Phony Du Fu Poem Criticized Party for 2011 Train Wreck 假杜甫《蜀中吟》批评执政党,宣传部下令删除,作者是否有预测车祸?

This poem misrepresented as Du Fu’s 杜甫《蜀中吟》seems to have been devised to plague the regime by some mischievous literary people.  This noxious weed which appeared on some Chinese websites this spring was detected by China’s literary guardians.   

This offbeat story shows that political speech is repressed so much that some people feel they need to fake ancient poems to criticize in order to publish criticisms of the Party and State.   The Party is then nervous about being criticized that it bans the fake “ancient” poem.

Xiao Qiang’s China Digital Times reported that the Party Propaganda Dept/State Council News Office sent out an order to website chiefs in April 2011 that the evil poem should be erased wherever it should appear.  The parody contains vertical messages so reading the first and the last lines, one gets a subversive message.  国新办:请各网站特别是互动环节尽快删除《蜀中吟》(仿杜甫)一诗。 



Du Fu still maintains a cottage in Chengdu, over one thousand years since his disappearance, so it may well be that the Sichuan PSB National Security Detachment already has one of their famous 40-man surveillance teams on the scene to keep the cottage under watch.

One of the prophecies that proved to be contained in the poem turns out to have been about the July high speed train crash in Zhejiang.  The crash happened three months after the Propaganda Department sent forth its antibody orders to protect the body politic from the alleged Du Fuish poison. So some Chengdu literary experts believe that official claims that Du Fu or at least his parodist is not China’s answer to Nostradamus are premature.  Perhaps the propaganda folk need to liberate their thinking (jiefang sixiang).   Like Nostradamus, the prophecy becomes clearer only after the fact.

The first vertical line is  “八刀追魂药家鑫狂一车五命是谷青阳

The second vertical line is 中央也忙,李刚更强夜长道亡,翻墙心凉

The first vertical line might be freely translated as “Eight knives seek out the crazy soul of Yao Jiaxin; five are killed in each car, in Qingyang [note: in Zhejiang, near where the train wreck occurred.  Eight cars were smashed and 40 people died.]

The second vertical line “The Center is busy too but Li Gang is more powerful. The nights are long as we have lost our way.  As we scale the Great Firewall of China, our hearts are cold.


The real Du Fu poem is here:


  史上真正的《蜀中吟》 “杜甫”《蜀中吟》真相

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