Chengdu Elections 2012: Ten “Escorted” Independent Candidate to Polls; Party Secretary Put Ballot Boxes in His Car

Photos: Ten Escort Candidate to Polling Place, Party Secretary Puts Ballot Boxes in His Car
图:成都10余人押送参选人 书记把票箱抱上车
by Volunteer Worker Bai Hui
[ Two photos and original text are at

 (Tianwang Chengdu, 27 Feb 2012) With the Chengdu People’s Congress fully underway, the China Tianwang Human Rights Center, examining reports from a variety of sources, has found that there are many procedural problems with the Chengdu elections.

At 10:36, the independent candidate Wang Rongwen messaged that ‘Now ten people have escorted me to the polling place. The are comprised of Wang Quan and three other people’s police from the Huangwa Street Station and city district and street committee and cadres from the community.’

At 10:40 AM, the independent candidate Yan Tafeng called to say that ‘Our village secretary has already taken the ballot boxes away in a truck and so our election is already over’.

At noon, Shuangliu County independent candidate Hu Jinqiong called to say ‘Today the head of public security, the police station chief, and people from the Shuangliu County People’s Congress, and the deputy party secretary of the political and legal affairs committee of Shuangliu County, and the Dongsheng Township party secretary Wang Difan all came to the polling place. Our local election is already over.’

At 12:30 PM, Luo Keyin called to say ‘Today government cadres in our electoral district have been taking video of us. We ask why, they reply that they are taking videos for their files. When Luo Keyin asked if he could take their picture, the cadre immediately accused Luo Keyin of suspicion of infringing on their right to protect their own image.”

According to information coming from various electoral districts in Chengdu city, during the balloting for people’s congress representatives (see also the article “Chengdu Voting for the People’s Congress Election Began at 6 AM, Ballot Boxes Not Sealed” ) officials gave from several tens of RMB to several hundred RMB as an election fee and gifts of souvenirs of non-negligible value to voters. Owing to the fact that most of the candidates in the Chengdu electoral districts are members of the Communist Party or government officials, this action leads one to suspect that the state treasury funds are being used to buy votes.







综合成都市区各选区消息,在人大代表投票过程中【成都早6点开选人大代表 票箱可打开】,官方向选民提供数百元至数十元不等的选举费和各种价值不菲的纪念品。由于成都各选区的多数官方指定候选人为中共党政官员及人大选举干部,此举无疑涉嫌利用国库资金贿选。

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