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Why Did China’s Diplomatic Strategy Change?

Good article from the Chinese Financial Times website by Li Jiang, a Chinese graduate of the Department of International Studies at King’s College London, on why Chinese diplomatic strategy has changed.  This may be a bit too dark about China’s … Continue reading

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Download He Qinglian’s Book on Media Control in China

Available in PDF from Human Rights in China,  He Qinglian’s The Fog of Censorship paints a detailed portrait of the workings of the Chinese censorship system.  See the Table of Contents below. Download the book at Contents Shattering the Myths … Continue reading

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Chinese Scholars on Anti-Chinese Sentiment in Myanmar and Non-Interference in Politics Policy Mean Supporting Dictatorships?

Capsule summary: Myanmar is examined as a case study of the rise and consequences for China of anti-China feeling.  The authors say that  many Chinese officials and scholars agree that anti-Chinese feeling is a big obstacle for China’s trade and investment … Continue reading

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