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2015: Back to the Classics in President Xi Jinping’s Speeches and Elsewhere

President Xi Jinping’s in his references to Chinese classics in his speeches is not being innovative as a Chinese leader.  He is in line with a trend of the past decade or more of praising Confucius and drawing lessons from … Continue reading

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Yanhuang Chunqiu 炎黄春秋老被删除的网站移民(移站?)到美国去了

The Party does frustrate both historians and armchair historians by deleting great stuff from websites such as that of the fine historical journal Yanhuang Chunqiu. Yanhuang Chunqiu is up now at   Sad to say, some of the most … Continue reading

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与台湾出家人谈话 A Talk with a Taiwan Monk

Two years ago while visiting my wife’s family in central Taiwan, I had an interesting talk with a monk (chujiaren) who lives in a small community nearby whom I met by accident walking on a country road up into the … Continue reading

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