Chinese Political Mini-Novella: The Last Assassin’s Mace Left Over From Before the Dissolution of the Soviet Union 苏联解体前留下的最后杀手锏

Here below is a Chinese micro-novella found on a Chinese website, Google machine-translated from Chinese to English, then slightly cleaned up.  I’ll copy the Chinese text below the translation.  Sometimes articles with a political tinge disappear suddenly from Chinese websites for ideological health reasons.  So I put a copy down there just in case.    The mini-novella posting didn’t list the author’s name. 

The Assassin's Mace Left Behind from Before the Collapse of the Soviet Union (novel)

The Assassin’s Mace Left Behind from Before the Collapse of the Soviet Union (novel)

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In March 1986, a special plane flew from Moscow to New York, and there were only two passengers in the large cabin – Yuri Dobrynin and his wife Jelena.

The Ambassador left

Dobrynin is uneasy about this treatment, but this means that he has become one of the secretaries of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

This was his last trip to the United States as the Soviet ambassador to the United States. He arrived in Washington on March 15, 1962. Today, he has been a legendary ambassador for the past twenty-four years. He is the most important between the two superpowers. Communicator.

Over the years, he has experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Kennedy Assassination, the Vietnam War, the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the Afghan War, the Star Wars… Rusk, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Schultz are both their opponents. It is also his friend.

The waiter brought him a gin, and Dobrynin shook his glass and sighed softly.

He knew that Gorbachev forcibly removed him from Washington and returned to Moscow as a ****, not to promote him. Otherwise, he should succeed Gromyko as foreign minister. However, Gorbachev handed this important position to a Georgian who was ignorant of diplomacy – Shevardnadze.

Since 1985, he has been observing Gorbachev. He believes that under the leadership of this man, the Soviet Union is doomed to be arrogant.

He saw the darkness of his future and saw the ominous signs of the future of the Soviet Union.

On April 7, after the ambassador handled the handover, he went to the White House to resign to President Reagan.

The South Lawn is sunny and warm, and Secretary of State Schultz, National Security Adviser Poyn Dexter, Regan, Matlock and other White House officials all put on formal gowns to accompany the President to meet Dobrynin.

After the two-hour conversation, Reagan got up and sent Dobrynin out of the oval office, through the garden, and sent him to the side of the car.

When no ambassador of a country resigns, he can get such a high standard of courtesy. But Dobrynin knows that it is not about his relationship with Reagan, but because of the strength of the Soviet Union.

Next, there are constantly various farewell banquets, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the State Department, the diplomatic corps, the media, the business, the military… waiting for him.

However, Dobrynin did not sleep well before leaving the United States. As a staunch Bolshevik, he was unable to save his country’s destiny, and Gorbachev was driving the ship of state onto the rocks.

However, Dobrynin is determined to awaken a “cold one” and give the United States a heavy blow in the future.

The Deep Water Bomb

In mid-April, Dobrynin quietly came to New York to open the FBI’s secret police in Washington on the grounds of attending the farewell to the United Nations Headquarters.

The “cold one”, in addition to the KGB President Andropov, is the only single-line contact, and only the two of them know the existence of “cold one”.

Dobrynin usually called him Donnie, and when he arrived in New York, he immediately sent a unique meeting signal to Donnie. , Location: Newark Harbor Marina, time, 12 o’clock in the middle of the night.

In the port of Newark under the stars, the waves are rhythmically impacting the bank, and Dobrynin avoids the dim light and stands alone in the shadows. Wearing a top hat, erecting a coat collar, motionless like a silhouette, waiting quietly.

At 12 o’clock, a tall man of forty years old suddenly flashed from the other shadow and quickly moved over to him.

The tall man groaned in his mouth: “The flowers in the basket are fragrant, listen to me, sing, sing, and come to Nanniwan…”

Dobrynin sang: “I hope that from the future, you and I will never forget that evening on the outskirts of Moscow.”

The two large hands were tightly held together, and they shouted in unison: Comrade!

Dobrynin felt that the bones of his hands were almost broken, and he finally pulled out his hand and licked his hand.

“Donnie, I have to be transferred back to Moscow.” Dobrynin said.

“What do I do?” the tall man asked urgently.

“Continue to lie low, wait for the order.”

Is there any other contact?”

Dobrynin replied solemnly: “For a long time, you will not have contacts in the United States.”

“I don’t have to do anything?”

“Do you know Sorge?” Dobrynin asked.

The tall man nodded. “My idol, red super spy.”

“Yes, he is German, you are also a German descendant.”

“We all hate the bourgeoisie, please have the organization give me a test.” The tall man clenched his fist.

Dobrynin patted his shoulder. “No, Donnie, your mission is to be a sleeper.”

“I want to act.” Downey was a little excited.

“The Soviet Union will be dissolved by the enemy. You will have to bide your time, waiting for the day when you can stick your dagger into the enemy’s heart.”

Donnie looked sadly at the stars and said, “Long live the Soviet Union!”

“The real Bolsheviks will have to face the reality bravely, Donnie, the organization will make you a New York real estate tycoon.”

“But, I am going bankrupt again, my father doesn’t have enough capital…”

“The organization will arrange for you to operate the funds.” Dobrynin handed him a big check.

“I will complete the task.” Donnie quickly stuffed the check into the pocket.

“You are in New York, more arrogant and better than any capitalist. The FBI will not suspect a rogue.”

“I have no problem with that.”

“Remember, you have to become a businessman that politicians like and get into the White House.”

Donnie looked around and “Then, when what should I do there? Steal information?”

“Can’t you be a little more ambitious? You should be aiming at becoming the master of the of the White House.” Dobrynin said sharply.

“How could that be?”

“Incite the masses, help the workers and peasants, and stand with the working class.”

“But will the bourgeois newspapers let me get away with that? They will suspect me of colluding with the Russians.”

“Be at ease, Donnie, the workers and peasants will support you.”

Donnie sings softly: “The workers, peasants and soldiers unite and move forward, and they are united. The workers, peasants and soldiers join forces to move forward and destroy the enemy…”

Dobrynin looked at his watch. “It’s not too late, Donnie, you can come to Moscow next year to observe. If the Soviet Union is gone, you have to be patient.”

“how about you?”

“I don’t care, but the Kremlin will definitely have big guys. By then, your information will be unblocked.”

Will I have a new superior when I am activated?”

“Yes, your mission will be activated.”

How long? Ten years, twenty years?” Donnie was in a hurry.

“Be sure to take care of your health. Even if you are age 70, you must take up the burden of defeating imperialism and its minions.” Dobrynin reached out.

“You take care too.” Donnie held his hand tightly, and Dobrynin’s eyes watered from the bone-crushing handshake.

Donnie was a little moved and took out five hundred dollars. “Comrade, please give my party fees to the organization.”

Dobrynin nodded, took the banknotes and planned to leave.

Donnie called again: “Wait a minute, comrade, can you give me two hundred?”

Dobrynin snorted. “This is outrageous.”

“I remember that I still have to go out for a midnight snack, give me three hundred.”

“Don’t you say two hundred?”

“Is there? I clearly said three hundred.” He pulled the ambassador’s sleeves.

Dobrynin returned the three hundred pieces to him and quickly evacuated. Before getting on the bus, he felt that this “cold” was more destructive than he thought.

Donnie walked alone in the shadow of Newark Harbor. The sea breeze blew his hair. Thirty years later, a loyal hymn was being played at the White House.

The above story is purely fictitious. If there is similarity, it is a coincidence.


小说杂谈 7-12























































唐尼轻轻唱道:“工农兵联合起来,向前进,万众一心. 工农兵联合起来,向前进,消灭敌人……”





















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