The Spirit of the Emperor Manifests Itself — Chengdu Criminal Detention of Three Real Estate Developers in the Yuan Ying Home Demolition Case

The Spirit of the Emperor Manifests Itself — Chengdu Criminal Detention of Three Real Estate Developers in the Yuan Ying Home Demolition Case

[Date: September 30, 2015 Time 16:32 by Volunteer Huang Qi Source; 64Tianwang]

Detention Notice for Yu Bin

This morning the developed is gone, dreams of wealth gone up in smoke

A home demolition in Chengdu in the middle of the night. Three villagers are injured, a village official beaten, causing a concussion

Yuan Ying opposed Businessmen and officials doing forced land takings and house demolitions was beaten twice causing a miscarriage

Yuan Ying Went to the Tomb in Shaanxi Province of Xi Zhongxun [Xi Jinping’s father] to ask for help[Sign: Xi Jinping Fights Corruption, the People Support him, Calling Upon the Spirit of the Emperor to Manifest Itself in Sweeping Away Corruption] [See report Shaanxi Province Many People Pay Respects to Xi Zhongxun: May the Spirit of the Emperor Manifest Itself and Sweep Away Corrupt Officials]

Agence France-Presse On the Spot Interview with Yuan Ying


Yuan Ying case has already become a symbol of Chinese peasants losing land and homes to forced evictions and demolitions, US journalist interviewed Yuan Ying

On August 11, 2015 Wenjiang District PSB Chief Xu Hui and Deputy Song Wei went to the construction site to inform Yuan Ying that they will certainly bring into custody the assailants

[Tianwang Sichuan September 30, 2015] This afternoon, the China Tianwang Human Rights Center learned that there has been a breakthrough in the Yuan Yingqiang home demolition case involving three real estate developers in the Wenjiang District of Chengdu.

According to sources, on the morning of October 20, 2014, a Chengdu real estate developer who wanted to curry favor with the government about a certain “rights protection petitioner in the Wejiang District” said “YuanYing is a women all alone with nobody to stand up for her. Tearing down her house won’t be a problem.” Yu Bin and several other real estate developers immediately tore down the 600 square meter house of Yuan Ying. After the case was highlighted by rights protectors and authoritative media, it got considerable attention. Later, people involved in the case spread a rumor that “Since Yuan Ying is pretty, she went to Beijing to find a leader at the center….”

In July 2015, under the leadership of the Chengdu City and Wenjiang District Communist Party Committees, the new deputy district leader and Public Security Bureau chief Xu Huibing upheld Xi Jinping’s mass line and so personally took charge of the case in the spirit ruling the country according to law [see related article Two Chengdu PSB Chiefs Visit Yuan Ying and Set Up a Special Unit to Handle the Home Demolition Case] and met with Yuan Ying on multiple occasions [Chengdu Wenjiang District Public Security Bureau Chief Xu Hui Leads Group to Visit Yuan Ying in the Middle of the Night]. Xu and Yuan Ying agreed to handle the matter in the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party document on rural work, that “the value of the property of rural people shall not be discounted, thattheir living standard should not decline, and that they should be able to find work.” The grassroots handled several problems for Yuan Ying.

At 9 PM on September 24, 2015, the Chengdu City Wenjiang police made detained Yu

Bin, Wan Bo and Li Ke for the crime of deliberate destruction of property. They are now being held in the Wenjiang Detention Center. According to law, the three could be jailed for three to seven years.

Today, the lawyer for the accused and a representative of Yuan Ying discussed compensation. Yuan Ying said that she will continue to press for village officials who had invested in the real estate company to be charged for the home demolition case, theft of gravel and rocks until all the corrupt officials involved have been charged for their crimes.

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