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People’s Daily Article Criticizes Leaders Who Fear to Assume Responsibility

This January 9th People’s Daily report reminds me of stories about people in this or that Chinese government office using the official stamp to “approve” something.  No traceable signature, just the office stamp. Another way to avoid responsibility. Or at … Continue reading

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1998 PRC Environment Book “Deep Concerns” by Zheng Yisheng and Qian Yihong Translation Summary

The 1998 book by Zheng Yisheng and Qian Yihong, economists at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, made a deep impression on me twenty years ago when I worked in the Environment, Science and Technology section of U.S. Embassy Beijing. … Continue reading

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Shao Changchun: Improving Communication is an Effective Method for Improving U.S. – China Relations

Interesting commentary on US – China relations by Shao Changchun, chairman of the China – Europe Cultural and Education Fund who writes “Improving Communication is an Effective Method for Improving U.S. – China Relations” 邵长淳:沟通是改善中美关系的有效方法 on the always interesting collection … Continue reading

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Aisixiang Enjoying Intellectual Discussion — Two Articles

The Enjoying Intellectual Discussion [Aisixiang] website has many intriguing articles.  A good place to read about what Chinese writers and scholars are talking about.  Here are two articles I read today.  The Aisixiang server must be located in mainland China … Continue reading

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