Wuhan Writer Fang Fang: “Disdainfully Facing Down a Finger-Pointing Epidemic” — The Ultra-Left is a Virus

“Disdainfully Facing Down a Finger-Pointing Epidemic”: The Ultra-Left is a Virus

(Central News Agency, Taipei, March 25th) As Wuhan prepares to end the closure of the city, author Fang Fang, known as the “Conscience of Wuhan” ended the diary she has been writing since the start of the city closure. In the conclusion to her last diary entry,

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Fang Fang expressed her strong desire to hold on the memory of those lost to the coronavirus and her anger at provocations by the hired internet commentators of ultra-left. She said they themselves are a virus infecting Chinese society.

The day before Fang Fang ended her diary, she recorded the death of Guangxi’s nurse named Liang who had gone to Wuhan to help. She added that efforts were just going through the motions since she was already brain dead. Some ultra-leftists attacked her web page, overwhelming it with messages that accused Fang Fang of having been “driven crazy by heartbreak and creating rumors”. [Note Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily on March 24th reported “Guangxi’s Help Wuhan Nurse Fainting and Death Widely Reported Online; Official Claim She is Still Receiving Intensive Care.” End note.]

In her final article, she Wuadmitted that “I know very little about medicine” and that after having looked more carefully into the story, she wanted to make a sincere apology to “all readers, but also to Nurse Liang’s family.” She added that Nurse Liang’s life mattered a great deal to everyone since she “worked so hard for Wuhan.”

Nonetheless, Fang Fang said she also wanted to thank those “ultra leftists who attack me every day. Without their constant encouragement, a lazy person like me would not have kept on writing for so long. Maybe I would have lazy people like me might not have written for a long time, or maybe I would have given up after a few days or not have written so many diary entries.” By the 62nd day of Wuhan’s closure, she had written a total of 60 articles starting on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

She said that those attacks pleased her since her attackers revealed their twisted logic, distorted thinking, greatly biased perspectives, poor command of the Chinese language and low moral character to their readers. And they did it every day. Every day they showed off their shortcomings and perverted moral values. “They showed their true face.”

Fang Fang said that despite the abundant shortcomings of the extreme left, “but they are in fact just like the new coronavirus virus. They infect our entire society bit-by-bit.” They very quickly infected many Chinese officials and those infected officials became in turn their protectors and sponsors, helping them to expand their influence every day. They are as arrogant as the mobsters of crime families. They have become a giant network that can completely change social climate, raining down abuse on anyone who has different views.

That is why, she continued, that the extreme left threatens Chinese society with a national calamity. They are the biggest obstacle opposing China’s reform and opening! If this ultra-leftist force is allowed to run rampant and infect all Chinese society with its viruses, then reform will fail and China will have no future.

During the great epidemic, Fang Fang, who told us that she had been a professional writer for 40 years, wrote a documentary account of the lives and fears of Wuhan people trapped in their closed city who desperately wanted to understand what was really happening.

Looking back on these 60 entries in her diary, Fang Fang’s calm and unsensational narrative style captured many readers. For example, her diary entry for the 16th day of the Wuhan city closure explaining that Wuhan’s epidemic disaster meant . “This is not the kind of disaster where you put on a mask and stay home for a few days. … This disaster is a corpse in a crematorium. Before there was only once corpse per car. Before there were coffins; now there are body bags and one car will carry several… “, and ” the years have not been quiet in the disaster, only the death of the patient can not be reconciled, only the daring of the relatives, and only the living Living to death. “there is no peace in the midst of disaster, only the sick not reconciled to their deaths, only the heartbreak of their families, only the living who live constantly in memory of their dead.”

Also in the prefabricated hospital, officials and medical staff wore masks and sang to the patients, the song “Without the Communist Party There Would Be No New China“. Fang Fang criticized them saying, “When will civil servants go to work without brandishing the flag and taking group pictures? When will leaders do inspections without people singing and proclaiming their gratitude? When will there be the real thing and not just a show? Only in this way will people get to know what is really going on. When that happens, will people see that common sense has prevailed and concrete issues are being addressed. If that doesn’t happen, how will the suffering of the people ever end? “.

Fang Fang wrote about a middle school classmate who had been infected and died. “Today our classmates are all crying for her. Our classmates who had always cheered our prosperity now say “If we don’t shoot the people responsible for this the anger of ordinary people will never be appeased!” That diary entry was very popular.

Professor Dai Jianye of Wuhan’s Central China Normal University once commented, that he had heard that the government follows closely reports from the epidemic area and had sent hundreds of journalists to report on the epidemic area but “all of them together don’t match one Fang Fang.”

Dai Jianye pointed out that compared to Fang Fang’s diary, there is “not even one article” among Chinese media worth reading and some of them “insult your intelligence”. For many people in Wuhan, the first thing they do when they get up in the morning is to read Fang Fang’s diary. They don’t pay attention to what is on the radio or what is in the newspapers or what the mass media is saying.

Fang Fang’s diary has been the constant companion of Wuhan people during the hardest days of the epidemic. She said that although today is my last diary post, “My Weibo account is still my platform and I will continue writing here as I did before. “I will continue to insist on my personal views”, and in particular will continue to urge the authorities to hold officials accountable. “I will not give up.”

She said bluntly that she doesn’t know whether the authorities will eventually prosecute her. No matter what, the people of Wuhan who experienced the tragic closure of their city have the responsibility to demand justice for those who have died. “If we were to give up our demand to prosecute those responsible…I would say: people of Wuhan, you have borne on your shoulders not only a disaster but a burden of shame as well. To forget would be a disgrace to us all.”

Fang Fang said that while there are some who deliberately disparage her writings or ignore them, she will continue to insist on speaking out. “I have written it all out word-by-word. out that if anyone intends to easily check off this, it will never be possible, “I’ll write it all out word by word, and wrote the story of those responsible on history’s pillar of shame.”

At the end of her last diary entry, she quotes from New Testament 2 Timothy Chapter 4 verse 7 as she bids farewell to her diary readers:

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

She added that the support of her readers had made her feel that she was not alone.

(Edit: Cao Yufan / Qiu Guoqiang) 1090325

Chinese text https://www.cna.com.tw/news/firstnews/202003255005.aspx

橫眉冷對千夫指 方方日記最終篇:極左是病毒

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