英文翻译: 四川维权代表:温家宝少谈文革政改 多解决问题

Sichuan Rights Representatives: Wen Jiabao Should Talk Less About the Cultural Revolution and Political Reform and More About Solving Problems


 四川维权代表:温家宝少谈文革政改 多解决问题

Suining peasant rights protection representatives Hu Kairong, Zhao Guangju, Heng Xiaojun and Chengdu rights protection representatives Chen Xi and Lin Longhua take part in the discussion.


[Tianwang Chengdu April 4, 2012] This morning, peasant rights representatives Hu Kairong, Zhao Guanju, Heng Xiaojun, Luo Huixia [see previous article “Several Big Fierce Battle Between Peasants and Police; Over One Thousand Peasants Refuse Forced Evictions”) went to the China Tianwang Human Rights Center in Chengdu to discuss, together with Tianwang founder Huang Qi and Chengdu rights representatives Chen Xi, Lin Longhua and others the rights protection situation in China today and trends within the people’s own movement to protect their rights.

During the meeting, we also asked by telephone for the views of the Shuangliu County peasant rights protection representative Li Zhaoxiu, Chengdu Jinniu District peasant rights protection representative Yan Tafeng, Chengdu worker rights representative Luo Keyin, Chengdu rights representative Yan Wenhan, and Chengdu Wenjiang District peasant rights representative Wang Binru.

The Problems Peasants and Petitioners Are Concerned About

Hu Kairong: Recently just as Wen Jiabao has been discussing the Cultural Revolution. There is only one reason for this. He is very worried that the problem of the vested interests who have during his nine years in office who have taken the land and homes of tens of millions of peasants and other people will be exposed and criticized.

Heng Xiaojun: Why are we discussing the Cultural Revolution today? Today what is important is to solve the problems of daily life for peasants who lost their land such as eating and a place to live. Premier Wen Jiabao committed himself to towards the end of his term in office to resolve the remaining issues. We hope that he keeps that commitment.

Zhao Guanju: Since 2005 has been seizing land and people’s houses. In Sancun Village, Renli Township, Chuanshan District, Suining City alone, over 9000 mu [1500 acres] was taken by force. Currently, the problems of over 6000 peasants in Renli Township whose land was seized have not been resolved. We hope that Premier Wen Jiabao will pay attention to this problem and resolve this remaining issue.

Li Zhaoxiu: We hope that Premier Wen Jiabao will solve the problem of peasants who lost their land and the problems they now face in making a living and not about issues like the Cultural Revolution and political reform.

Yan Wenhan: We hope that Premier Wen Jiabao will solve the remaining issue of forced evictions from homes, the other issues are too remote from us.

Wang Binru: Of course we home that Premier Wen Jiaobao will solve the remaining issue of forced evictions from homes. What connection do the issues of the Cultural Revolution and political reform have with the lives of ordinary people?

Yan Tafeng: We hope that Wen Jiaobao will make solving these particular remaining issues his top priority. My own home is in the process of being forcibly taken. This is killing our old people and our families are being badly hurt in both body and soul. Premier Wen Jiabao should solve these problems first and then solve other problems.

Luo Keyin: We hope that Premier Wen Jiabao will solve the problems left over from the restructuring of the factory system and to solve the problem of peasants who have lost their land and their homes.

Wen’s New Strategy for Maintaining Stability

Li Longhua: This Premier is incompetent — he says one thing but does another. Yesterday some people from other provinces came to Chengdu and go around talking about the political far-sightedness of Mr. Wen Jiabao. They describe Wen Jiabao’s situation on the Politburo Standing Committee as “one bright angel confronting eight dark, evil forces”. This is meant to divert attention from the disasters that have come during the nine years of Wen Jiaobao’s rule. These people go around everywhere to persuade petitioners and peasants who have lost their land to support Wen Jiabao’s political reforms. They really do take us for fools.

Chen Qian: When judging a person or a group, all we need to do is to look at their past and we can know their future. What we are most concerned about is compensation for to pay for the costs of settling down again after the forcible seizures. At present, the most important issue is not political reform. The people always see eating as the most important thing. The ordinary people want food to eat and no more of this stuff of drawing a picture of food to satisfy us. They are playing the same tricks the Qing Dynasty did 100 years ago when it said it was preparing to establish a constitution. What we want most is that Mr. Wen Jiabao fulfill his commitments and resolve those issues remaining from his nine years in office.

They ask us through our democracy movement representatives, they ask we petitioners, we peasants who have lost our lands to support the political reforms of Mr. Wen Jiabao. That is a joke. Mr. Wen Jiaobao need to quickly fulfill the pledges he made at the press conference for this year’s meeting of the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Consultative Congress and resolve the leftover issues from his nine years at the head of the government. You can only talk about political reform with people who have full stomachs.

Huang Qi: Only by exposing problems can we solve problems. Today Tianwang is exposing the left over problems in the nine years of rule by China’s top administrative official Wen Jiaobao so that everyone will understand the true problems of existence of the people on the lower rungs of Chinese society.

The China Tianwang Human Rights Center hopes that Wen Jiabao and the interest groups involved in this issue the left over issues from Wen’s term in office. We want them to talk less about political reform, talk less about the Cultural Revolution, spend less time depicting the distant future, and don’t seek so much to distract attention from the main issues. They need to focus their attention on solving the problems of daily existence of the tens of millions of Chinese who have lost their land and lost their homes. They need to focus their attention on solving the problems of those tens of millions of people.


【天网成都讯2012-04-04】今天上午,四川遂宁农民维权代表胡开蓉、赵关菊、衡晓君、罗辉霞(组图】遂宁发生数起大规模警民混战 千余农民拒绝强拆前往成都中国天网人权事务中心,与天网创始人黄琦、成都市民维权代表陈茜、林龙华等,一起讨论了近期国内维权形势及民间维权走向问题。


















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