PRC TV on the Superiority of Chinese Democracy

Just watched on You Tube Episode 11: “Origins of Western Democracy, Analyzing and Comparing China’s Superiorities, Zhang Weiwei’s Profound Analysis of Chinese Socialism” from a Dragon TV series China Now —  Understanding China Today that was published on their You Tube channel —
中国东方卫视官方频道China DragonTV Official
— on March 25, 2019 

《这就是中国》第11期:溯源西方民主历史 剖析比较中国优势 张维为深度解析中国社会主义民主【东方卫视官方高清】

This episode is on the superiority of Chinese democracy.

From China’s Dragon TV, a series on Today’s China. This episode on Chinese democracy — Chinese is better.

My sketchy notes on the first fifteen minutes of the program. Opens with an informal discussion with university-age young people. Discussion: when westerners complain, their governments don’t pay attention. In China, if the people complain, the government reacts right away. They may curse you, but they pay great attention to public opinion.

Unlike the West. So Chinese democracy is better.

Then a lecture by Fudan University Professor Zhang Weiwei : Why over the past thirty years has the average income of Americans stagnated? They are doing even worse than eastern Europe. So many people still deluded by that colonialist Churchill’s famous saying ‘Democracy is the worst system except for all the others’. Need to distinguish between good democracy, rotten democracy and bad democracy.

Those Westerners are always boasting that they have the best political system. Attempts in some countries in Africa to establish democracy before they have rule of law lead to calamity.  Democratic movements the so-called Arab Spring encouraged by the West led to disaster. Westerners pushing their ‘democracy’ on the world has led to many disasters including waves of African refugees heading to Europe. Those Europeans have as we say in China picked up a big boulder only to smash it down on their own feet!  Chancellor Merkel wanted to welcome all the refugees, but too many, and now she is on the way out. 

Now many people in the West are waking up to the disasters that ‘democracy fundamentalism’ is creating around the world.

An authoritative enunciation of this view just came out in March 2019 issue of the Chinese Communist Party ideological journal Seeking Truth [求是]. The article, entitled

The “Great Political Innovation” that Grew Up on Chinese Soil
——Learning From General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Exposition on the New Model for a Political Party System” [中国土壤生长的“伟大政治创造” ——学习习近平总书记关于新型政党制度的重要论述] by Lei Chunfang appeared on the Seeking Truth website on April 1. The article discusses the political party system China has developed since the Communist Party took power in 1949 and particularly since the period of opening and reform began in the late 1970s. General Secretary Xi remarked that this is no system imported from foreign countries but China’s own political invention.

The new Chinese model for a political party system embodies Chinese traditional cultural values in unique values and political ideals such as “everything should be done for the public good”, “be open minded”, “seek common ground while holding on to one’s own views”. In this we have inherited the excellent Chinese traditional cultural genes which have a deep historical background. China’s ancients in their reflections on the cosmic order said that “Everything should be cultivated without harm and our paths should be parallel and not clashing with one another.” In handling human affairs, they sought to “find a middle pathway between alternatives”, “seek harmony and respect differences”. In the arts and aesthetics they stressed the importance of “constraining the eight musical instruments so as to achieve harmony”, “adjusting the five colors to achieve harmony”. In the principles of governance, they stressed “looking out for the good of the common people”, “regularly inquire about the well-being of the most humble”, “make a system for the discussion of public affairs but don’t get obsessed with politics” based on their long experience. Our Chinese new political party model has absorbed what is reasonable in these traditional ideas….

At the conclusion of the article Lei Chunfang discusses the significance of China’s new political model. Lei writes that it is the political system is the “system password” that made booting up the “Chinese miracle” possible, it is the system that made possible the great renaissance of the Chinese nation, and has provided the world with the Chinese model for the development of political parties.

The Chinese model for developing a political party system. If the party system can be taken as the “operating system” of state power and democratic politics, then China’s new party system model is an essential “operating systems” for the functioning of its socialist political system with Chinese characteristics. This model prescribes a process for fostering democracy, collecting ideas from far and wide, by promoting ideological unity, and by building consensus. This model prescribes a process of scientific and democratic decision-making. The Chinese model eliminates the chaos of Western “money politics”, “oligarch politics” and “politician-centered politics”, avoids “politicians arranging their succession”, and the farce and the chaos of so-called competition between distinct political parties. All this clearly demonstrates the wisdom of the Chinese in providing to the world this Chinese development of a political party system.

Please consider your thoughts duly rectified!



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