Wuhan Rumor int: Wuhan Mayor Removed, Several District Officials in Criminal Detention

Rumors from Wuhan. In the absence of reliable official information, rumors abound. People who pass information about sensitive situations in China can be prosecuted for spreading rumors defined as anything not officially announced yet.

I often read rumors on Chinese websites outside of China as fun science fiction — who knows? Maybe true? This one though is more plausible than most.

A prominent Chinese Twitter denzien Momingtang @qinglongzui told me that local party officials couldn’t have been “removed from exercising authority in his official position [被撤职控制].“ [my initial translation] because removal from a position is an administrative matter and putting someone under “control” is a political and legal matter, adding that this kind of confusion shows that the person spreading the rumor has little understanding of the Chinese political and legal structures. 我不认为有这个现成的说法,因为撤职是行政行为,控制是政法行为,这种说法可能更反映了传言制造者对体制的认知水平。

Yaxue Cao @YaxueCao on Twitter suggested a different translation, makes sense to me, so I changed the translation below. 被撤职控制,就是被撤职、被控制:removed and placed under some coercive measures. Many Chinese speak/write in clipped & ungrammatical sentences, including authors we have translated.

As for the criminal detention of the district party secretaries , that Monmingtang notes that is also impossible since before the criminal detention (of a Party member) the inspection and discipline committee of the Communist Party organization would have to first handle the case. 這是絕不可能的,因為在刑事處理之前必須先有監察紀委先處理

Twitter has been a great educational too for me. I started in Chengdu, inspired by Chengdu writer and onetime Twitter enthusiast Ran Yunfei, and used it for the first few years mostly as a way to improve my written Chinese. Like most students of Chinese in the USA, I studied reading and speaking but not really composition. While I am still no Joseph Conrad of the Chinese language, my written Chinese is much better for have written many, many tweets in Chinese. I also get great advice from the many Chinese people I meet on Twitter.

Getting back to the main topic, should we always ignore rumors from the Chinese internet? Perhaps not. Two weeks ago for example, eight people were arrested for spreading “false rumors” about a pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan. You see what I mean about rumint… Never can tell.

Yesterday journalist Zhang Ouya of the provincial communist party committee paper Hubei Daily got into trouble for calling for the replacement of the Wuhan City leader. Just ahead of his time! If this rumor pans out.. Anyways, some scapegoats are probably needed.

Online article from New Threads notes that at 1/24 important meeting on Wuhan epidemic three important officials who would have been expected to attend were missing: the Hubei Provincial governor, the Wuhan Party Secretary and the Wuhan Mayor. Heads may already be rolling! ” 刚才湖北省委开会,省长和武汉书记市长都没参加”

Wuhan Mayor Zhouxiang Removed from Authority but No Official Announcement Yet

On New Year’s Eve, a message appeared in my friends circle on social media: the current Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang was removed and placed under some coercive measures [被撤职控制]. Several current party and deputy party secretaries in the Jianghan District were detained. At present, the official website of Wuhan Municipal Government still shows Zhou Xianwang as the mayor. For further information, please rely on an official announcement.

Zhou Xianwang served as Deputy Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Mayor, and Acting Mayor of Wuhan Municipal Government from May 2018 to September 2018;
2018.09–present Deputy Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Mayor of the Municipal Government and Secretary of the Party Group;

In January 2020, Ma Guoqiang, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, and Zhou Xianwang, Deputy Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, both served as commanders of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters.

Coronavirus Patients in Hubei Province as of Midnight January 23

As of midnight January 23, Hubei Province had reported a total of 549 cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection, 31 patients have been discharged from the hospital, and 24 have died. At present, 494 patients are still being treated in the hospital, of which 106 are critically ill and 23 are critically ill. They are all under isolation treatment at designated medical institutions. A total of 3,653 close contacts have been tracked, of which 877 have been lifted and 2,776 are being observed.

The PLA has dispatched 40 medical staff from the military hospital in Wuhan to provide help in the intensive care unit of Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital.

China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on January 21 stating that from now until midnight January 24, passengers who have already purchased train tickets for various trains departing or arriving in Wuhan may change their ticket or get a refund. No refund fee will be charged. The free arrival or departure stations for ticket refunds are: Wuhan, Hankou, Wuchang, Nanhu East, Thomson Lake, Miaoshan, Pu’an, Zhifang East, Houhu, Jinyintan, Tianhe Airport, Tianhe Street, Huashan South, Zuoling, Wulongquannan, Ditangtang East, Shanpo East Station.

In addition, according to the Wuhan New Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters Notice (No. 8), the city urgently solicited 6,000 taxis and allocated them to the central urban area. There are 3-5 units in each community, which are uniformly dispatched and used by the community neighborhood committees. Since noon on January 25, 2020, they provide free services for residents of the area.

According to news from “Wuhan Press Releases”, the China Development Bank issued an emergency loan of 2 billion yuan to Wuhan City on the 24th to support Wuhan in the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection.

The “Xiaotangshan” project in Wuhan is nearing completion. It will have a total floor area of ​​25,000 square meters and will be able to accommodate 1,000 beds. The main building of the hospital mostly composed of portable prefabricated rooms and will be completed and delivered by February 3.

May the disaster be gone by the time the spring flowers bloom and that they may be as beautiful as ever.

May Heaven Bless Wuhan.

May Heaven Bless China.

Translated from Creaders.com report http://news.creaders.net/china/2020/01/24/2182762.html

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除夕夜,一条消息在朋友圈出现: 现任武汉市长周先旺被撤职控制。 现任江汉区正副书记区长副区长若干人被刑拘。 目前,武汉市政府官网仍显示市长为周本人,具体情况请以官方公布为准。


2018.09–至今任 武汉市委副书记,市政府市长、党组书记;










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