Wuhan People's Hospital: Coronavirus Initial Symptom Not Always Fever and Coughing

Don’t know whether coronavirus infection manifests itself as a great variety of ways could be a problem for diagnosis and epidemic control?  Or just that many of the patients are older or elderly?  Would advice like this tend to overload the medical system even more?

I pass this translation along in case it will be useful. It came from the verified account on social media of Caijingwang (Caijing is a PRC business magazine that does considerable investigative reporting) then repeated on Twitter.  https://twitter.com/zptgddq/status/1220610512800681984 Chinese text copied below.

Wuhan University People’s Hospital Bulletin on identifying patients with new coronavirus (enhanced edition) Released January 24 to assist medical workers and the masses, to be on the alert for non-respiratory system symptoms that may initially appear and so increase the possibility of hidden sources of contagion. Fever and coughing are not the only initial symptoms of coronavirus. We have already seen many “non-classical” cases, for example a 45-year-old man who had no fever, coughing or other respiratory system when examined. In some coronavirus patients the initial symptoms are related to the digestive system such as upset stomach diarrhea, poor appetite or weakness or not feeling well instead; in other cases only the nervous systems: headache; or the initial symptom might be related to the circulatory system such nervousness, chest distress; in other cases the symptoms might be related to the cardiovascular system such as nervousness and chest distress; or an initial ophthalmological symptom such as conjunctivitis; sometimes the initial symptom may be a slight weakening of the limbs or pain in the muscles of the back。 

Report also in Hubei Daily

A story about this announcement also appeared in the Hubei Daily website on January 24, 2020 at 14:26. The first paragraph of the story summarizes the revised version from the Wuhan University People’s Hospital so I will not translate this earlier version.

The second paragraph urged

“Early prevention measures, early detection, early diagnosis, early quarantine, and early cure” are the keys to prevented the spread of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia. Everyone should improve their prevention awareness daily. Wear a mask when you go outside. Avoid going to places where people assemble. Especially to be emphasized is to reduce the number of family reunions, wash hands thoroughly, be carefully to periodically disinfect your smartphones and computer keyboards. Learn to cough and blow your nose in the proper way. Strictly avoid spitting. Don’t carelessly discard used masks, put them in a sealed trash container for disposal.

Chinese text below. http://www.houkongdaily.com/20200124-IN-233041.html

2020-01-24 14:26:57


據湖北日報消息,武漢大學人民醫院今日發佈新冠肺炎患者識別「升級版」 《高度重視非呼吸系統的首發症狀——新型冠狀病毒性肺炎(2019-nCOV)患者的識別與防護》,提醒醫護人員及公眾,高度警惕以非呼吸系統症狀為首發症狀的隱形傳染源,發熱咳嗽並非新型肺炎的唯一首發症狀。權威部門之前指出,新冠肺炎的臨床表現以發熱﹑乏力﹑乾咳為主要表現。武漢大學人民醫院消化內科、呼吸與危重症醫學科等多學科在診治新型肺炎過程中,迄今已發現多個「不典型」病例。

研究組提醒, 公眾要意識到「早預防、早發現、早診斷、早隔離、早治療」是防治新冠肺炎的關鍵。日常要進一步提高防護意識,外出一定要戴口罩,避免去人多的公共場所,特別強調減少家庭聚會;勤洗手洗臉,對於手機、公共電腦鍵盤要注意定時定期消毒;學會正確的咳嗽和打噴嚏方式,嚴禁隨地吐痰;對於使用過的口罩不要隨意亂扔,放入垃圾袋封口處理。

The South China Morning Post carried a story entitled “Doctors warn China coronavirus carriers may show no symptoms of illness” on January 25.

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