Shao Changchun: Improving Communication is an Effective Method for Improving U.S. – China Relations

Interesting commentary on US – China relations by Shao Changchun, chairman of the China – Europe Cultural and Education Fund who writes “Improving Communication is an Effective Method for Improving U.S. – China Relations” 邵长淳:沟通是改善中美关系的有效方法 on the always interesting collection of policy articles on China put together by the Carter Center and the China Political Development Research Center at

According to my humble nutshell summary attempt, Shao is saying something like this:

“Chinese officials need to speak more plainly about they would like to see the international system evolve. China becoming more transparent and open in its dealings with other countries will help a lot. Otherwise the Americans won’t understand what they are doing and see them as just obstructionist pests.

“The lack of transparency in Chinese diplomacy stirs up a lot of trouble and makes accomplishing anything much more difficult. China needs much more exchanges with US think tankers on both sides including as guest scholar in each others think tanks. Really now can improving relations be so hard? Improving relations with the open and democratic (and historically friendly towards China) Americans really should be much easier than dealing with the Russians and those arrogant Europeans. Working on improving relations will be particularly important with the new uncertainties as Trump becomes president and the likely calls for a tougher approach towards the US likely to be heard at the upcoming 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. ”

[End nutshell summary]

Two key paragraphs from the article I copied below







The article is on the China Elections and Governance 中国选举与治理 website at the URL below

The China Elections and Governance website is a good resource for finding articles at the permitted cutting edge in China. The website is evidently hosted outside of China (there is no Chinese provincial website license at the bottom of the top page) so the good articles won’t suddenly disappear or the whole website disappear as has happened to a number of good Chinese websites devoted to high quality discussions.

Here is what the home page of China Elections and Governance looked liked on January 2, 2017


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