Wuhan Journalist: Fire Incompetent Wuhan Leader; Wuhan Daily Sends Apology to Wuhan CIty Communist Party Committee

[1/25 Revision: I assumed, apparently incorrectly, the “the leader” meant the Party Secretary. The “unhealthy article” only said “the leader” so I changed the headline.]

On January 24, Hubei Daily journalist Zhang Ouya wrote on his social media account:

Wuhan must change its leader! We need a strong leaders like Beijing had during SARS when Vice Party Chairman Wang showed strong leadership. Like many others, I understand that changing leaders and getting a new one unfamiliar with the city does not help us make progress. However, the situation is steadily deteriorating and the current leader of Wuhan just doesn’t have what it takes to lead!

For the sake of Wuhan, I hope that the leader is changed immediately!

That same day, the journalist’s newspaper Hubei Daily — the official paper of the Hubei Provincial Communist Party Committee — wrote an official red letter heading apology to the Wuhan City Communist Party Committee and to Wuhan City and the Wuhan New Type Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Department.

Chinese Communist Party Hubei Daily Media Group Committee

An Explanation and Apology for the Mistaken Statement a Member of our Newspaper Group Published on His Personal Weibo Account

To the Wuhan City Communist Party Committee, Wuhan City Government and Wuhan New Type Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Department

As Wuhan fights as one the spread of the “new type pneumonia”, leaders at all levels stand behind you at this critical moment, and the great majority of editors and journalists in our group are carrying out the policies and measures of the central, provincial and Wuhan City, we are putting all our strength into propaganda work for epidemic prevention and control at this critical time. This afternoon, one of the workers in our group, Zhang Ouya, made a mistaken statement on his personal Weibo [social media] which was then unhealthily repeated on several other social media accounts. Although we took immediate steps to stop it, including ordering the person concerned to delete the posting immediately, and contacting the provincial network and informatization office, and the central network and informatization office to search for it and to delete it. We made declarations through various channels that an individual worker’s mistaken statement does not represent the views of the Party newspaper group and neither can it represent this newspaper group. Nonetheless, the statement had a bad effect, disrupted ongoing work on epidemic prevention and control and caused difficulties for leaders at various levels. We are deeply pained and blame ourselves that the education in building Party character and Party discipline and our management of personal social media accounts has been inadequate and caused this result. We make here a sincere self-examination and express a deep apology to the Wuhan City Party Committee, the Wuhan City Government and the Wuhan Prevention and Control Department leadership!

Our Hubei Daily Group does not have the position of senior journalist. The person who made the mistaken statement, Zhang Ouya, is a rural news journalist. Some personal media accounts, when repeating Zhang Ouya’s Weibo posting, stated that he is a senior journalist of the Hubei Daily. That is a false representation of his position. Zhang Ouya on the registration of his social media account noted that he is the “chief of the news department of the Chutian City News. That is the position he held previously at the Chutian City News. The mistaken statement that Zhang Ouya made on his personal social media account exposed the weak links in education on discipline and regulations we provide to the workers in our group as well as in the management of personal social media accounts. That lesson has made a deep impression on us. We will deeply reflect upon it and sincerely go about making the changes that are necessary.

First, we stress once again that all the workers in our group must raise their political consciousness, and come to deeply recognize that the fight to prevent and control the “new type pneumonia” is one that we must win. It is a tough and most important fight that involves the lives and health of the people and the development of Wuhan. Workers at all levels in our group, be they senior or be they junior, must act in strict accordance with the measures and requests of the province and the city. We must do well our work of epidemic prevention and control propaganda and guiding public opinion.

Second, the weibo and weixin and other social media accounts of all group employees as well as their postings in friend groupings must not contain unhealthy information or any information that has not been verified and reported in the media. Only in that way will we putting out positive information to create “a great chorus” of the city speaking with one voice.

Third, we will strengthen the management of our group, make discipline stricter and clearer. The Group has already begun working on this. At the appropriate time we will take care of this according to disciplinary rules and carry out “Think Thrice and Act Once” education and prevention work in order to strengthen the discipline building in our group. We will get done to the basics, working on our ways of thinking so that we can make changes in the fundamentals so as to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

Chinese Communist Party Hubei Daily Media Group Committee

January 24, 2020

Chinese document translated above

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