Yuan Ying Part Two: Family Members of Three Chengdu Real Estate Developers Jailed for Home Demolition Try to Force Yuang Ying to Sign a Letter of Understanding

Family Members of Three Chengdu Real Estate Developers Jailed for Home Demolition Try to Force Yuang Ying to Sign a Letter of Understanding

[Date October 12, 2015| by Volunteer Huang Qi Source: 64Tianwang]  http://64tianwang.com/bencandy.php?fid-16-id-21588-page-1.htm

Now, the families of the jailed assailants are lighting bonfires in front of the van Yuan Ying lives in to try to force her to sign a letter of understanding

Excavating Equipment Used by Yu Bin Family Members Still at Yuan Ying’s Homesite

Yuan Ying opposed Businessmen and officials doing forced land takings and house demolitions was beaten twice causing a miscarriage

Yuan Ying Went to the Tomb in Shaanxi Province of Xi Zhongxun [Xi Jinping’s father] to ask for help[Sign: Xi Jinping Fights Corruption, the People Support him, Calling Upon the Spirit of the Emperor to Manifest Itself in Sweeping Away Corruption] [See report Shaanxi Province Many People Pay Respects to Xi Zhongxun: May the Spirit of the Emperor Manifest Itself and Sweep Away Corrupt Officials]

Agence France-Presse On the Spot Interview with Yuan Ying

The Yuan Ying case has become a symbol of Chinese peasant evictions and home demolitions. A US journalist visited Yuan Ying

On August 11, 2015 Wenjiang District PSB Chief Xu Hui and Deputy Song Wei went to the construction site to inform Yuan Ying that they will certainly bring into custody the assailants and guaranteeing her safety

Tianwang October 12, 2015] Early this morning, Yuan Ying of Wenjiang District, Chengdu City contacted the China Tiangwang Human Rights Center: Family Members of Three Jailed Assailants Surround Yuan Ying, Try to Force Her to Sign A Letter of Understanding.

According to the report, “At 11:20 AM on October 11, the ruins of my home in Wenjiang District of Chengdu were again disturbed by construction equipment. When I got to the site at 2130 that evening, I was surrounded by family members of Yu Bin who had been jailed for demolishing my home [see the report The Spirit of the Emperor Manifests Itself — Chengdu Criminal Detention of Three Real Estate Developers in the Yuan Ying Home Demolition Case ] and the family members said that the would dig at my homesite. I called the Wenjing District Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief Song Wei (in charge of this case) and the Liucheng Zhen Precinct station chief Li Pengfei. The police came to the site twice but refused to take any action. I called the Chengdu City mayor’s office number at 12345 but nothing was done. Now I am reporting the matter for the second time to the new Public Security Bureau chief Xu Hui.

Now, the family of Yu Bin seized my cellphone so that I cannot call the police. They tried to force me to sign a letter of understanding about Yu Bin and the other two assailants. On October 12 at 1:30 AM, after I had called the new PSB chief Xu Hui, Liucheng Zhen Precinct chief Peng Fei came once more but he did not order the family members of Yu Bin who had taken my cellphone to leave.

According to reports, some rascals in the Chengdu City Wenjiang District PSB, contrary to the law abiding principles of the new PSB chief (and deputy district chief) Xu Hui, on July 7, 2015 send two police who threatened to bring charges against Yuan Ying. After they were exposed [see report US journalist interviewed Yuan Ying, Two Chengdu Criminal Police Have No Proof to Bring Charges] , they appraised the damage to Yuan Ying’s home at 40,000 RMB in order to reduce the punishment of Yu Bin and the other two assailants.

As of this writing, under the gaze of Precinct Chief Li Pengfei, the family of the assailants forced Yuan Ying to sign a letter of understanding. Ever since October 9, over twenty members of the families of the three assailants had continually used a variety of tactics from kneeling, to crying, and grabbing her to try to force Yuan Ying to sign the letter of understanding.

This morning at 6 AM, the families of the three jailed real estate developers against surrounded Yuan Ying’s car to keep up the pressure to get her to sign a letter of understanding. Yuang Ying refused to sign the letter and was determined to see them in court. She also wrote a letter to the Wenjiang District police stating that “I have given Huang Qi full powers to handle the home demolition case of Yu Bin, Wan Bo and Li Ke. If I should die in an accident, I also give Huang Qi [see the report “Chengdu Evening AssailYuan Ying’s van – “The government would have to kill Huang Qi to dispose of this case”] full powers full power to handle this case.

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