2017: Poster — Chinese Communist Party’s New Politburo

Just saw a poster of the new Chinese Communist Party Politburo on the Twitter feed of Matthew Pang https://twitter.com/pangjiaoming

Suitable for framing!

The seven members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party plus the eighteen other non-standing committee Politburo members.

Their backgrounds are all philosophy, politics (several international relations), economics and law/jurisprudence 法学 .  China used to have a very technocratic leadership — a great many were trained as engineer.  I remember reading an article about then-Premier Wen Jiabao in a Chinese magazine ten or so years ago.  The article quoted someone who knew Wen Jiabao during his early career as a mining engineer in Ningxia as saying “Wen Jiabao was an outstanding mining engineer.  He was a walking encyclopedia of the mineral resources on Ningxia!”.

The proportion of engineers has been declining the last few Politburos.  This Politburo Standing Committee has no engineers.    An older group than usual.

  • Xi Jinping, 64
  • Li Keqiang, 62
  • Li Zhanshu, 67
  • Wang Yang, 62
  • Wang Huning, 62
  • Zhao Leji, 60
  • Han Zheng, 63

The China biographical site China Vitae is a good resource for getting more information about the background of these and other Chinese leaders.

Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang are the only holdovers from the previous Politburo Standing Committee.

But don’t miss David Zeig’s article in the South China Morning Post:

A new era dawns for Xi Jinping’s China, but what will it mean for the rest of the world?

Some commentators report the arrival or Xi Jinping Thought.  I think that Xi’s ambitions don’t extend to become a latter-day demigod.  This is about updating Deng Xiaoping Theory — about China become more willing to recognize its own strengths and to assert itself more

Some people made a lot of an English translation of a Chinese news agency report about Xi Jinping Thought mentioning  as “Xi Jinping Thought for the New Era of Socialism With Chinese Special Characteristics”.   {习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想}

Could just be just the translation.  The French language page from the China Internet Information Center has
En réponse aux développements contemporains et en intégrant la théorie à la pratique, les communistes chinois, avec M. Xi, qui est également président de la Chine, ont donné forme à la Pensée Xi Jinping sur le socialisme aux caractéristiques chinoises pour une nouvelle ère depuis le 18e Congrès national du PCC, indique la résolution.
习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想  Reading the Chinese, I come out the same place as the French language translator:   “Xi Jinping’s thinking on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era”.  Much less dramatic I fear.   More like specific thoughts on how to update Deng  Xiaoping Theory   (good Marxists are supposed to be updating all the time!) than making him an all-round Thought Helmsman like Mao Zedong.
The English translation but not the Chinese text or the French translation give me a feeling of an all round thinker in the mould of the Thought Helmsman.
Xinhua made a cute video about how all the translators were wonderfully moved by Xi’s speech.   Maybe one or the other translator went a bit too far!   See video attached to Xinhua’s tweet https://twitter.com/XHNews/status/921321512573038593



文章来源:新华网 [作者:]  发布时间:2017-10-25







  丁薛祥 习近平 王晨 王沪宁 刘鹤 许其亮 孙春兰(女) 李希 李强 李克强 李鸿忠 杨洁篪 杨晓渡 汪洋 张又侠 陈希 陈全国 陈敏尔 赵乐际 胡春华 栗战书 郭声琨 黄坤明 韩正 蔡奇


  习近平 李克强 栗战书 汪洋 王沪宁 赵乐际 韩正




  王沪宁 丁薛祥 杨晓渡 陈希 郭声琨 黄坤明 尤权


  主 席 习近平

  副主席 许其亮 张又侠

  委 员 魏凤和 李作成 苗华 张升民


  书 记 赵乐际

  副书记 杨晓渡 张升民 刘金国 杨晓超 李书磊 徐令义 肖培 陈小江


  王鸿津 白少康 刘金国 李书磊 杨晓超 杨晓渡 肖培 邹加怡(女) 张升民 张春生 陈小江 陈超英 赵乐际 侯凯 姜信治 骆源 徐令义 凌激 崔鹏








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