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2015: PLA Navy Spokesperson’s Commentary on U.S. – China Tensions

中国海军首位女发言人邢广梅 PLA Navy first female spokesperson Senior Captain Xing Guangmei Must War Break Out Between the U.S. and China in the South China Sea?   PLA Navy Female Spokesperson Xing Guangmei Gives the Inside Story My translation – Commentary … Continue reading

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2009: Translation of Liu Xiaobo Conviction in a Chinese Court 英文翻译之后有中文原文   Conviction of Liu Xiaobo for Incitement to Overthrow State Power, December 25, 2009 Several errors in the Chinese language transcription of the court verdict text that appeared on-line are corrected in the translation. A scan of the … Continue reading

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PRC Scholars on Mobilization of Public Opinion in 2012 Diaoyutai/Senkakus Affair

Followers of Chinese media policy and China’s territorial disputes on its periphery may find this intriguing. Three PRC scholars He Xiaojing, Liu Yungang, and Ge Qiujing at Beijing Normal University and Zhongshan University in the September 2015 issue of World … Continue reading

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2015: PRC Academics on “Temporal evolution and mechanism of Sino-US geopolitical influence in South Asia”

This 2015 article in a Chinese geography journal,  Acta Geographica Sinica,  Temporal evolution and mechanism of Sino-US geopolitical influence in South Asia [中美在南亚地缘影响力的时空演变及机制 online in Chinese at %5D examines how changing US and China soft and hard power perceptions … Continue reading

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