China Anti-Cult Association: Analyzing a Rising Flying Saucer Cult

Judging by this article on a number of PRC websites including several government ones, the Communist Party may be concerned that some people hope-against- hope that space aliens will come to the rescue.  Or maybe this is just the Party Life required reading assignment for party members this month.

This article can be read on many different levels including

– Chinese popular culture and popular religion (which is often syncretic in search of the Great Harmony of Chinese tradition),

– Chinese Communist Party fears of independent popular organizations,

– Ongoing general crackdown on religious believers of all kinds including Christian congregations

– Methods for controlling online information from Chinese abroad back into China. In this case, subtitling of religious videos downloaded from foreign websites and then sharing the new Chinese version across many websites within China has become a concern of the Party. In this case, the activities of Chinese-Australian Ma Xiaoxiao and the popularity of her “I Met an Alien” video in China worry the Party.

– Preventing the leakage back into China of unapproved belief systems and ideas is a Party priority and likely a motivations for its well-funded work on gaining influence or control over Chinese language media abroad. He Qinglian’s book about United Front Department work on Chinese language media outlets abroad was published in Taiwan and I understand will be published in translation in the UK.

— An example of the work of the China Anti-Cult Association

In part one of this article, ordained Buddhist monk and China Anti-Cult Association Executive Director Chen Xingqiao discusses an alleged space alien contactee-inspired religious cult. He puts it in context discussing the background of writings of UFO and space alien enthusiasts as well as imaginative literature and speculation in both China and the West, including science fiction stories, novels, movies and television series. China has many UFO fans.

During my five years at U.S. Embassy Beijing in the late 1990s, in my capacity as a science fiction fan, I would sometimes read Lanzhou-based magazine The Journal of UFO Research 【飞碟探索】 which claimed to be the highest-circulation UFO-oriented magazine in the world. Sometimes it seemed then that UFO sightings increased during when political tensions got high. Must have been those space alien political officers making a field trip!

Photo: Ma Xiaoxiao sits by an image of the extra-terrestrial being Ashtar one of the reincarnated cosmic aliens she teaches about.

Part two of Chen Xingqiao’s article, also translated and copied in Chinese below, examines the activities of a prominent Chinese alleged alien contactee  Ma Xiaoxiao.  Ma preaches a space alien-influenced religion with combines some Christian elements mixed in which is discussed in considerable detail.  Sometimes the detail is such as that it almost seems to be spreading rather than criticizing this contactee religion.   I read somewhere that a century ago underground movements in Russia used that method of hidden proselytizing by writing long articles denouncing Japan when their target was, transparently enough for the alert reader though not always the censor, the Russian imperial regime. But no, I must be imagining things!

Could this recall to some Chinese the syncretistic religion combining Chinese and Christian elements of the mid 19th century Taiping Rebellion sometimes called the Taiping Revolutionary Movement against the Qing Dynasty, a rebellion led by Hong Xiuchuan who called himself the “younger brother of Jesus Christ” and which cost tens of millions of lives?

The Chinese Communist Party is always alert to potential connections of religion with politics, political organization against the Party and government and of hidden western hands using religion to promote bourgeois liberalization.

As the supreme arbiter of morality and values — as well as the ultimate “manager of society”, the Party demands that all religions take on the coloration that it dictates. Sometimes religious organization start out not intending to offend the Communist Party but then run afoul of the Party anyways in large part because of the Party’s control freak ways that emerge when someone or some movement becomes too popular — the much-persecuted Falun Gong is an example of that process.

Some of Ma Xiaoxiao’s Chinese language “I Met an Alien” videos are on YouTube. Might be good Chinese practice! Communist Party members should avoid watching them — see the note on the 2018 Communist Party Disciplinary regulations below.

The Party may be trying to stamp out loose talk about aliens.  Although the Chinese science fiction genre has been getting more appreciation from science fiction writers and fan in other countries over the past several years, the Party does gets very concerned about “superstitious cults” [xie2jiao4 邪教] perhaps because jealous of their constitutionally protected monopoly of that sort of thing. 

Ma Xiaoxiao mentions at the start of the first video that Mao Zedong’s former personal interpreter, Sun Shili, leads the New York branch of the World Chinese UFO Federation and former Chairman of the China UFO Research Association. Her center and its work comes under the World Chinese UFO Federation as the work of a subsidiary organization. Related organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong were mentioned as well but no specific endorsed. A means of establishing credibility apparently.

Background: Addressing the Topic of Religion in “Official Circles”

The PRC Constitution protects which until 1978 protected everyone’s “right to propagate atheism” along with freedom of religion continues to treat religion cautiously. The current PRC constitution as amended last in 2018 [hosted on the website of the NPC Observer, a remarkable source of analysis and translations on the National People’s Congress and Chinese law] handles the topic of religion this way:

Article 36: Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the freedom of religious belief.
No State organ, social group, or individual may compel citizens to believe in, or to not believe in,any religion, or discriminate against citizens who believe in, or do not believe in, any religion.
The State protects normal religious activities. No one may make use of religion to engage in activities that disrupt public order, impair the health of citizens, or interfere with the educational system of the State.
Religious bodies and religious affairs are not subject to any foreign domination.

NPC Observer

Party members are forbidden to believe in religion although some exceptions have been made for minority people. Party disciplinary rules have notwithstanding status: they supersede any constitutional or legal rights a person might have. A member of the 91 million-strong (end year 2019) told me “The Communist Party is easy to join but hard to leave.”

Party members need to be very circumspect: the 2018 Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations call for punishment up to expulsion for any party member and their superior if the member should even forward an article posted online that favors “bourgeois liberalization” or questions key Party policies. Therefore articles about religion need to have a critical tone as well as being descriptive and if possible illuminating. Excerpts from several sections of the

Article 45:Those using methods such as networks, radio, television, periodicals, pamphlets, or books, as well as lectures, forums, report meetings, or symposiums to openly publish articles, speeches, manifestos or declarations upholding Bourgeois liberalization, opposing the four cardinal principles, opposing the Party’s policy of Reform and Opening,are to be expelled from the Party…..

Article 46:Where there are any of the following acts through methods such as information networks, radio, television, periodicals, pamphlets, or books, or using lectures, forums, report meetings, or symposiums, and the circumstances are more minor, warnings or or serious warnings are to be given; where the circumstances are more serious, sanctions of removal from internal Party positions or Party probation are given; where the circumstances are serious, they are expelled from the Party.

(1) Openly publishing articles, speeches, manifestos, declarations, and the like that go against the four cardinal principles, go against or distort the Party policy of Reform and Opening, or having other serious political issues.

(2) Making a mockery of the Party Central Committee’s major directives, undermining the Party’s centralism and unity…..

Article 57:Where serious negative impact is caused by organizing or participating in assemblies, protests, or demonstrations opposing the Party’s basic theories, line, platform, or major directives or policies; or by using methods such as lectures, forums, reports, or symposiums to oppose the Party’s basic theories, line, platform, or major directives or policies; the masterminds, organizers, and core participants are to be expelled from the party.

English translation by China Law Translate

Some of these PRC laws and Party regulations color how sensitive topics are present on official websites, by academics and by members of the public at large so it is useful to keep them on mind. PRC laws and regulations are often loosely worded yet they do contribute to both an atmosphere of intimidation and to “socialist legality”.

The article translated below is by Chen Xingqiao, executive director of the China Anti-Cult Association. The China Anti-Cult Association is a kind of Chinese government sponsored NGO with high level connections of the National People’s Congress, S&T community and associations of PRC government-recognized religions. The Chinese language Wikipedia article on PRC government designated banned superstition cults is through — here run through Google Translate.

The Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department with its broad responsibilities of liaise with organizations outside the Communist Party including religious organizations and minorities and then to guide them on the righteous path is likely somewhere in the background. The Tianjin Municipality Communist Party Committee United Front Work Department website article on “superstitious cults” reflects its concerns. The United Front Work Department, like many other Communist Party central organizations, is reflected all the way down in provincial, regional, and county Party organizations which will have their own corresponding components of the same name. A March 2018 article is entitled “China Anti-Cult Association: We Must Be Highly Vigilant Against the Harm that Superstitious Cults Do to the Masses” The article details some of the more recent activities of banned cults. Here again, through Google Translate, losing some of the detail but you can get the general idea.

A New Religion is Born? Or Just A PRC Alien Arrival with Chinese Characteristics?

The article makes me wonder about how religions arise.  In some cases perhaps to give assurance in an uncertain world and sometimes unbearable world,  something perhaps of the positive side of the “opiate” role of religion similar to the use of opiates in medical care. 

Always intriguing to think about what people are thinking about.  Sometimes detailed criticism by the opposition is a way to get at it by the authorities’ own description of what they are worried about. 

Science itself as a new sort of religion in the form of scientism — unjustified claims for one ideology or another as being particularly scientific — has been influential in 20th century Chinese thinking.  Relying on a cosmology PhD as we see here for ‘science-based’ criticisms for a new religion would be one example! Even Communism pretends to be a scientific socialism. I found Kwok’s book on Scientism in China —   Scientism in Chinese Thought, 1900–1950 by D. W. Y. Kwok enlightening!

Who knows.  Reading this article may count towards your Party members’ relevant documents reading assignment for the month. Check with the county party secretary’s office to make sure.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Times wrote about Chen Xiaoxiao in January 2019 in an article entitled “Enlightenment through contacting aliens? Chinese astrophysics PhD student debunks cult-themed social media accounts”

Criticism in the Global Times drew a response from one of Ma Xiaoxiao’s defenders (with English translation at the end of the article).

Just came across a 2000 Elizabeth Rosenthal New York Times story “Beijing Journal; A U.F.O. Boom Doesn’t Worry China’s Rulers” — “Wildly popular and politically unthreatening, U.F.O. research is the kind of unorthodox pursuit that is allowed in China today. Anyway, government officials and citizens alike tend to view U.F.O. research as science or at least possibly scientific.”

Space aliens too are feeling stronger pressure from the Party under General Secretary Xi Jinping. How different from what I heard from the Soviets back in 1965. As a grade schooler listening to the “Moscow Mailbag” program on the North American service of Radio Moscow, a listeners asked “Should we be worried about an invasion by aliens from outer space?” Radio Moscow replied, “You don’t need to worry. Any space aliens with a technology sufficiently advanced to travel the tremendous distances from another star to Earth will also be an advanced society that has reached the stage of communism. So don’t worry. If the aliens come, they will be peace-loving communists!” Maybe Xi Jinping missed that program!

I polished a Google Translate translation of this article to make it more usable. I think it is as comprehensible as I can make it; the subject matter may well exceed the limits of my as yet alien-uncontacted mind.

I first came across this article on a county government website in Xinjiang.

Translation of

Research on a “A Space Alien” Type of Superstitious Cult (Part 1)

Source: China Anti-Cult Net by Chen Xingqiao Release date: [16 May 2019]

Source: China Anti-Cult Net of: by Chen Xingqiao Release date: [17 May 2019]
Editor’s note: In January of this year, Dr. Liu Boyang published an article online “Reporting the “Alien” Cult Organization Using Real Names” on the Internet, listing Pleiades, Raelism, Heaven’s Gate, Galactic Federation and other Chinese and foreign under the banner of UFO and aliens. He concluded that Ma Xiaoxiao, who gave an “I met an alien” lecture series online in recent years mines the same veins as these cults. This website, the China AntiCult Nework, published “Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” was revealed to be a big human trafficker in Brazil”, and exposed the absurdity of Ma Xiaoxiao’s lectures. Liu Boyang’s article was reprinted or followed up on by the People’s Daily, China Net, China Economic Net, China Youth Online, China Taiwan Net, Global Times, Observer and other websites. This “alien” cult has also attracted the attention of the domestic scientific and technological circles, religious circles and anti-cult circles.

From the perspective of a religious scholar, Mr. Chen Xingqiao, the executive director of the Chinese Buddhist Association and the executive director of the China Anti-Cult Association, comprehensively and in-depth analyzed Ma Xiaoxiao’s remarks about “aliens”. Sooner or later this will become an influence and develop into a cult.” Taking Ma Xiaoxiao’s theory as an entry point, he analyzed the hypnotic, healing, and spiritual works of the “alien” belief system, and compared it with the “Falungong” of some years ago, pointing out some harmful “alien” systems (awakening system ) The trend in people’s thinking is running rampant, endangering the physical and mental health of the people and social stability. “A Study on an “Alien” superstitious cult — Taking Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” and “Religious” Remarks as an example” is of great value for exposing the “Alien” System (Awakening System) heresy, and is now serialized.

Table of Contents

1. UFO, Alien Topics and “Contemporary Metaphysics”

2. A Brief Analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” and “Religious” Remarks

(1) Ma Xiaoxiao and his affairs

(2) An analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Adventure” and the formation of his abnormal psychology

(3) A Brief Analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” Speech

(4) A brief analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “religious” speech

3. How to treat UFO, alien reports and alien cults

4. The origin and harmfulness of Ma Xiaoxiao phenomenon


On January 15th, 2019, China Science and Technology Expo published an article by Dr. Liu Boyang who studied in Australia at the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, “The government has concealed the truth of the universe from you…” “Unveiled the tip of the iceberg of various individuals under the banner of scientific research UFO, aliens, propaganda of witchcraft, spirituality,merging religions, quasi-cults, cults, self-media and groups. The most prominent among them is a Chinese living in Australia, Ma Xiaoxiao.

She produced episodes of “I met an alien” in the “Starry Sky Academy Live Room” (also known as “Starry Sky Academy Qianchao Live Room”), claiming to be able to often meet and have conversations with aliens, Sakyamuni Buddha, the sun , Maitreya Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Dizang Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Jesus Christ, the Creator. Moreover she was made a special emissary by Buddha Bodhisattva, several gods and aliens to make the with the assignment of making the whole earth ascend and awaken and of leading the major religions of the world to the point that “all religions will be united”!

The government is hiding from you the truth about the cosmos…. ” from a real-name report of an “space alien” religious cult organization. Source: Liu Boyang in China Popular Science Expo 中国科普博览 Source: “China Popular Science Illustrated” microblog public account (ID:kepubolan) Note: a news flash made the “space alien” topic become a burning topic of conversation, even as the controversy of the “Qianjian” [权健] imperial therapy fraud case scandal had not yet died down. Surprisingly, this is even more outlandish — Someone is trying to create another “Quanjian” type of organized fraud based on a “space alien” religious cult. What is this all about? This article will show you just the tip of that iceberg. Let’s go back to November 1, 2018 when the China Anti-Religious Cult Microblog made a report against the religious cult house media microblog Cosmic Light.

Image Captured From Chinese Popular Science Expo Article

At the same time, more media and netizens support Dr. Liu Boyang. “Global Network”: “What is the alleged “alien cult”?” Report the real name of the Chinese Astrophysics Doctor! “Bai Yizi’s Blog”: “Sima Nan: The cult under the banner of “Aliens” is here again”; Dr. Cloth: “I give Ma Xiaoxiao and Liu Boyang a new year”; “Scientific Atheism” website: “Tu Jianhua: false accusation is a common cult of cults, “Wang Wenzhong: talk about the “alien” evil master Ma Xiaoxiao,” “Tu Jianhua: Rudolph in the alien cult circle is a pseudo-scientist”; China Anti-Cult Network: “Ma Xiaoxiao’s “alien” turned out to be a Brazilian bastard trafficker”, the above article was reposted by many media, and ruthlessly exposed and teased Ma Xiaoxiao’s sensational “experience” and bizarre theory, spreading positive energy . Due to reports from many netizens, self-media platforms such as “I met an alien” and WeChat public account “Starry Sky Radio” were closed by the State Cyberspace Administration, and Ma Xiaoxiao’s aggressive legal proceedings ended.

Translation: Soace Alien Contactee Ma Xiaoxiao Shares Her Experiences Series I Met Space Aliens #7

Image Capture From Closed WeChat Site

I have a little bit of information about UFO and aliens. Because of its confusing, there are many different opinions. Because Dr. Liu Boyang’s real name report and Ms. Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Meeting the Alien Series Topic Sharing” involved cults and religions so I got interested. There are many personal media accounts and associations that promote spirituality, ascension, witchcraft, emerging religions, and even cults, using UFOs and aliens as gimmicks. There are millions of foreign fans. Ma Xiaoxiao and her “experience” emerged from this. There are indeed many issues worthy of our attention and consideration. To this end, the author intends to take advantage of the occasion of Liu Boyang’s critique to report on the “alien” cult organization, mainly from the perspective of religion, psychology and the security of society, to give my opinion on the above-mentioned related issues, throwing bricks and introducing jade to teach the Fang family, and to commemorate the Chinese government The 20th anniversary of the ban on the Falun Gong cult.

In the article, Dr. Liu Boyang identified Ms. Ma Xiaoxiao as the “master” of the “Awakening” cult/pseudoscience part of the media, and Ms. Ma Xiaoxiao wrote “They all grow from the same root, that is why a response is urgent– a reply to Liu Boyang’s article”

One article rejected Liu’s article, and also sent a lawyer’s letter to Dr. Liu Boyang and “China Science Expo”, threatening to sue them in court; “Star Radio” issued a “Condemnation of Liu Boyang and Platform Self-Discipline Initiative”; “Awakening Caption Group” Moderator A Liang wrote “How to Treat and Study UFO and Extraterrestrial Civilization by Scientific Spirit-Discussion with Liu Boyang”; Rudolph E. Schild, Honorary Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University, USA, wrote an open letter to Dr. Liu Boyang . They all condemned Liu Boyang in the name of “science” and asked him to apologize to Ms. Ma Xiaoxiao. That drew a lot of attention.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alien-website-braziian-trafficker-connection.jpg
Chinese Anti-Cult Network article “Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” was revealed to be a big human trafficker in Brazil” was pickup by the China Youth Daily Online website.

Despite the increasingly advanced technological methods of today, the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered that it may be the most distant galaxy in the universe, measuring 13 billion light-years away from the earth, but in the past 50 years of searching, scientists have been in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. There has been no progress. For most of the incidents that witnessed UFOs and even “aliens”, due to the lack of sufficient evidence and reasonable explanations, the governments of the relevant countries and the mainstream science and technology circles did not recognize or shelved. But these did not destroy the enthusiasm of the UFO phenomenon and the alien legends, and all kinds of wonderful rumors in the world continued. At the same time, around the topic of flying saucers and aliens, two ups and downs and two markets have formed in Europe and America:

First, literary works and science fiction films with the theme of flying saucers and aliens are emerging in an endless stream. They combine scientific and technological knowledge, literature and art, and various ideological concepts including religion, myths and legends, and life and emotional experience. This kind of alien invasion into the earth is vivid and vivid, which greatly enriches people’s cultural life and forms a distinctive film and television cultural industry.

Examples include Hollywood’s “The Fifth Element”, “Decisive Battle Orangutan”, “Independence Day” 1-2, “Star Gate”, “Super Battleship”, “The Third Contact”, “Alien vs. Predator 2”, “Black Man” 1- 3, “Prometheus” 1-2, “Ender’s Game”, “Los Angeles Battle”, “Paul”, “Ninth District” and other alien science fiction blockbusters, as well as children’s science fiction drama “Lego Movie”. Most plots revolve around aliens invading the Earth. After the bizarre and fierce battles, the “heroes” finally saved the world and saved them from danger. They are wonderfully conceived and rich in expressions, which is breathtaking. Because it is purely literary, artistic creation and scientific fantasy, although it brings a lot of visual impact and brainstorming to the audience, generally no one would mistake them for accounts of actual events.

Second, some people associate flying saucers and aliens with scientific theories, supernatural phenomena, religions, myths, legends, spiritual events, psychology, yoga, etc., pretending to be ghosts, talking about spirituality, awakening, ascension, salvation, and even becoming a god oneself.

Many listeners were so taken in that they accepted these illusions as true. Thus was created the “alien” cult or quasi-cult, and even formed the “alien” system hypnotic, healing, spiritual industry. Dr. Liu Boyang has a more detailed discussion on this in his report. From “The Rise of UFO Legend”, “From Urban Legend to Pseudoscience, from Pseudoscience to Cult”, “The ins and outs of the “Star” Pleiades” “” Who promotes’Awakening’ in China?” “The business model of “Awakening” and “Ascension”” clearly outlines the context, and is accompanied by the “Ma Xiaoxiao and “Awakening” cult/pseudoscience personal media list “, people interested may want to look into this online.

In July 2015, the Guangxi Province Nanning City Qinxiu District People’s Court made a determination according to the law that the “Milky Way Federation” was an evil cult organization. The court believes that Zheng Huimao, in the name of Buddhism, established online the website “Milky Way Federation” and, according to the illegal “decrees of the organization” drafted, printed and distributed illegal printed materials, spreading superstition theories, hoodwinking others, gathering and controlling many believers. In August he formed the an evil cult organization that harmed society, hindered the enforcement of Chinese law. Under the law, this constitutes creating and organization and using an evil cult organization to violate the law.

In modern times, with the deepening of the scientific research on the macro and micro worlds, scientists have made many amazing discoveries and revealed many secrets of the world and life, such as Einstein’s “relativity”, the conservation law of the transformation of material energy, Heisenberg’s “Uncertainty Principle”, wave-particle duality of light, Schrödinger’s cat, quantum entanglement, hologram, multidimensional space, wormhole theory, “field” theory, superstring theory, big bang theory, parallel universe, Uniform universe theory, as well as brain structure, subconscious research, genetic technology, and artificial intelligence.

Today, “science is king” so people in different fields like to appropriate these scientific discoveries and theories for their own purposes. Philosophers use it them perfect their own philosophical thinking system, literati use them in science fiction novels, artists use them to create science fiction movies and other works, and religious people use them to interpret and demonstrate the truth of religious doctrines, inspire confidence in them, or even to abandon traditional religions and create new religions. “Alien” cults or quasi-cults go the furthest in using these scientific discoveries and theoretical hypotheses to create their own unique interpretations.

The “Awakening” website “follower” count was listed as 835,000.

Since the establishment of the Awakening Subtitling Group, many online spiritual books, articles, and videos from western countries have been downloaded, translated/subtitled and spread on many websites inside China. Over they years, they have become the mainstay for the dissemination of “contemporary metaphysics” in China.

The establishment of the “Alien” cult is inseparable from the “scientific” interpretation and utilization of flying saucers, aliens, and many divine phenomena. There are indeed some scientists in Western society who have endorsed these things, such as the Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE) which allegedly conducted the largest, most comprehensive, cross-regional, multilingual, and latest UFO-Alien Contact Survey in history.

This kind of interpretation is not so much “science” as it is “contemporary metaphysics”. The so-called metaphysics is the doctrine of studying deep and profound metaphysics, which is equivalent to today’s metaphysics. During China’s Wei and Jin Dynasties, Chinese above all stressed the study of Laozi, Zhuangzi and Zhouyi (called “The Three Abstruse Ones”).

Scholars have studied the works of the Three Abstruse Ones, threw off the shackles of famous religions, and pursued spiritual freedom (Xiaoyao). The realm is high, and the emphasis is on “virtual” (none). Because it seriously disturbed the country’s governance and even the public order and good customs, later generations often criticized its “clear talk about misrepresenting the country”; while “contemporary metaphysics” combines scientific theories and “hypotheses” with various religions, myths, legends, witchcraft among other creative interpretations. These include all kinds of supernatural supernatural phenomena including flying saucers and alien legends, among which there are many profound philosophies and post-meditation feelings, so all the “strange power chaos gods” in ancient and modern China and foreign countries have come alive seemingly having become reasonable, scientific and even sacred.

“True” and “trustworthy” are extremely confusing. The “Alien”/Awakening cults are well-known and popularized. They are characterized by superficial philosophical thinking, deep attachment and low realm, with a preference for “real” (yes). Susceptible people with religious needs and some netizens are very It is difficult to discern authenticity, it is easy to be deceived, and even get into trouble, and the society is very harmful.

In this regard, the author will focus on revealing the analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s bizarre comments.

Warning: Be Careful of the Superstition Cult Venus Presenting Itself as Beneficial to Mental Health

Modern scientific discoveries have indeed helped us to understand the world, understand certain teachings of religion, and many spiritual events in history. However, because human observation of the world relies heavily on the highly restricted brain, senses, and material tools, some scientific discoveries can be confirmed, while others can only be derived using theory, which belongs to the philosophical “hypothesis”. In essence and the ultimate reality of the universe, it is impossible to persevere like a blind man touching an elephant.

Even less likely is it to replace religious doctrine, essential practice, and ultimate concerns. Therefore, as the “Vajra Sutra” [Diamond Sutra] says: “This Reality is Not Reality but it is called Reality” “If the world exits, it is one. Even if a non-unity exists, it is called unity. Subhuti! There is the one, but it cannot be said because people are selfish and caught up in their own affairs. ” (To be continued)

About the Author:

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Chen Xingqiao has the Buddhist monk clerical name of Changzheng, and the Buddhist religious name of Zhiyuan. Born on October 30, 1957 in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, he was originally born in Qiyang County, Hunan Province. He has graduated from Wuhan River Transport College and Lingyan Mountain Branch of China Buddhist College. He has been engaged in Buddhist teaching, journal editing and Buddhist studies for more than 30 years. He was one of the first people to expose the “Falungong” cult in China. In 1996, he wrote a long paper on “Falungong-a kind of extraordinary Buddhism with folk religious characteristics” that systematically exposes and criticizes “Falungong”. “And its Falun Gong”, which has edited several books criticizing “Falungong”, such as “Buddhist “Qigong” and Falun Gong” (China Religious Culture Publishing House published in June 1998), “Contest between Right and Evil-Buddhism Selected Works of Falun Gong (published in December 2000 by the Buddhist Charity and Merit Association of Hebei Province), “Chinese Buddhism Sect Theory (Part of Luzong Part)”, and “Buddhist Folk Origin”.

Chen Xingqiao has served as lecturer of Buddhist College, deputy secretary-general of Provincial and Municipal Buddhist Association, deputy editor-in-chief of “Buddhist Culture” of Chinese Buddhist Culture Research Institute, deputy editor-in-chief of “Fa Yin” magazine of Chinese Buddhist Association, executive director of Chinese Buddhist Association, China Anti-cult Association Executive Director, member of China Health Qigong Association, special researcher of Institute of Religion, Sichuan University, Suzhou


Research on a “Space Alien” Type of Superstitious Cult (Part 2)

Source: China Anti-Cult Net of: by Chen Xingqiao Release date: [17 May 2019]
Editor’s note: In January of this year, Dr. Liu Boyang published an article “Reporting the “Alien” Cult Organization Using Real Names” on the Internet, listing Pleiades, Raelism, Heaven’s Gate, Galactic Federation and other Chinese and foreign under the banner of UFO and aliens. He concluded that Ma Xiaoxiao, who gave an “I met an alien” lecture series online in recent years mines the same veins as these cults. The website that published “Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” was revealed to be a big human trafficker in Brazil”, and exposed the absurdity of Ma Xiaoxiao’s lectures. Liu Boyang’s article was reprinted or followed up on by the People’s Daily, China Net, China Economic Net, China Youth Online, China Taiwan Net, Global Times, Observer and other websites. This “alien” cult has also attracted the attention of the domestic scientific and technological circles, religious circles and anti-cult circles.

From the perspective of a religious scholar, Mr. Chen Xingqiao, the executive director of the Chinese Buddhist Association and the executive director of the China Anti-Cult Association, comprehensively and in-depth analyzed Ma Xiaoxiao’s remarks about “aliens”. Sooner or later this will become an influence and develop into a cult.” Taking Ma Xiaoxiao’s theory as an entry point, he analyzed the hypnotic, healing, and spiritual works of the “alien” belief system, and compared it with the “Falungong” of some years ago, pointing out some harmful “alien” systems (awakening system ) The trend in people’s thinking is running rampant, endangering the physical and mental health of the people and social stability. “Studies on the “Alien” Superstitious Cult -Taking Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” and “Religious” Remarks as a Sample” is of great value for exposing the “Alien” System (Awakening System) heresy, and is now serialized.

2. A Brief Analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” and “Religious” Remarks

(1) Ma Xiaoxiao and her affairs

According to an online search, Ma Xiaoxiao is a Chinese woman, in her 30s, who studied in Australia for high school, now lives in Australia, and who introduces herself as a lawyer and single. From the public information, Ma Xiaoxiao is the secretary and legal officer of China Liansu Group’s Sydney office. The company is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong. “Legal affairs” refers to the staff in charge of dealing with legal affairs within corporate bodies such as enterprises, government agencies and government departments. Australian lawyers are divided into court lawyers and solicitors. Ma Xiaoxiao is, at best, a solicitor, similar to a Chinese paralegal, who can engage in legal services but cannot appear in court.

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In the online introduction about Ma Xiaoxiao, most of her two identities are mentioned-the director and legal adviser of the World Chinese UFO Federation, and the researcher of the UFO information survey of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei UFO Discovery Research Center. She used these two identities to spread “I met an alien” online. But after logging in to the website of the Chinese Social Organization Public Service Platform of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and querying these two organizations, I came up with no result. In other words, these two organizations are not registered in the Chinese Civil Affairs Department. That means they are “illegal organizations”.

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“The World Chinese UFO Federation” has a website, the website ( with an internet IP address located in Hong Kong. But the technical support of the website is Shanxi Taiyuan Veken Tongcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. The filing information of the industrial credit and public security departments are not listed on this website. This means that the website is operating illegally in Mainland China.

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Since May 2017, Ma Xiaoxiao has made 11 web lectures “I met an alien”, 6 episodes of “Interstellar Secret Interview” and online Q&A from fans on the media platform such as “Star Academy” and “Star Radio”. Millions of people. It is said that from the first to the third lecture, a total of 150 groups participated in the broadcast, and the audience reached about 35,000 people. Therefore, it has been hailed by the relevant media as “the famous contact of alien civilizations in China” and “the leader of the domestic light industry circle” (Author’s note: light industry: the light worker, refers to the theoretical system of UFO religious groups such as “cosmic human” Believers and missionaries).

Ma Xiaoxiao’s 11 lectures each focused on, including:

• The first lecture discussed the situation of seeing UFO and alien implants, communicating with and contacting alien contacts. 
• The second lecture focuses on alien implants and how to actively communicate with aliens. 
• The third lecture is on fighting multi-dimensional negative forces. 
• The fourth lecture examines ways of fighting against the negative spirits of the Earth. 
• Lecture five mainly talks about how to destroy the illegal soul contract and appeal to the karma court. 
• Lecture six focuses on my alien guide spirits.
• Lecture seven is dedicated to religious issues, emphasizing that the future of the earth will be unified by all religions. 
• Lecture eight discusses how to increase the frequency of body and consciousness.  
• Lecture nine is dedicated to the miraculous deeds of John the God of Brazil. Lecture ten shares methods for contacting and communicate with aliens and invites the audience to buy tickets to participate in the "I met the Aliens International Forum" which will be held in Shanghai and Beijing. 
• The Eleventh lecture mainly introduces the situation of a mysterious Western alien contact closure. 
Photos accompanying seventh session of “I Met Aliens” lectures

Ma Xiaoxiao is not very eloquent. Once could say that she is very long-winded. The text produced by the transcription of the 11 lectures comes to about 150,000 words, which is very difficult to read, so when this article cites examples, it has to be sorted out and abstracted to preserve the original intention. Judging from her speech, she does not have any depth of thought.

Apart from boasting about seeing aliens and gods, she does not seem to have any special abilities (otherwise she does not need to recommend all kinds of spiritual therapy to her listeners). She lacks religious knowledge, but is full of prejudice to traditional religion and its rules and regulations. She is extremely defamatory and blasphemous. She is extremely disdainful of the phenomenon of “respecting men over women” in ancient times, especially traditional religions. Legends believe that there is no doubt that the worship of the ever-changing spiritual culture in the West (mostly borrowed and absorbed from the development of yoga, qigong, and meditation in the east) is also highly respected for hypnosis, yoga, special functions and even witchcraft. Referrals are regarded as necessary means for awakening, ascending, and linking with aliens. The most striking part of his speech was the first and seventh episodes, which revealed many “secret stories” of aliens and religions, and how they met with many aliens and Buddhist and Christian gods, and advertised their being Gods and aliens have given a special mission to make the entire planet “raise” and “awaken” and lead the major religions to “unify all religions”.

Seen in this light, Ma Xiaoxiao’s self-proclaimed titles are a bit false. She is neither a religious person, nor a scientist, but she talks about religion and science on the subject of flying saucers and aliens. She is a representative of the popular abuse of “contemporary metaphysics”. Below, I try to analyze her special experience and strange remarks on the Internet.

(2) An analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Adventure” and the formation of her abnormal psychology

Ma Xiaoxiao’s 11 lectures were full of rumors, the language was messy, and fallacies were repeated again and agan, which greatly departs from all common sense. Admirers may be obsessed with it, and the “alien”/awakening groups and self-media are referred to extensively, Most listeners may think that she is either mentally problematic or fabricating lies and sinister intentions. So what is the really going on here?

In the first lecture, Ma Xiaoxiao reported that he saw the flying saucer in Brisbane in mid-June 2012: “Then I forgot about this matter and did not take it seriously.” From June to the end of the year, she often I will dream of flying saucers, some dreams are very lucid dreams, I feel the soul out of the body, the skin has alien implants, and then she said “I must really be an alien contactee”.E

Ma Xiaoxiao introduced this closed-door meeting in the 11th lecture: Participants are men, women and children, and all are white except her. The closed meeting was convened by Mariana to carry out relevant academic research for herself, and also provided a channel for aliens to talk to. There were all kinds of participants, and they were curious and excited about each other, a little bit nervous. Among them, some people are persistently seeking “buyers” for their perpetual motion machines; half of them are keen to reveal the cooperation projects between the military and aliens abduction of Western countries, and talk about how they are abducted and trained by aliens.

As Ma Xiaoxiao said that when she sees an alien, what he wants to awaken and ascend is not valued by the host. Everyone is more concerned about the secret projects involving aliens. It is said that government agents are among the participants. The closed-door meeting is held once a month because the host and Mr. M have a fierce quarrel, which caused them to be sullen. The closed-door meeting will be dissolved for half a year. Later, Ma Xiaoxiao also participated in a group meeting composed of three or four people. One of the ladies was ill, so the group meeting was cancelled. This shows that the so-called alien contactors will be bizarre and chaotic when closed.

After that, she began due diligence to do research, interviewed big coffee in the circle, and met more alien contacts. She said: “I want to tell you that we are really not alone on this Earth, and that aliens are real.”

In session one, she also described her first formal contact with “Alien Guidance Spirit”. She said: “After contacting the aliens, I have no ability to see them with my naked eyes.” Afterwards, with the help of a psychic alien contact unmarried couple in Melbourne, I was able to see the aliens. . She said that aliens are pure energy bodies, and they can change into male and female forms at will, depending on how they feel. A blue alien from Sirius, who calls herself Ping, is called by her as her guiding spirit. Ping said that she has many missions to do this reincarnation. I am very happy to contact her through Mariana and hope that she will wake up in the future Can help more people.

Ma Xiaoxiao said: Ping often appeared in front of her in a religious image, such as the image of Buddha at once, or often in the image of that lama. “What I want to tell you is that we all have a higher self, and we are just a part of our own higher self. Like me, I have 28 kinds of avatars. My identity is called Ma Xiaoxiao. Now I am just born on the earth. I have another 27. This kind of avatar is in a different density space, when different alien life, they are learning different courses, including everyone is the same.”

Ma Xiaoxiao said: “When I first met the Pleiadians, they all came to my room one night. Standing next to my bed scared me and woke me up. I couldn’t move at that time. They introduced themselves and said that we came from the Pleiades. I was watching them and stayed because I thought, Wow! They look so tall, men are taller than women, and the most funny thing is when they come Both come together in twos, either four together or six together.”

“I couldn’t say anything at the time, and then I said what were you doing? I remember asking him that way, he didn’t seem to look back, he just kept doing things there, and then he sent me a message, but also Say alas, it’s a general program, you know, it’s just giving you a shot and opening your third eye.”

“I’ve been desperately thinking about what the female alien said to me: The world you live in is an illusion…I will go to work the next day, I will not even think about going to work, I have been thinking about this sentence, always Thinking about that alien.”

“A Pleiades came at night and took me to the balcony… At that time, my house was very close to the observatory in the city center. He pointed his finger at the observatory, and I looked at the observatory, and he opened it all at once. My third eye.”

“One of my feelings at that time was that everything was worth the beauty…I thought it was really a utopian world. They explained to me that this is the fifth-density earth that everyone can experience in the future. I am now 31 years old , I said I don’t know if I can wait until this day, as if everyone is talking on the Internet, and I don’t know when this day will come.”

“The kind of energy wave they sent me can hit me. The feeling of love is really more than the kind of energy I got from my parents when I was younger and older, and they gave me one time. There was too much love, and my tears came down when I collapsed, and then I said okay! Enough is enough!”

“How can I contact an alien family? I want to tell you that you must remember that when 99% of you listen to me, you are very interested in this topic, how much do you have in your subconscious I already know that you have contact with aliens! You do have contact with aliens, not that you want to contact aliens now. In fact, most of you already have contact with aliens. It’s just that your own memory has been sealed up. After listening to what I said earlier, you will carefully think about your experience and you will find out whether you often dream of flying saucers at night, and whether you often The soul will come out when sleeping!”

“I highly recommend that if you really want to communicate with aliens for the first time, you should directly contact the higher self, communicate with the higher self first, and then go to your alien mentor!”

Judging from the contents of her speech and the first lecture given above, I have the following impressions:

1. After seeing the “flying saucer” in mid-June 2012, Ma Xiaoxiao often dreamed of the flying saucer for half a year, and even surprised to find that she had an alien “implant” on her body, showing that she was called a flying saucer and The alien problem is very disturbing and trance, so I have to seek relevant information and help.

2. In February 2013, Ma Xiaoxiao found out that the president of the Sydney UFO Federation Mariana hypnotized and commented on her, and worshiped Mariana and Millwall hypnotists, and was convinced that her spiritual body had been with aliens since the baby. There are many contacts, including flesh on the UFO. From a psychological point of view, after hypnosis, Ma Xiaoxiao’s various subconscious, including the so-called “higher self”, are activated (superficial). In addition to the obvious consciousness of coping with reality, she is more immersed in the subconscious surging illusion in.

3. Ma Xiaoxiao recommended to participate in the closed-door meeting of alien contacts in Sydney. Ma Xiaoxiao’s consciousness of pursuing “alien civilization” has been continuously strengthened. She enshrines the so-called positive aliens as gods, thinking that they have guidance and control of humanity. Even the power of earth’s destiny! At the same time, it is believed that there are also negative alien forces of the villains.

Capture from Sydney Today website of article from the “Kaiffeng Network” alledging that the “space alien” that Ma Xiaoxiao venerates is in fact a Brazilian sex trafficker

4. With the help of the Sydney psychics and the so-called “aliens”, Ma Xiaoxiao opened the “third eye”, which not only can see all kinds of aliens, but also can be fleshed into the flying saucer, and was given the ” Sacred” mission. She specifically mentioned her alien guiding spirit, higher self and 28 kinds of avatars. Among them, the alien guiding spirit ping can change from male to female at will, and even often appears as religious images such as Buddha and Lama. She often shows off that she often meets and communicates with Sakyamuni Buddha, Dari Rulai, Maitreya Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Dizang Bodhisattva, Sakyamuni Bodhisattva, Jesus, and the Creator. In fact, it is her own hallucinations. At this stage, Ma Xiaoxiao’s consciousness activities are completely handed over to her various “guidance spirits” (in fact, a kind of strong subconsciousness within her, similar to the commonly-known appendages, which are at the mercy of them and cannot be their own) and “high “I” (unlike the obvious consciousness full of greed, emotions, and paranoia, is a transcendental stream of consciousness, also known as human divinity or Buddha nature) to control, very hyperactive, the spirit is often in reality and hallucinations Switch between, showing a split personality. Playing with children, “I am the most powerful” (Spiritual Victory Method), will imagine that the real psychology is more than that, or that it presents a “giant infant disease”.

5. Because he believes that he has been recognized by many aliens and gods, he has a special mission, and is touted by many “alien” department/awakening department groups and self-media, providing a platform to support and use. Encouraged, it is estimated that he dabbled in a lot of information about the “alien” system/awakening system. After nearly five years of research, “cultivation”, precipitation, planning, and fabrication, he built his own “alien” ideological “system”. And since May 2017, it has been publicized on the Awakening Department’s self-media platform. She believes that 99% of the listeners have seen aliens just like her, but the memory is sealed up (with such a high probability that the listeners will not try the method again, and they are too sorry for her “prophet”. It can be seen how fooling! Crazy not to say, but also everyone together to be crazy), and some people dare not tell the truth, so she constantly called on alien contacts to speak as bravely as she, persuading everyone to try to “awaken” quickly, To greet the occurrence of the “big event” that aliens have completely transformed the earth.

6. In order to prevent the situation of the audience, she also put forward a number of cautions as a person coming:

“Some alien contacts have that kind of savior mentality or victim mentality and think they are special or something.”

“I hope you can wake up from the expansion of the ego and stop studying the so-called eternal kinetic energy. This technology is actually already available in many countries in the world (I note: this is not the case, perpetual motion is actually impossible. (Pseudo-proposition), without you having to worry about it, your chance to win glory for the country can be used elsewhere.”

“After the past few years, the biggest experience is to walk a large circle. In fact, the most important thing is to land. It is necessary to look at the contact between aliens and earth people in a normal way!”

“Some people will be crazy about this, for example, some alien enthusiasts, I have encountered a man before, he is not doing business, and finally has a casual job, he will quit that job, and go to what The UFO hot zone is a common area, where I wait for the UFO and do not work for a month. I find the UFO every day, and it is not enough to land. My living condition is very chaotic! We should avoid some other experiences due to UFO contact (cause this chaos ). The ultimate goal is how you want to improve yourself. After I contacted the aliens, my biggest improvement is to be a little more vegetarian. I will pay more attention to the water I drink. I will have a better temper and a little more stability than before. It’s more neutral to look at things, not black or white, right or wrong, and not just looking at a superficial phenomenon to comment.”

It can be seen that Ma Xiaoxiao does have a mental problem. She warns the audience that she is also facing her own problem, and she tries to constantly calm the excited mood and integrate the split spirit (the so-called “landing”, she may not be completely mad). At the same time, in order to gain an extraordinary status in the “alien” system circle, and constantly circulate fans, she did not hesitate to fabricate lies and confuse people, but it can be said that the potential social harm is extremely great. In order to suppress and eliminate this social harm, Dr. Liu Boyang wrote Reporting with real names can be said to be of great merit.

(3) A Brief Analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “Alien” Speech

Ma Xiaoxiao claims to have contact with more than 100 alien races, such as Sirius, Pleiades, Perseus, Qita and even Lizards, Little Greys, Mantis, Lizards, etc. These are basically Westerners have been deified and hyped for a long time, and some of them can be seen in science fiction and movies. However, Ma Xiaoxiao is more emotional and specific. She has many descriptions of the alien’s gender, image (including color), personality, hobbies, feelings, abilities, social conditions, and whether they are positive or negative forces. For example, some aliens also have nobles, who smoke and walk to calm down their anger, and some are dentists. She said: “They and humans have some commonalities in communication, for example, they often tell jokes, and based on the communication between civilizations, they can often resonate with you.”

“It will also make simulated movements, which makes people endure.”

“Geocentric people love to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy”; I also know a lot of geocentric people, some are friends and some are spirit guides; many of the geocentric people I have encountered are like animals, such as long elephants like frogs and foxes. some type of.”

“That night, a pair of Pleiadians, a man and a woman, super funny, they laughed there: Although we still have property, they basically belong to the rationing system. We still need to work, play various social roles, and do Contribute. Similar to your communism. After we die, our property, such as the house, will be returned to the society, and will not be left to their children. They don’t have to worry about their children, they are all socially responsible. I used to be in their On the spaceship, the children who have seen them are all concentrated in education and parenting. Parents just go to visit and do not need a lot of energy.”

Faith in a big battle with science! A Sydney woman who calls herself “in spiritual contact with the Buddha, Cosmlogy PhD critixcizes her severely” from PRC publication Global Times Network

“Two of the aliens I saw for the first time were from Sirius. They are blue pure energy bodies. There are no more entities. It has evolved to a point where there is no body.”

“If I were with my friends in the circle, they would be able to see it when I saw it, but for my colleagues, sometimes they walk around in my office and my colleagues just can’t see them.”

“The body structure of aliens is different from ours. The purity of oxygen in each spaceship is very different, so if you go up, you may not be able to adapt.”

“We usually go to the spacecraft to go up with the etheric body, that is, the soul comes out of it and then gets on the spaceship again, which is also a more normal and common way to encourage!”

Among the above-mentioned aliens, Ma Xiaoxiao said that many of them are her guiding spirits, such as: “My guiding Lingqita star”; “I have three mentors of Perseus. They actually come very often, 1 I will come once in 2 months. “Sirius” “Sana Feynman is my main guiding spirit. The guidance to me can be described as all-round, no matter how small, I take very good care of me, and I feel a little maternal.”

She even identified savages as aliens. As she said: “Geeks, our China is also called Bigfoot. They are real, high-altitude aliens! No matter what kind of savage, they actually have special functions and are more sensitive. They can travel through time and space. That’s why many people have difficulty finding savages.”

Ma Xiaoxiao deified the aliens and repeatedly emphasized that the aliens know everything, but it doesn’t have to be said, because it is revealed that the celestial beings must bear karma.

“Every idea in our minds, little thoughts or something, they all know. There is no privacy in the universe. Thinking is energy and can be monitored.”

“What we think in our heads, they all know, including what we are thinking, an idea, they all know, if you haven’t even said it, they all know. You can even truncate and give you another idea. Sometimes, go Shop to buy things, they will give you an inspiration, or suggest, you suddenly think, where to buy a thing, it is better.”

“Aliens have very strong mental powers and strong wills. If you have any difficulties in life, you may wish to ask the Lyra to help them in this regard. In fact, aliens of different races have their own Characteristics and strengths. I’m constantly learning.”

“The alien’s high-tech has reached a very high level. They can weave an energy into an implant, which is actually not detectable by our current conventional medicine.”

“This is an alien implant constructed by energy. As far as I know, in fact the military on earth, the secret government, it actually has equipment that can detect it and can eliminate it. But This technology is not currently available to us, so it is only owned by the military of Western countries, or it is owned by some secret governments of Western countries.”

“If it’s your alien team or your alien guide spirit, he put it in your body, you can adjust your body constitution, you can open your various special functions… Also There is to help him open some recessive genes…”

“There are many special functions in our group, he can help you remove those negative alien implants.”

“People like me are actually very pitiful and have no privacy. What do I want to do during the day, they will come to me at night and say.”

She said that there are also negative forces in aliens. “At present, the highest dimension of negative forces we encounter is in the sixth dimension.” But don’t be afraid. She said that there are karma courts and elders in the alien planet. The law enforcers are responsible for the trial, and the people of the earth can appeal to the karma court to eliminate the so-called illegal soul contract.

“Cause and effect and karma in the universe exist objectively! The creator has also confirmed with me, including aliens, this is not only the religion, the Buddha said, the spiritual master said.”

“His karma court may be the highest council of each race, or this race may have established an independent karma court itself. Sometimes the palace of light is what we call paradise. It has its own ascension. The master comes to deal with some daily affairs. Every one of you light workers, they know the work on the earth every day, and give you some work instructions. At the same time, they are also judges in the karma court. They can also be our bosses or bosses, and sometimes I see them, and I joked with them that way.” (She talked about karma courts many times, which may be related to her practice as a lawyer)

She also “reported” that human genes have been programmed by different aliens: “They mentioned that because humans on earth, at the beginning of evolution, our genes were indeed programmed many, many times and were different All of the aliens have programmed, and you probably all know this. Then genetic programming is not only from a physical level, including your ideology, but also that cultural system.” (In fact, the “alien” cult and Li Hongzhi I like to talk about such topics)

In both the second and the tenth lectures, she introduced how to communicate with aliens, vigorously agitating and ignoring the audience: “You (listeners) are all high spirits and are very great. Being able to come to this earth, each of you Everyone has aliens to guide the spirit. In fact, which kind of aliens you want to link, as long as they are positive, you can call them, including you want to call Guanyin Bodhisattva, Rulai Buddha, etc., you can call, and It’s not that I’m an alien contactee, I’m special, it’s not like this, it’s just that my current functions are turned on, so I can perceive them, and my memory has been liberated, so I can recall Many things before, including sometimes I can see the flying saucer.”

“If you don’t specifically ask for help from aliens, you may not link to aliens. I remember once I was meditating and linking to someone. At that time, my function was not very high. Later, the aliens in the dreamland People came, introduced themselves, took me to play on their spaceship, out of state, and later they said, it was when I was meditating that the frequency was just linked to him. At that time, they were communicating with other people, just right The frequency caught up, so I knew me.”

“Sometimes, when you walk down the street, although you don’t see it, the spaceship is flying all over the sky, you can’t see it, because they are invisible, everyone has their own unique frequency, just like the ID of Apple’s mobile phone, everyone There is an independent frequency, it may see you, analyze you, and decide whether to communicate with you.”

She also did not forget to boast of herself from the aliens: “Once I met an alien, he said that I was super-dimensional… He said that I came from the fourth universe beyond nanospace… It seems to be from The concept from the 1st dimension to the 12th dimension… The super-dimension is that it has exceeded the 12-dimension. It is the 13th, 14th, and 15th dimensions and is pushed back. There are other dimensions that exist in another universe…”

Ma Xiaoxiao also knew that she was talking too bizarrely. In order to win the audience, she made two points to prove that what she said was true. One was physical evidence. Some aliens placed some alien crystals in her crystal column. However, the person who has opened the third eye can see; the second is the witness. She said that everyone in her circle knew that she would not lie. As a lawyer, she should be clear that such so-called material evidence and personal evidence will not be accepted by the courts of any country, but it is quite effective to give those obsessed a reason to believe. “This photo is the crystal column I bought myself. After the Pleiadians entered my room, they put some crystals of their own in this crystal column. You may not see it with your naked eyes, but I encourage you to give me this photo Save it, if you know which functional person, please show me the photos of these functional persons, if there is this third-eye functional person, they can see that there are many small crystals in my crystal, glowing, Staghorn.”

In addition, she also emphasized that there are so many contacts with aliens in the world, and introduced the purpose of her breaking news: “I said in the first episode. In Australia, every year, “body and soul exhibition” is held, that is, those light workers , Meditators, and people who like sexual spirituality will attend. Every time, there are tens of thousands of people, and there are many contacts with aliens.

“You will find that the role you play in this transition period of the earth is probably very important!” “Once you are fully awakened, including the mission you have to take after you have great strength It can change the entire history of mankind.”

“One of my purposes, including one that encourages everyone to do so, is to increase the public’s attention to this topic of aliens, and to encourage major events to happen!”

The “The Event” that she referred to is the core of the “awakening-event-ascension” heresy system, referring to the imminent “major event” of the alien liberation of the earth, which will change the government system and financial system of countries around the world. After the collapse, the “new earth” that was rebuilt afterwards had no debts, everyone had jobs, and entered the “ideal society”:

“The Sirius is called Ping. He told me that this is a new earth. In the future, we will enter the fifth density and the sixth density. By then, the earth will have a great evolution, and we will live on a very perfect earth. ,Big

“The Sirius is called Ping. He told me that this is a new earth. In the future, we will enter the fifth density and the sixth density. By then, the earth will have a great evolution, and we will live on a very perfect earth. Everyone will be happy when they live. The problem of money that we are worried about will no longer exist and live very well. In the future, our financial system will end, and everyone will be provided with everything they want to eat and use.” (Its ideal It’s vulgar too)

She also introduced many methods related to “alien culture” against multi-dimensional negative forces and the earth’s negative spirits, such as meditation every day, saying that I hope light and love can protect me; imagine that I am covered by a mirror; Meditate through crystals and clean yourself; eat more vegetarian food and breathe fresh air; listen to spiritual music; seek the help of various spiritual hypnotists and special function masters to know your past and present lives, eliminate your own illegal soul contract, and improve your own Transparency and frequency, opening your own special function or third eye, etc., while also emphasizing the urgency of ascension:

“I saw Corrigold recently wrote an article on his Facebook, saying that during a recent meeting with the Blue Jays, the Blue Jays told him that they were going to buffer the energy in the solar system. The functioning planet has been evacuated.”

“Maybe in the near future, our earth will be completely exposed to shock waves of cosmic energy. Then some people who often read the information of Cory Good will also know that these very high frequency energy waves will affect every life on the earth. The body has a certain influence.” (It has a taste of the end of the world)

After reading the alien “story” that Ma Xiaoxiao quoted in the above section, I think most readers must be very surprised. If Ma Xiaoxiao is telling the truth, then we not only have aliens on the earth, but also everywhere, nowhere No, we always monitor and affect us. In such a big event, are governments of various countries and mainstream scientific and religious circles really “ignorant”, or are they deliberately hiding? While lamenting that we are blind to aliens, we cannot help but ask the following questions:

1. As we all know, the distance between the planets is very far away, for example, Sirius is a binary system, one of the brightest stars that can be seen by the naked eye in the night sky, and the distance from us is 8.7 light years; Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters cluster is about 500 light-years away from Earth; the Perseus galaxy group is composed of more than 1,000 galaxies and is nearly 250 million light-years away from us. How do aliens overcome this astronomical distance and travel back and forth at any time?

Ma Xiaoxiao did not seem to regard this as a problem, perhaps thinking that the aliens were awakened (underdeveloped technology is not important), beyond the three-dimensional space, so that time and distance can be ignored, they are like gods, they can always Shuttles between the stars are familiar to the people of the earth. Only the people of the earth have serious crimes. They must wait for the aliens’ salvation. Of course, the first thing is to have the light workers who are the medium of aliens headed by Ma Xiaoxiao. But the question arises. After all, the four-dimensional and more-dimensional space is still a hypothetical theoretical concept. Whether or not time and space can be surpassed is not something that can be talked about. There is just no way for people living in three dimensions to verify or falsify this. Liars or lunatics have grasped this point, as long as they bring themselves a halo of “tallness”, endorse them with a few celebrities or scientists, and then use some fashionable scientific terminology to decorate them. Judging from the various aspects of the aliens described by Ma Xiaoxiao, they have not exceeded the three-dimensional or four-dimensional space. Like many quasi-cults and cult leaders who have been disclosed, Ma Xiaoxiao arbitrarily used multidimensional space to pretend to be science, and reversed and confused the normal perception of the world. Not only does this tarnish the name of science, but also he seeks moral sway and cheats people of money. This is simply a conspiracy to accumulate wealth and develop cults. Yin Jian is not far away. Dr. Liu Boyang’s article reveals much about this.

2. There are many ethnic groups on the earth, and the languages used are different, and they must communicate with each other through a special translation. The language of more than 100 alien races should also be strange. I think Ma Xiaoxiao cannot break through the communication barriers of thousands of languages of many peoples on the earth. So how does she effectively communicate with so many alien races? How do aliens know all languages on earth? It seems that she thought it could be solved by a “telepathy”, but there are many “awakenings” or psychics in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign religions. I have not heard of such a genius. There are too many braggers in the world, but it is really rare to be able to blow like Ma Xiaoxiao. In addition to deifying the aliens and herself and leaving the fans with brain damage, I think that as long as the readers with normal minds, no one would believe their nonsense.

3. Ma Xiaoxiao said that aliens are pure energy bodies, they can be invisible, feel free to come and go as they please, and enter a person’s room and brain, like a god, what kind of material flying saucer is needed? She also said that the flying saucer can only be seen by her and the people in the circle, and she seems to be invisible. She also got into the flying saucer herself. Does this mean that the flying saucer and Ma Xiaoxiao are also pure energy bodies? Are the many ordinary people who have witnessed the flying saucer reported? Energetic? I really don’t want to justify myself!

4. Although there are observations and legends of astronomical stars such as 28 stars and 88 constellations, as well as UFO records in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, linking aliens to UFO is still a matter of nearly a hundred years. There are so many sages, monks, and even psychics in ancient times, why haven’t they seen any records of aliens (even if there are similar records, they are much less than those seen by Ma Xiaoxiao. Perhaps Ma Xiaoxiao put the religious gods, myths and legends of various nationalities in their legends) The characters and even the savages are mixed with aliens, so it’s a matter of course), and it’s not until the contemporary era that a large number of aliens patronize and connect with Ma Xiaoxiao? Is it Ma Xiaoxiao’s fiction, or are they really selected by aliens? I want readers who understand the history of religion and UFO history to find their own judgments.

5. Many of the aliens introduced by Ma Xiaoxiao, including the aliens can realize the image of religious masters at any time, as well as the ideal social scene after the “big event” that she aspires to, are in fact related to her own real life situation and culture. The background is closely related to the degree of obsession with UFO and aliens. In other words, it is related to her own psychological activities and pursuit of purpose. This precisely reflects what she calls “I met an alien”, half of it is due to schizophrenia and half is due to ego expansion.

(4) A brief analysis of Ma Xiaoxiao’s “religious” speech

Ma Xiaoxiao talked specifically about religious issues in the seventh speech. Just as she said that she often saw many aliens, she also said that the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Jesus, and the Creator are all related to her:

“Once I was in contact with Giordamo Siddhartha, probably two or three years ago, there was no psychological preparation at the time. Suddenly there was a telepathy, he connected with me and said that I came to you . Remember when I was about to buy a piece of chocolate while I was paying, I said hello hello. I think he is a very humble person. He told me a lot about Kundalini awakening, he said if you want If you clean your chakras, you can connect with me, I can help you clean your chakras. Then I said, oh! Really? So I connect with him sometimes, I think he is really powerful, for cleaning himself The chakra is very helpful. If you want to practice Kundalini’s yoga or something, you can call Qiao Da Mo Si Dado, he is very capable in this respect, he can help you.

Then I want to talk about Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, which actually has a strong connection with Sirius, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Goddess Isis, and the goddess of the lion head, they are actually the gods of Sirius, Avalokitesvara and Sirius The connection is very strong. In fact, most of us Chinese are born from Sirius. “

“Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is actually one of my main mentors. I have more contact with him. After contact, I found that the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva’s personality is very different from what we imagined and seen on the sculpture. In fact, he is a very lively one. character.”

“There is also the Maitreya Buddha, who really likes to laugh. He is a great virtue in the Western Elysium and a ferry. Every time I see Guanyin, the Maitreya Buddha often appears, but recently he came It’s relatively rare. Recently, it’s the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara visits often… The Bodhisattva Bodhisattva feels very open-minded and considerate for others. He has a great heart and can bear the whole world. He introduced him When I didn’t say that he was the Bodhisattva King Dzang, he said that he was the Buddha of Light, but I think his image includes its energy field. He is indeed the Bodhisattva Dizang, but he just called himself that, then I said Okay. Then I also met the Ten Hercules in Buddhism. I also have a connection with Sakyamuni.”

She also introduced how she got a larger soul contract and how to get into education, and later converted to a reason for receiving the five precepts. She was invited to host a Buddhist wedding in Nantian Temple. Being challenged by a master, she was given a test. She passed the test, so many Buddhas and gods decided to give her a soul contract and also told her what the soul contract is. I was very touched at the time and said that I would definitely do a very good job and would lead everyone along this path of unification.

“There is a Wollongong in Australia. There is a dojo opened by Master Nebula in that place. It is one of the largest temples in our southern hemisphere. I went to work as a volunteer. It happened that the air was very fresh and the food was very clean. The people are also very nice. I went to play on an outing for a day or two, and it was free to eat and live. But I didn’t believe it in my heart… At that time, there was a master who said that I had been waiting for you for a century. I finally waited for you to come back, and then he told me something personal about me, saying that you are going to be a missionary in your life, and then I said, oh, this thing seems to be not very related to me, I don’t believe in religion very much… …They said, oh, no, no! Religion will definitely be reformed in the future, so we need you light workers to do a reform. What do I say about reform? I was still very resistant, he said, we will Take the way of universal teaching.”

“Remember when I first started to sleep, wow! Come to the Golden Light, a lot of gods, Buddhas and Dade have arrived, and then said, Ma Xiaoxiao, we gave you a test, you have passed the test, he said you are in your Master is so troublesome for you, you are so bumpy on this road, you still decide to come to this Nantian Temple to do this without recklessness, so I will now give You are a soul contract. I will stay afterwards, and I really thank you for giving me such a grand contract.”

As a Chinese in Australia, Ma Xiaoxiao’s religious concepts are mixed between East and West, but judging from the introduction, he is still more influenced by Buddhism. She is not only favored by aliens, but also blessed by many Buddhas and gods in religion, and jointly gives her a “spirit contract”. According to Buddhism, she is given a certificate to confirm and give her a religious reform Status and mission.

Judging from the history of Buddhism and the Biography of High Monks, there are very few records of a blessing of a Buddha and a Bodhisattva, and some are also very pious, diligent and have a high degree of virtue, and generally have more dreams. As for Jesus and the Creator who simultaneously sensed many Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and even Christians, there is no way. In modern times, people have used the way of helping children to sense the upper body of various religious gods, but it usually takes a lot of time. The upper body gods are common. There are three princes and Ji Gong in Taiwan. Fujian has Xuantian God, a thousand-year-old prince, etc., Hong Kong has Qitian Dasheng, Guan Gong, etc., and sometimes there are family members’ souls, lonely spirits and wild ghosts. Buddhism and Taoism do not recognize such practices. “The Master Yinguang Master’s Notes·Recommendation of Liwei Farmer’s Residence I”: “Everything is helped by the helper’s knowledge. It may also be made by the helper. It is not true. Hundreds of thousands of occasions have come to the altar ears. Even the words Buddha and Bodhisattva are all counterfeit.” Another example is contained in “Taishang Tiantan Jade”, Jing Yun: Everything is true to heavenly gods and gods, without the body of the living person, if it is attached to the person. The speaker is definitely a demon outsider, most of them are unjust ghosts. Most of them are land and sects who can make such a blame. Kuang “Nv Qing Tian Lu” Cloud: The evil gods who arbitrarily entrusted with their real names, sent the wok soup hell, or paid the counter-scale general, so that they would die for thousands of lives, and do not give up day and night.

It can be seen that Ma Xiaoxiao arrogantly saw the Buddha, the bodhisattva and the gods, etc., either schizophrenia or demon possession, and maliciously fabricated it to achieve its ulterior purpose. Interestingly, she also made a choice. She did not mention the gods of Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Taoism. She may be too strange to them, or helpless to improve her status, or fear of taboos. Was chased!

What makes the religious believers even more puzzled and angry is that after relying on the gods such as the Buddhist Buddha and the Jesus of Christianity to “acquire” a certain sacred status, she turned her face and began to discredit, tarnish, deconstruct the traditional religion and seize the tradition as much as possible. Religious sacred resources and believers and property resources to establish their own definition of the “religion of ten thousand religions” new religion, which is exactly the same as many emerging religions and cults. For example, she devoted considerable space to Jesus she knew, subverting the Christian description of Jesus:

“Jesus did indeed exist on earth. He did reincarnate on earth at that time, and then led everyone to glory, but Jesus Christ did not die at that time. He did not create this Christianity after his death. This is the person behind. The creation of Christianity in his name has nothing to do with Jesus’ own life experience and will.”

“The real birth date of Jesus Christ is on the third week of September…but the fuck is not a virgin. This is a translation problem. Hebrew was supposed to be a young woman for that definition, but they were In the translation into English, the word was translated into a virgin. At that time they translated this way, I think it is to prove that Mary is a very pure woman. In fact, Mary is indeed a very good woman, but she cannot be said to be a virgin, because from Judging from the normal impression of having a child, I think this is also unlikely… Jesus Christ is not as the Bible says, he is not the only child in their family.”

“(Jesus Christ) played with his brother, sister and brother when he was young… He also traveled the world when he was a teenager, that is, he has been to India, Tibet, Europe, and also Africa… Then it met different teachers and taught him different lessons in these places in the Middle East. The ancient Egypt that Jesus Christ went to at that time spent a night in the pyramid, and Kundalini awakened, and then opened His seven chakras have the ability to transcend, of course, this is also related to his own practice. Then he began the missionary journey, he is actually very strong… The Bible says that he has various All kinds of magical special functions, including walking on the water, can change things out of thin air. In fact, these records are all in our human history, such as fetching objects from the sky, and walking on the water in Taoism. In addition to Jesus Christ, the following people can actually do it, only that he has gathered a lot of special functions in one body, the reason is: on the one hand, because of the power of his personal love and light, he is indeed a decent person, On the other hand, because his own physical body has been changed many times in that era, that is to say, there has been a promotion… It can be shown that he no longer belongs to a pure earth person. In that era, his physical body has already changed Being genetically modified is very powerful, can bear and hold more light and love, so if his energy body is placed on the average person, he can’t bear it, and the person will disintegrate, so he was Because he has been genetically modified many times, he has the ability to carry more light and energy in his life…Why does he have these abilities, because he has a historical mission, he must lead mankind to glory. “

Belonging to a pure earth man, at that time, his physical body has been genetically modified very well, can withstand and hold more light and love, so if his energy body is placed on ordinary people, He can’t bear it, people will disintegrate, so he was genetically modified many times at that time, so he has the ability to carry more light and energy in his life…Why do he have these abilities? Because he has a historical mission, he must lead mankind to glory. “

“That Jesus Christ was set up by future generations, including the Buddha in our eastern culture, and also the people behind him set up him to create this Buddhism, because in that era it really needed a religion to make a support ……The descendants actually have many masters and they have the same ability and level, but they may not be as hot as they are.”

“Jesus Christ was indeed on the cross… Three days later, he was rescued by his followers, so he didn’t die on the cross at all…. His wife Mary took special care of him, and then the two of them were considered married.” This is not written in the Bible. In the Bible, his wife Mary is written as a believer, and Mary’s identity is very unpleasant…because that time is a patriarchal age, they don’t like to see women. Energy, that’s why at that time only men could not worship women.”

“Mary is the twin flame of Jesus Christ, and his ability is basically the same as that of Jesus Christ, except that her abilities have been wiped out in history. This is a pity. Because women were not allowed in that era. The power of this is also the embodiment of the old society. After Jesus Christ was saved on the cross, he and Mary went to France we know now… traveled all over the world, went to Tibet, went to India, went to many similar countries, They gave birth to a daughter and then settled in Ireland…”

“I also have a very good friend in Australia. He was an elder brother of Jesus Christ who was reincarnated on earth at that time, but he devoted himself to being a woman in his life.”

Ma Xiaoxiao said unreliable and regardless, but her meaning is still very clear, that is, she is amazing, psychic, understands the religious insider that the world does not know, Jesus Christ is not so God, he never said that he is God He’s only son didn’t even want to establish any Christianity. He and the Buddha are just one of many masters who were established by future generations according to their own needs. She also made up that Jesus had a wife named Mary, and had a daughter, thinking that she was as big as Jesus’ ability, but was buried by future generations because her men were superior to women. This is just as she ridiculously said that in Buddhism, men can become Buddhas and women can only become Bodhisattvas, which precisely reflects Ma Xiaoxiao’s strong feminist ideas.

When Ma Xiaoxiao talked about Buddha and Bodhisattva, although there are many mistakes, it seems that the impression is good (as mentioned before). But to the doctrines and canon of Buddhism and Buddhism in reality, it is extremely derogatory. She believes that religion is bound, most of its classics are dross, and will be eliminated:

“There is a complete distinction between spirituality and religion. For example, religion is bound… There is a dogma in Christianity, saying that no matter how good or good you are, as long as you don’t believe me Jesus Christ, you must It will go to hell. I think this is a consequence of intimidation. Because religion itself has the content of intimidation, it is not very suitable for the spiritual development of our ascension. Everyone needs to practice Buddhism, reading Buddhism or Taoism In particular, the book you are looking at may have only twenty or twenty pages of essence, and the rest is all dross… It is not that the “Fahua Jing” and “Vajra Sutra” are absolute truths. Because truth has always been on the path of evolution…in fact, there is no so-called classic, it is also being eliminated… Don’t be affected by the fear content in religion, and there are some messages similar to superstition, don’t eat coriander, don’t Keep small animals, don’t go to Buddha when there is a holiday…”

“Religion is a bondage to the pursuit of people at a higher level. Spirituality will tell you to explore yourself, to discover it yourself. Religion is about separation from each other… My religion must be better than your religion, Taoism It must be the strongest, Buddhism must be the greatest, Christianity is the only one, what Jesus is the only son of God, etc., this creates a separation from each other.”

She also falsely accused that the six-path samsara was severely tampered with: “We in Buddhism have been talking about six-path samsara, surpassing the six-path samsara, you can be called the Buddha and so on… The six-path samsara in that era is equivalent to what we now call Consciousness and ascension. But in the six samsara, its core ideas have been severely tampered with, which is similar to that of Christianity. They have always said that Jesus Christ once said that I am the only son of God. He also told me It is clear that he never said such a word at all in that era.”

Ma Xiaoxiao also advised people not to go to the Buddha and seek the Bodhisattva, and don’t give money to the monks and nuns:

“If you encounter some difficult points or key points in your life, you feel that to solve the problem, we usually want a destination of faith, then you may choose to go to the temple to worship, I can understand this Psychologically speaking, we do need a faith, but what I tell you is that you can bow down and bow from step to step, from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, to Tibet, and call it Nanwu Amitabha. Bodhisattva to change your destiny, all this is just a vain!”

“For them, all the money you donate is to monks and nuns. You all know that Taoism and Buddhism have reached the end. The abbots of Shaolin Temple, including donations, all kinds of arbitrary charges, including what I also saw The monk drank a cigarette, and ate big meat in various aspects, etc., I feel that his frequency may not be as high as that of the audience friends! So I advise you to spend it on your own sometimes. To live a better life, love yourself more, buy whatever you want, eat whatever you want, and then pray every day, find your higher self, discuss with him, how to improve Change your own soul contract instead of talking about spending the money in the temple, because you are raising monks and nuns, not to ask the Buddha and Bodhisattva to do things for you. Think about it for yourself. Maitreya Buddha and Avalokitesvara, will you say that if you donate more money to me, I will do something good for you?”

“I ask you not to spend so many hundred dollars to ask those so-called abbots to open the light. You may not know that the temple is also about performance now. What abbot, abbot, depends on how you can learn the market well. , Can lead the performance of the entire temple to do well, and then you will have an improvement, not to say how good his cultivation is. So you go to find an abbot, spent thousands of dollars for your amulet, and read a set of sutras , His own ability, frequency and cultivation may not be as high as yours, so I advise you not to spend money!”

“I ask my higher self, you have to say it often, even ten times! Say that your amulet for ten days will have very powerful energy…. Unless there will be a very few great virtue, he may really be a bit capable, Can help you open a light, but most of the monks and nuns we know, they are far from the awareness and awakening of our current audience friends, so you should pay special attention to this aspect, donate to religion Also be very careful, especially donating to the monastery is better than donating to yourself, to those who really need help in your own street, this is a real life, you can give yourself virtue, you can also help yourself, don’t invest in the temple Meaningless money!”

She thinks people should worship their higher self:

“Because it is not God or Avalokitesvara who can change your destiny, he can’t change my destiny, only me can change my own destiny! If you really want to change your life, you have to improve yourself, and there is another way. It is truly able to control your destiny, your soul contract, and your higher self.”

“If you really want to worship, you should worship your higher self, because your higher self and you can change your soul contract, you know! So when you go to worship those gods and Buddhas, they are actually quite depressed, All they can do is give you more light and love, they really can give you light and love, clean your chakras, etc. The light brilliance improves you and guides you, but he cannot help you change you Soul contract.”

“Ah! My life is so bitter. I went to seek God and Buddha, so that I would have more money, let me not get sick again, let my children be admitted to key universities, etc. I changed my job! This god and Buddha There is no way to help you. You really want these secular things. You really want to connect your higher self, because your connection with your higher self can ensure that you can change your life, your life contract, So I tell you this, I hope you don’t take detours, don’t spend too much time worshiping God and Buddha, and ask them to change your soul contract. The master of your records is your higher self and yourself, maybe you The guiding spirit can also help you. God, Buddha, Avalokitesvara, Darirulai, they can express energy to you, etc., can play the same ability as an alien mentor, but to change your own life, you must go by yourself Connect your higher self to change.”

Lama eating meat was formed by historical and environmental factors, but Ma Xiaoxiao used this to attack Tibetan Buddhism, thinking that those who believe in Tibetan Buddhism in the mainland were deceived:

“You Tibetan believers in the hinterland have been deceived. I still don’t know the situation in the real Tibetan area! I work here every day. The situation in the real Tibetan area is not like your hearsay. In fact, Tibet The district is now very economical. It sells everything in supermarkets, vegetables and fruits. It is exactly the same as the mainland. Those lamas who tell you that the Tibetan areas are very poor. They are too poor to buy vegetables and fruits. The head sheep came to slaughter and eat, and could only drink and eat meat every day, that was all fake. In fact, their lamas themselves like to drink and eat meat, which shocked me when I heard it, and I felt like I was deceived. It turned out that the masters who taught and believed in Buddha were lying to me. After this incident, I began to understand Tibetan Buddhism from various angles, especially the history of Tibetan areas, and I began to study it carefully.”

Ma Xiaoxiao actually does not understand Buddhism. She even accused the ranks of Buddha, Bodhisattva, and Arhat as feudal dross:

“It was indeed a world where men respect women and humble women at that time, so many men who are prosperous are called Buddhas, while women are called Bodhisattvas. They seem to be as high as they are, and there are Arahant or something. In fact, what I have come into contact with includes The frequency includes some feelings. It feels that Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva can be called a Buddha. You can also call Avalokiteshvara or Samantabhadra and Manjushri. There is no need to distinguish between males and females.”

“The three-six-nine-ninth grade is some of the dross of our feudal society, and we have imposed our own consciousness on ourselves, not the will of the Buddha and the bodhisattva we are talking about.”

The ideal of the Chinese is world harmony. In religion, they often futilely integrate Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. In modern times, the traditional Taoism and other folk religions even practice “five religions in the same hall.” Ma Xiaoxiao also inherited this tradition, advocating the unity of all religions through the topic of aliens (history proves that this can only be a concept, slogan, and it is impossible to achieve), and said that there will be many new experiences in the new world. :

“Religious leaders in the future are very open-minded. They can receive a lot of information. They only believe in one thing, which is the unity of all religions. They say that unity of all religions is the only way out for all religions in the world. If one teaches one, it can only perish. Because on a new earth it cannot allow the rules and doctrines of the religions we now know, as well as some of the disadvantages I mentioned earlier….Simple Generally speaking, all religions are unified. In the end, all religions are only for this core content, that is, to respect our creator, only to pursue thorough truth, light and love, nothing more, other things can be said to be available Nothing, just re-evolving from this core concept, there will be no eighteen layers of hell, there will be no males who respect females, neither males are only Buddhas, females are only Bodhisattvas, nor will they be You have come to the official holiday, you can’t go to worship Buddha, you can’t eat onions, you can’t bring small animals, etc. These strange things will not exist anymore, including the “Vajra Sutra” and “Fahua Sutra” as we know it now. This is also a great help for us in the past for the awareness of that era, but in the new world, I was told that there will be many new experiences!”

Ma Xiaoxiao is particularly resistant to “religion”, and all kinds of smearing make people easily associate Falun Gong. Li Hongzhi often said that traditional religion is outdated, the temple only recognizes money, and the Buddha and Bodhisattva are not spiritual. This is also true of Ma Xiaoxiao, who has repeatedly emphasized the difference between “spiritualism” and religion (traditional religion) of “unification of all religions”. In essence, he wants his audience to return to her new religion as soon as possible:

“Jesus Christ himself said it. I never said that I am the only child of God. These words were all made up by the people behind. In order to cause division in this religion. In the future, they will have both Christianity and Catholicism, including Taoism. Religious leaders appear. These religious leaders are like listeners and friends. You and I have a higher awareness and a higher understanding of some information, so in the process of missionary, we will have a completely different method! I want to tell you that the universal religions are one, of course I can say more, but I think the style I share is simpler, don’t need to be very deep. Universal religion, you only need to remember that the only thing you want to pursue is For the love of the Creator, and the love of yourself, the higher self that connects you, in the final analysis is light and love. In fact, the essence of the unity of all religions is that religion should become spiritual cultivation, rather than spiritual cultivation close to religion, this is a very The big difference is a core difference. And now we Chinese are reversed at this point. We jump into the pit of religion for spiritual cultivation. What we have to do in the future is to lead religion on the way to spiritual cultivation. . I hope you can remember that the path taken by Buddhism and Taoism in the future is very different from what you are learning now, including that the future religious leaders are completely different from what you see now!”

Ma Xiaoxiao did not forget to take “alien” as his platform: “The alien’s suggestion is that if you want a body that ascends and raises your consciousness, you should cultivate spirituality, not a religion. There is a difference between spiritual cultivation and religion, so I want to tell you that the aliens’ point of view is that, first, most of their own races have no religious system. Second, they are also very disgusted or very opposed to the earth. This religious system is because it is a very binding thing. I asked why people have an idol worship, and the religion itself has a gene of idol worship inside. They mentioned that because humans on the earth started During evolution, our genes were indeed programmed many, many times, and by different aliens.”

“I know that some of you may be known as Alishasani. A long time ago, they also had religious beliefs similar to those of the earth, and then through their own evolution, they have been separated from religion under the circumstances of higher civilizations. Believe. What they believe now is to believe in the Creator.”

“Actually, the creator I’m talking about is the source we all know, and it’s the beginning of this one. If you really say what aliens must worship, maybe it’s such a creator, it’s such a one. For them to come It is said that light and love are a supreme pursuit of a person’s spiritual development and pursuit. All he has to do is to return to One, which is a personal belief of them.”

She is very disdainful of the behavior of religious believers in China, emphasizing that the awakened will completely jump out of her original religion:

“As long as he awakens, he decides to take a spiritual path, or to take the path of ascension. More than 90% of people will choose to jump out of religion and pursue pure spiritual practice. I emphasize again, they I will jump out of my original religious framework, that is, I will completely break away from Christianity, or completely break away from Catholicism, and completely enter my spiritual practice. But in China, the situation is reversed. I see that many people have awakened. After such a consciousness to be promoted, but from unbelief or half-belief in Buddhism or Taoism to a thorough jump in…. I think this is a degenerated state, if you wake up, you should jump out of religion itself, you How can you jump into religion?”

“Every religion has a trial situation inside. If you don’t do well, I will judge you. The original sin of Christianity is that everyone is guilty at birth, you want to atone, etc. This is increased by the people behind Go in… Of course, this Buddhism is still a bit deeper. Spirituality is to let you create your own path, but religion is to let you follow the journey of others; religion tells you which god and Buddha you should learn from. Road, spirituality tells you that you have to create your own way and take your own way of ascension. This is a big difference.”

“Spiritual practice is to integrate each other…from history to now, many wars including the Crusades are caused by religion…Religion will also let you have a dependence, once you can’t handle things, you go Look for God, the bodhisattva’s spirituality will make you stand up, and he will let you solve your own problems and rely on yourself.”

She didn’t talk about it herself, and she opposed the audience’s study of religious theories. She believed that as long as one devoted to spiritual practice, or relying on the help of the spiritual master to return to one, the profound philosophies naturally understood:

“To learn theoretical knowledge, what color is empty, empty is color, many people are entangled there every day for this sentence, which is more theoretical. My personal view is that you don’t need to spend too much time studying those who play word games. Something, or the theoretical program, because you can’t understand that thing for twenty or thirty years. What you’re learning is the bones that people chew, tell you what this means, it’s someone else’s Enlightenment, not your own, all you get is someone else’s own insight, a piece of knowledge that tells you. Then you have to pass the spiritual training course, wait for me to give you, help you to increase your frequency, to eliminate Your trauma, after solving these problems, you can actually prompt you to have a higher consciousness and body frequency, and then when you go to see the problem of whether the color is empty or empty, you don’t need someone to tell you what, You will know what this means, because at that time your entire consciousness and mental and physical frequency have been shaken to a completely different level.”

Ma Xiaoxiao’s remarks on religion also pointed out the problems of formalism, rigidity and conservatism, and commercialization and secularization under the influence of market economy in some traditional religious societies. The meaning of “heart is Buddha” is also in line with Western people’s idea of pursuing soul autonomy and hoping to innovate the spiritual world including religion. It caters to the young generation’s psychology of independence, chasing novelty, rebellion, and radicalism. An important factor for living young fans is worth reflecting on in traditional religion, especially in the Buddhist world. However, her remarks and actions are not new, and they are exactly the same as the accusations against traditional Buddhism by many outsiders and evil cults. Their main purpose is to seize as much religious resources and living space as possible, but they do not provide a better solution, and they are often less reliable. Many obsessed people are either swindled by money, mad, or even caught in The abyss that is irreversible.

There are many definitions of religion, and the core content is to believe that there is supernatural power to provide a path and method to solve the ultimate care of people from this shore to the other shore. As far as Buddhism is concerned, its ultimate practice and goal are consciousness and the release of life and death, which can be said to be the highest “spiritual practice.” But for all living beings with very different causes and roots, to achieve this goal, one must start from the basics, learn theory, open wisdom, convert in faith, and regulate behavior (including observing the necessary precepts), There is some purification in the mind (including the practice of meditation). The so-called life by virtue of life is determined by Ding Fahui, and it usually takes many life and robbers to become a Buddha. At the same time, as a member of society, religious people must have the help of good knowledge (teachers or religious clerics) and certain groups (temples, religious groups), and must also abide by the laws of the country and bear certain family and social responsibilities. And Ma Xiaoxiao put aside all this and forcibly opposed religion and spirituality, either ignorance or ulterior motives. Her so-called spirituality is actually a part of religion, but it is very empty. It lacks real and effective methods, and it does not have deep philosophical thinking and wisdom. It is just to repeat the labels and the light and love of the religious community of UFO. It’s just a delusion of pretending to be a ghost.

Ma Xiaoxiao seems to be more exposed to Buddhism, but she does lack basic knowledge of Buddhism. There are a lot of fallacies related to Buddhism in her speech. Here, by the way, correct the errors seen in several quotations:

(1) Six-way reincarnation: Six-way finger 1, heaven and earth (chemical), 2, asura road, 3, humanity, 4, animal road, 5, hungry ghost road, 6, hell road (chemical). The first three paths are called three good paths, and the last three paths are called three evil paths. They represent the six types of rewards brought about by various karma (behavior, language, and thought) called karma. All sentient beings are free from life and death, and they are all reincarnation in these six ways. If the practice achieves the Luohan fruit position, it can be separated from the reincarnation, let alone the Buddha and Buddha. It can be seen that Ma Xiaoxiao’s so-called “transcendence from six reincarnations, you can be called Buddha”. “The six reincarnations of that era are equivalent to what we now call raising awareness and ascension.” It is quite superficial and wrong. “Six Reincarnations” does not mean that others have tampered with it, it is precisely that she “wrongly criticized the Three Kingdoms” for a willful interpretation.

(2) Arhat (no life), Bodhisattva (feeling conscious), and Buddha (perceiver): This is the name that Buddhism has established based on the size of the practitioner’s heart, broken troubles, and degree of enlightenment. Arhat can be divided into four stages The fruit position of the Bodhisattva can be divided into fifty-one stages, and there are strict division and inspection standards between them. In a sense, it can also be said to be the different stages of “ascension”. Buddhism most talks about the equality of sentient beings, and of course includes the equality of men and women, but this is because all sentient beings have a Buddha nature (or the possibility of becoming a Buddha), and it cannot erase the difference in the origin of the law. The fruit position is “lifeless”, where is there any difference between men and women! In Theravada Buddhism, there is indeed a saying that a woman cannot become a Buddha, but it does not mean that she cannot be converted into a male body to practice Buddhahood. In Mahayana Buddhism, there are eight-year-old dragon girls who An example of becoming a Buddha with the merits of the “Fahua Jing”. It can be seen that Ma Xiaoxiao regards the distinction of Buddha, Bodhisattva, and Arahant as male and female inferiority, is feudal dregs, and is quite ignorant. In Buddhism, there is no such thing as saying that “men are only Buddha, women are only Bodhisattva”. Among the five famous Bodhisattvas in Han Buddhism, only Guanyin Bodhisattva presents female phases, while Manjusri Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Dizang Bodhisattva, and Maitreya Bodhisattva are all male phases. Do these bodhisattvas come to see her Become a woman? By the way, the Maitreya Bodhisattva is a bodhisattva who lives in the inner courtyard of Doitian Temple in our wandering world. He will come to the world to become a Buddha after the Buddha Shakyamuni, so it is also called the future Buddha. I wonder where Ma Xiaoxiao’s claim that Maitreya Buddha is a great virtue in the Western bliss world comes from?

In addition, there are no ten strong men in Buddhism, and parsley is not among the restrictions of Buddhist commandments. There are certain unsatisfactory people and things in Buddhist temples (many of which are prejudices, misunderstandings caused by the lack of understanding of Buddhism by society and the wanton smearing of some people), which is in all major religions and all walks of life All exist to varying degrees. Ma Xiaoxiao can not believe in Buddhism or Buddhism, but please don’t pretend to be a master to attract believers and fans like Li Hongzhi, don’t pretend to understand, in order to maliciously discredit Buddhist temples and monks and nuns, and misinterpret and defame the basic teachings of Buddhism. rules!

About the Author

Chen Xingqiao, the law name is Changzheng, and the law name is Zhiyuan. Born on October 30, 1957 in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, he was originally born in Qiyang County, Hunan Province. He has graduated from Wuhan River Transport College and Lingyan Mountain Branch of China Buddhist College. He has been engaged in Buddhist teaching, journal editing and Buddhist studies for more than 30 years. He was one of the first people to expose the “Falungong” cult in China. In 1996, he wrote a long paper on “Falungong-a kind of extraordinary Buddhism with folk religious characteristics” that systematically exposes and criticizes “Falungong”. “And its Falun Gong”, which has edited several books criticizing “Falungong”, such as “Buddhist “Qigong” and Falun Gong” (China Religious Culture Publishing House published in June 1998), “Contest between Right and Evil-Buddhism Selected Works of Falun Gong (published in December 2000 by the Buddhist Charity and Merit Association of Hebei Province), “Chinese Buddhism Sect Theory (Part of Luzong Part)”, and “Buddhist Folk Origin”.

Mr. Chen Xingqiao has served as lecturer of Buddhist College, Deputy Secretary-General of Provincial and Municipal Buddhist Association, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Buddhist Culture” of Chinese Buddhist Culture Research Institute, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Buddhist Association’s publication “Fa Yin” Magazine, Executive Director of Chinese Buddhist Association, China Anti-Cult Association Executive director, member of China Health Qigong Association, special researcher of Institute of Religion, Sichuan University, special researcher of Suzhou Institute of Buddhist Studies, etc.


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一、UFO、外星人话题与 “当代玄学”









2019年1月15日,《中国科普博览》刊发了中国科学院国家天文台在澳大利亚留学的刘博洋博士的一篇文章《“政府向你隐瞒了宇宙的真相……”实名举报“外星”邪教组织》,揭开了各种打着科学研究UFO、外星人旗号,宣扬巫术、灵修、新兴宗教、准邪教、邪教的个人、自媒体和团体的冰山一角,首当其冲的是旅居澳大利亚的华人马晓晓。她在“星空学院直播间”(也称“星空学院千聊直播间”)作过11集《我遇到了外星人》,号称自己能与外星人、释迦牟尼佛、大日如来、弥勒佛、观音菩萨、地藏菩萨、普贤菩萨、耶稣、造物主经常见面沟通,被佛菩萨、诸神和外星人赋予了特殊的使命,要让整个地球人“扬升”“觉醒”,引领各大宗教“万教归一”!刘博洋博士在文中指认马晓晓女士是“觉醒”系邪教/伪科学部分自媒体共认的“教主”,而马晓晓女士写了《本是同根生,相煎何太急——对刘博洋文章的回复》一文予以否认,还向刘博洋博士及《中国科普博览》发了律师函,威胁要将他们告上法庭;“星空电台”发表了《对刘博洋谴责的声明及平台自律倡议》;“觉醒字幕组”主持人阿良写有《如何科学精神看待和研究UFO和地外文明——和刘博洋同学商榷》;美国哈佛大学天体物理学荣誉教授鲁道夫(Rudolph E. Schild)则给刘博洋博士写了封公开信。他们都以“科学”的名义谴责刘博洋,要求他向马晓晓女士赔礼道歉,令人侧目。

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一是以飞碟、外星人为题材的文学作品和科幻影视片层出不穷,它们融科技知识、文学艺术和包括宗教在内的各种思想观念、神话传说、生活情感体验于一体,将飞碟、各种外星人入侵地球演绎得活灵活现,极大地丰富了人们的文化生活,形成了颇具特色的影视文化产业。诸如好莱坞《第五元素》《决战猩球》《独立日》1-2部、《星际之门》《超级战舰》《第三类接触》《异形大战铁血战士2》《黑衣人》1-3部、《普罗米修斯》1-2部、《安德的游戏》《洛杉矶之战》《保罗 》《第九区》等外星人科幻大片乃至儿童科幻剧《乐高大电影》,其剧情多数为外星人入侵地球,地球人经过离奇而激烈的战斗,最终“英雄”救世而化险为夷。它们构思奇妙,表现手法丰富,令人叹为观止。因其纯属文学、艺术创作和科学幻想,虽然给看客们带来不小的视觉冲击和头脑风暴,但一般没有人会认幻为真。


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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7vd96ffUGmyYo9ExLdxtkcmmStt7FssXKtivYlOqvPBmsIbXymmpPyGT-pDYXVPj2ypOWiIeX1uBAEAZrjxAjLzmZeIee_hUI-KU0wgtIUgWANlpq1nMVm_8MXSIPUwZGb5Om1DwY3ACsk63Olc=s0-d-e1-ft


马晓晓从2017年5月开始在 “星空学院”“星空电台”等觉醒系自媒体平台先后作了11场网络讲座《我遇见了外星人》,6集《星际揭秘访谈》及在线问答,粉丝达百万之众。据说从第1 场到第3场讲座,总共有150个群参与转播,听众达35000人次左右。因此被相关自媒体称誉为“中国著名外星文明接触者”“国内光工圈领头羊”(笔者注:光工:即光之工作者,指“宇宙人类”等飞碟宗教性团体的理论体系的信仰者和传教者)。













马晓晓的口才并不好,可以说十分的啰嗦。前后11场讲座转录形成的文字约15万字,读起来非常的费劲,所以本文例举引用时不得不在保留原意的情况下予以梳理、摘要。从她的演讲来看,她并没有什么思想深度,除了自吹能见到外星人和诸神明以外,似乎也没有什么特殊的能力(否则她也用不着向其听众极力推荐各类灵性疗愈师了)。她宗教知识贫乏,对传统宗教及其清规戒律却充满成见,极尽诋毁、亵渎之能事,对古代尤其是传统宗教的“重男轻女”现象极为不屑,对各种飞碟及其外星人的传说深信不疑,对西方日新月异的灵性文化(多半借鉴、吸收东方的瑜伽、气功、禅定发展而成)崇拜有加,对催眠术、瑜伽术、特异功能乃至巫术等也非常推崇,广为推介,视为觉醒、扬升、与外星人链接的必要手段。其演讲最引人注目的是第1 场和第7场,爆料了外星人和宗教的诸多“秘闻”,并讲述其如何与众多外星人及佛教、基督教诸神见面,标榜其被诸神和外星人赋予了特殊的使命,要让整个地球人“扬升”“觉醒”,引领各大宗教“万教归一”。








她在第1 场还讲述了自己与“外星指导灵”的第一次正式接触。她说:“联系上外星人之后,我还没有能力就用肉眼看到她们。”此后在墨尔本的一对通灵的外星人接触者未婚夫妇的帮助下,能见到外星人了。她说,外星人是纯能量体,可随意变男变女等形态,当视他们心情如何。一个来自天狼星的蓝色外星人,自称为ping,被她称为自己的指导灵,ping说她这次投胎有很多使命要做,很高兴通过马瑞亚娜联系上她,并希望她将来觉醒之后可以帮助更多的人。














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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2QxSLfFbppUZp6Y2ObHL_7SQyZd_mEq3Mqxvf3tQNJPc0QQ6hKBWNTR046a25cws84stFDtG6Uh982SrFqmwMqU0pht1n9i0uFh9O2T8Q1gF664JxuEEV9nj6AA3QBpowZZP2hW0O9p0i9JQsBQ8=s0-d-e1-ft








她所说的大“事件”(The Event)是“觉醒-事件-扬升”邪说体系的核心,指即将发生一次外星人解放地球的“大事件”,使世界各国政府体制更迭、金融体系崩溃,随后重建的“新地球”人人没有债务、人人都有工作,进入“理想社会”:









This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SutJR3XnZXXed7T85udBLZMLqRD8nuVdlfTyzyDZHAAyxFiali661D_j8npE84e0OrYvFE4HBKWW5zs2WxUwfDC7GVoLWKiA9DAAISfUchmNe0ybhGTVgJAW06_SXOctdOaenlXi1N0t_OR71ZU=s0-d-e1-ft














从佛教史和《高僧传》来看,极少有某一佛、菩萨现身加持的记载,有的话也是要非常的虔诚、精进和有很高的德行,一般梦到的情况多一些。至于同时感应得众多佛、菩萨乃至基督教的耶稣和造物主,万无可能。近代以来民间倒有采用乩童扶乩的方式感应各宗教神明上身的说法,但通常颇费周章,常见上身的神明,在台湾有三太子、济公等,广东有天后圣母、观音菩萨、三山国王等,福建有玄天上帝、某府千岁王爷等,香港有齐天大圣、关公等,有时也有家属的灵魂、孤魂野鬼等。而佛教、道教对这类做法并不予认可。《印光大师文钞·复李慰农居士书一》:“扶乩一事,皆灵鬼依托扶者之智识而为。亦或多由扶者自行造作而成者。且非全无真仙,殆百千次偶一临坛耳。至言佛菩萨则全是假冒。”又如《太上天坛玉格》载,经云:一切上真天仙神将,不附生人之体,若辄附人语者,决是邪魔外道,不正之鬼,多是土地及司命能作此怪,行法之士当审察之。况《女青天律》云: 诸邪神妄托上真名字者,送下镬汤地狱,或付逆鳞将军,令其万死千生,不舍昼夜。































马晓晓对“宗教”特别抵触,种种抹黑,让人很容易联想到法轮功,李洪志就常说传统宗教已经过时了,寺庙只认钱,佛菩萨都不灵了。马晓晓也是这样,还反复强调 “万教归一”之 “灵修”与宗教(传统的宗教)的区别,实质上就是想让其听众们尽快归投到她所定义的新宗教中来:

“耶稣基督他自己都说了,我从来就没有说过我是上帝唯一的孩子,这话都是后面的人编出来的,为了造成这个宗教当中的分裂。将来他们基督教和天主教包括道教都会有宗教领袖出现,这些宗教领袖就像听众朋友们,你和我这种有更高的觉知,对一些信息有更高的认识,所以在传教的过程当中,我们会有完全不同的方法!这就是我想告诉你们的万教归一,当然我可以说得更多,但是我觉得我分享的风格就是浅显一点,不用讲得很高深。万教归一,你们只要记住唯一要追求的就是对于造物主的爱,还有爱你自己,连接你的高我,说到底就是光和爱。其实万教归一的本质就是宗教要变成修灵,而不是修灵靠近宗教,这是一个很大的区别,是一个最核心的区别。而我们现在中国人在这一点是反过来的,我们为了修灵而跳入宗教的坑,我们将来要做的事情是引领宗教往修灵的路上去。我希望你们能够记住,将来的佛教和道教走的道路和你们现在所学的那些是有一个非常大不同性,包括将来的宗教领袖和你现在看到的是完全不一样的! ”










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