明,生死不明;1人重伤留在寺院。 Helpless  by Woeser  I take a book Read a few pages and set it aside Outside my window, Beijing Filled with feelings of … Continue reading

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翻译摘要:专访北京大学国际关系学院副院长王逸舟 外交转型需赖国内体制革新

A summary translation of the first half of the article. 外交转型需赖国内体制革新 Prof.  Wang Yizhou of the Beijing University School of International Studies told Nanfengchuang in October that for China will need thorough domestic reforms if its diplomacy is to become more … Continue reading

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最近英国每天电邮报报道部分西方人士看到中国新的龙邮票,相信这个龙是中国最近几年的自信甚至做世界霸权志愿一个信号。记得几年前有的中国人不应该称呼中国龙《dragon》 因为龙总是个吉祥生物而不是西方那样的怪物。如果中国龙正在学西方dragon的作风,说不定这是中国最近几年受到西方精神污染的冲击。难怪最近胡锦涛书记提醒党员与中国人民要提高对西方文化与思想的侵袭。是否你看到这个博客之后应该感到惭愧? 文化交流与相互文化侵略的出别在那里? The Telegraph Chinese dragon stamp draws fire for ‘scaring’ the world Chinese have reacted angrily to a special edition stamp to celebrate the Year of the Dragon that depicts the iconic creature as a fearsome creature. … Continue reading

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中文电子书阅读器与相关软件的进步 (英文)

Chinese E-reader trends will affect cyber outreach opportunities and make Chinese language media more easily available.  Soon, the domestic market for these Chinese-made  devices (by this year most of the world’s Ipads will be made here in Chengdu) will continue … Continue reading

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United Front Work Department Vice Director to EU Officials on December 30, 2011 at PRC Mission to EU in Brussels   Main Points:  The West Has Done Nothing to Improve Human Rights in Tibet Chinese Government Will Not Change its Tibet … Continue reading

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中国共产党与政府控制藏区宗教活动一个重要的措施:干部驻寺常态化 Tibetan Autonomous Region Party Secretary Chen Quanguo called for stronger and more innovative monastery management based on the cadres permanently stationed in the monastery concept 要以干部驻寺常态化为主要内容,加强和创新寺庙管理。 at a January 4 video conference. Secretary Chen also announced awards will be … Continue reading

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Huang Qi’s 64 Tianwang Reports: PLA Navy Colonel Tan Linshu 谭林书 detained on suspicion of subversion; Tan says has been persecuted for 15 years, ever since exposing faking of torpedo test Data.  Some of the recent accusations against him are … Continue reading

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