64 Tianwang 2012 report: State Council Petitions Office Says the Much Petitioned About Wenjiang Issue Has Been Resolved

State Council Petitions Office Says the Much Petitioned About Wenjiang Issue Has Been Resolved


[ 时间:2012-02-29 16:47:44 | 作者:义工柏辉 | 来源:六四天网 ]

by Volunteer Worker Bai Jun Source: 64 Tianwang

[Tianwang Beijing 29 February 2012] China Tianwang Human Rights Affairs Center News: Huang Wenjun and six other petitioners have again returned from a petition visit to Beijing. The State Council says that the matter has already been resolved.

This morning, Wenjiang District, Chengdu petitioner Huang Wenjun who is now seeking an audience in Beijing [See also the article ‘Photo: Wenjiang, Sichuan Province Rights Protection Representative Huang Wenjun is injured, the authorities refuse to address the matter’ at URL

http://www.64tianwang.com/bencandy.php?fid-12-id-9090-page-1.htm ] sent a message to a Tianwang volunteer worker: The State council has decided that our complaint has already been resolved and so refused to accept our complaint.

Huang Wenjun said: on the morning of February 27, we went to the State Council Petition Office to hand in our complaint asking that it solved the Liujiang village land problem. The State Council worker, after reader the files, told us that judging from the file, our complaint has already been resolved and the State Council cannot accept our complaint. We immediately responded that we do not accept that. The State Council worker turned around his computer screen to show us. He told us that the government’s response is that our complaint has already been resolved since we have already received compensation for the land.

Huang Wenjun immediately told the State Council worker that the Wenjiang District government is committing fraud since we never received any of this so-called compensation.

The State Council worker countered, “What is that that could persuade me to believe you? How can I know if you are deceiving the State Council or the local government is deceiving the State Council? ” We argued with the State Council worker for a long time but in the end they would not accept our complaint.

成都天府非法征地354亩 土地款下落不明

Nobody knows what happened to that payment for 354 mu (60 acres) of land that the Chengdu Tianfu illegally confiscated

Accompanying Huang Wenjun to Beijing were rights protection representative Luo Yonglang who brought with him documentation of corrupt dealings of the Tianfu Street Committee, Wenjiang District that affected the interests of over 1000 peasants, Ran Yushu and others [See the link to the article Nobody Knows What Happened to that payment for the 354 mu of land that Chengdu Tianfu confiscated at URL http://www.64tianwang.com/bencandy.php?fid-7-id-7622-page-1.htm ] were also told that their complaints had already been resolved.

According to reports, Huang Wenjun and the others will soon visit other departments of the central authorities to present materials supporting their complaints.

The China Tianwang Human Rights Affairs Center will continue to monitor developments in these matters.


[                      时间:2012-02-29 16:47:44                   | 作者:义工柏辉                   | 来源:六四天网]

今天上午,正在北京上访的成都温江访民黄文军【图:四川温江维权代表黄文军遭打伤 当局未处置】等致电天网义工:国务院指投诉问题已解决,拒绝接受我们的投诉。





成都天府非法征地354亩 土地款下落不明

与黄文军等一同进京上访的还有温江天府街道办涉及千余农民切身利益贪腐案件的维权代表罗永良、冉玉书等【成都天府非法征地354亩 土地款下落不明】,也被告知其问题得到了解决。



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