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Google Translated: June 4th Thank You Note to the Tiananmen Martial Law Forces

Zhou Enlai memorial website offers resources such as old issues of People’s Daily. I looked up some articles from around June 4th. Google Translated — The machine translation is very good. I was surprised. I broke up some of the … Continue reading

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Chinese Political Mini-Novella: The Last Assassin’s Mace Left Over From Before the Dissolution of the Soviet Union 苏联解体前留下的最后杀手锏

Here below is a Chinese micro-novella found on a Chinese website, Google machine-translated from Chinese to English, then slightly cleaned up.  I’ll copy the Chinese text below the translation.  Sometimes articles with a political tinge disappear suddenly from Chinese websites … Continue reading

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Bloody Chronicles 血纪: Bloodbath in the Apple Orchard

[Chinese language text online in second half of 【禁书】《血纪》中集(42) To judge by its latitude, Yanyuan was in the tropics. It would have been a comfortable place to live if its high elevation had not given it a long spring, autumn sandstorms … Continue reading

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Wicked Sorcerer Voldemort Quote is China Daily Thought of the Day

        As we try to understand where China may be going, we should be alert to the possibility that evil may gain a toehold in some critical position.        Two days ago, the China Daily … Continue reading

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Just Who are the “Hired Guns” on China’s Internet?

Educational is the Baidu article on the “internet water army (shui3jun1) of hired guns/astroturfers. The graphic accompanying the article depicts several hand-like waves of water emerging from a computer screen labelled tweeters,  online public relations, deliberate postings to create a … Continue reading

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