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Yang Hengjun: Will Kim Jong-un be the Architect of Reform and Opening for the DPRK?

Fascinating blog post by Chinese-Australian spy novelist Yang Hengjun.  Trump as America’s non-ideological president and the opportunity for change in the relationship with the DPRK that that presents. Like Mr. Spock said in Star Trek V, “We have a saying … Continue reading

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Automation of Telephone Call Monitoring in China

[ After writing this blog article, I got an interesting tweet from China about phone monitoring. 重要对话用 @telegram 端对端加密,电话短信早就被监控着了。” For important conversations use Telegram Messanger ( )with its end-to-end encyption. Telephones and instant messaging have been being monitored for quite a while.”] … Continue reading

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The Rectification of Names and the Party United Front Work Department Takeover of Religious Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs

The March 4, 2018 the Chinese Party Central Committee “Decision on the Deepening of Reform in Party and State Organizations” [中共中央关于深化党和国家机构改革的决定] includes among many other abolition of state organizations and the assumption of their responsibilities by Party organizations, the assumption … Continue reading

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