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Heaven won’t drop meat pies on us from the skies, only by fighting hard for our dreams can we make them come true.

Heaven won’t drop meat pies on us from the skies, only by fighting hard for our dreams can we make them come true. 天上不會掉餡餅,努力奮鬥才能夢想成真。— Chinese Communist Party Secretary and President Xi Jinping in his 2017 New Year’s message. Maybe juvenile … Continue reading

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Liu Xia’s Poem Written for her imprisoned husband Liu Xiaobo : I Am Tired

Liu Xia’s poem dated September 2016 was addressed to her imprisoned husband Liu Xiaobo.  I saw the poem on the Facebook page of Chengdu writer Liao Yiwu who now lives in Berlin. I Am Tired I am tired I am … Continue reading

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2016 General Liu Yazhou: Great Critics are Often Great Patriots

The Chinese Elections website at the Carter Center, which collects many enlightening articles from the Chinese press on its website, shared this recent WeChat public account posting by PLA National Defense University political commissar Liu Yahou.  Liu Yazhou is a … Continue reading

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Zhang Feng’s South China Sea Policy Suggestions

In the Chinese edition of the Financial Times, suggestions for Chinese policy from Zhang Feng  张锋   who is a researcher in the international relations department of the Australian National University.  Zhang’s discussion, written for a Chinese audience, examines how … Continue reading

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A Poem by Late Qing Chinese Patriot Tan Sitong

While reading Kong Linping’s 孔令平  memoir Bloody Chronicles  血纪 of his long imprisonment after the Great Leap Forward, I came across Kong’s quote of  executed poet-statesman Tan Sitong‘s 1896 poem “My Feelings”.   My translation below. My Feelings Nothing in … Continue reading

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