2015: Yang Long Death Case Ignored by Heilongjiang Local Authorities

Translation of article from Tianwang64 website run by Huang Qi in Chengdu. Huang Qi was arrested by Chinese police in December 2016 for supposedly giving away Chinese secrets to foreigners.  Not atomic secrets, just flagrant violations of the rights of Chinese people like in the case described below.

The Central Inspection Team Has Taken Note of the Case of the Death of Yang Long but No Action Has Been Taken

[Tianwang, Heilongjiang Province, August 29, 2015] This afternoon Zu Rongzhi of Fuqiang Village, Fengle District, Bayan County, Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province contacted the Tianwang Human Rights Center. Although the Central Inspection Team is aware of the case of the death of Yang Long, the Heilongjiang police have not taken up the case.


According to the report, “I have been busily petitioning about the death case of my husband Yang Long for fifteen years. To this day, the family has not received a reasonable explanation for his death. In January 2011, Yang and five other teachers after having a meal died on the way home. The local public security bureau without out examining any evidence or doing any investigation, determined that they all froze to death after drinking. Later, after I had made repeated requests, the Harbin City Public Security Bureau medical examiner examined the bodies. The conclusion was that they had been beaten to death by a blunt instrument.


After a major suspect was discovered, the local law enforcement departments repeatedly did cover-ups for the suspect who colluded with them to make a false statement. Six years later, the Bayan County Public Security Bureau raised an objection and did a second examination. This second examination was not certified with the seal of the medical examiner. The Banyan Public Security Bureau used this second examination as a pretext to reject our criminal case. I did not accept this conclusion and accused them of making a false examination. Therefore the People’s Republic of China Public Security Bureau Material Evidence Examination Center did a third examination. Their conclusion was that the deceased had been beaten to death by very powerful blows from a blunt object. Despite the clear evidence and conclusions, the Public Security organs wanted to have nothing to do with the case.


After the Central Inspection Group became aware of this case and ordered the County Public Security Bureau to take up the case based on the conclusion of the medical examiner. However, after the Inspection Group left, nothing happened. I had no alternative by go to Beijing. On August 20, 2015 I went to Beijing to visit the Public Security Bureau in Beijing and to the State Petition Bureau and to the Central Disciplinary and Inspection Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party and continue my petitioning.


Original Chinese text at http://64tianwang.com/bencandy.php?fid-5-id-21331-page-1.htm


[Below: Photograph of the report dated January 29, 2007 by two Heilongjiang Province Public Security Office medical examiners who concluded that Yang Long interaction of his head and a blunt object during the course of a collision lead to his fatal head injury.]

Yang Long Death Case Medical Examiner's Report

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