Private Out, State Further “In” as Chinese Education Focuses on the Family

Reading this latest policy statement on education does make one think the Chinese Communist Party does keep on putting the total in totalitarian. For a discussion of totalitarianism in China see my previous posting Is China Totalitarian or Authoritarian?

The Chinese Communist Party and government are currently cracking down on private cram schools and private after-school tutoring students.

Many Chinese parents in China’s rapidly growing middle class see as the key for their children’s future. NPR’s Emily Feng reported on this in September 2021:

BEIJING — They schedule their children’s days in 15-minute increments. They scour online forums and swap tips on the most exclusive tutors and best sports coaches. Some even buy second homes next to the best public schools.

Forget tiger moms. These are China’s jiwa, or “chicken” parents, who are known for their attentive — some say obsessive — parenting style. The term is used to describe aggressive helicopter parenting and comes from an unproven Chinese-medicine treatment dating back to the 1950s in which a person is injected with fresh chicken blood to stimulate energy.

Forget Tiger Moms. Now China’s ‘Chicken Blood’ Parents Are Pushing Kids To Succeed

On the crackdown, read, for example the Financial Times August 2021 article Private school owners forced to hand institutions over to Chinese state. Consider also the anger of China’s young people at an intense and exhausting educational preparation that can often seem to lead nowhere — the so-called Lying Flat tangping people (a nascent hippy movement?) Chinese commentators have written quite a lot of interesting articles about that movement this summer. On my blog I translated:

The other half of the equation is what is going in now that the private sector is being forced out of education. The Chinese Communist Party and PRC government joint circular notice below discusses “Parent School” jiazhang xuexiao 家长学校 and that after-school school services shall come to an end at the same time as local workers get off work.

I took this as a key paragraph:

By 2025 the construction rate of parents’ schools [jiazhang xuexiao] will reach 90% in urban communities and 80% in rural communities. The standardized construction level of parents’ schools in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens is greatly improved. The role of family education and family style construction in grass-roots social governance is ever more prominent, the level of culture of family members and social civilization is further enhanced, and the new socialist family civilization of love for the country and family, love for one other, upward mobility and sharing is promoted.

Concerns About Growing Inequality in Chinese Society

Not to say that there aren’t good things about these efforts to strengthen public education and the primary and secondary levels. Perhaps like the Head Start program in the US, this will improve pre-school educations, especially for the many parents who can’t afford private schools. Higher education in China is tilted towards the children of the wealthy, as it is in the United States where wealthier parents who can afford to send their children to expensive private schools or afford the expensive houses in the wealthier districts that can afford to finance excellent public schools. The relative chances of rural Chinese to get into higher education have been decreasing in recent decades even as the absolute numbers of rural kids in higher education has been increasing. Perhaps this might end up rebalancing the rural/urban balance which has long been the axis of inequality in China. Inequalities in educational and employment opportunitiesand income and the frustrations and resentments arising therefrom are a Chinese problem too. Perhaps the Party decided to put Communist back in its name, to fight creeping capitalism, and to stop being merely totalitarian.

What are the parent schools? I found a Baidu Encyclopedia (China’s analog to the Wikipedia) article about them. It seems particularly interesting since it seems to have prepared the ground for the current shift away from private school and private cram school education in order to strengthen the Communist Party’s monoploy on education. In China both the educational system as well as the state-controlled (well, by post publication censorship — that is intimidated into submission) media are integral parts of the Party’s propaganda bath. Here is a DeepL machine translation of that article.

Parent School

Parent school refers to a form of amateur education that mainly targets parents of infants, toddlers, primary and secondary school students, with the main content of imparting scientific knowledge and methods of home education. The mission is to promote the renewal of family education concepts; to cooperate with the implementation of school education; to help parents master modern scientific knowledge and methods of family education; and to create a suitable family education environment for the growth of their children. It is usually mostly run by primary and secondary schools, women’s federations, maternal and child health institutions (institutes), family education research associations and other departments. [1]
Family education is an important part of modern national education, the basis of school education and social education, and has a special and important role in the ideological and moral construction of minors. Parent school is an important place to publicize and popularize the knowledge of family education and improve the quality of parents, and is the main position and main channel to guide the promotion of family education. [3]
Chinese name Parent School Foreign name Jia Zhang Xue Xiao

Baidu article Parent School Jiazhang Xuexiao via DeepL machine translation


On Further Strengthening the Implementing the Policy on Strengthening Family Oriented Education


  • Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party
  • Central Civilization Office
  • Communist Party Central Commission for Discipline Inspection organs
  • Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Organization Department
  • Ministry of Education
  • National Women’s Federation

jointly print and issue “On implementing the Opinion on further strengthening the families, family education and the moral climate of families education family style construction of the implementation of the views” sent to the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Party Committee Propaganda Department, Civilization Office, Discipline Inspection Commission organs, Party Committee Organization Department, Supervision Committee, Education Department (Education Commission), Women’s Federation∶

Today we print and issue to you “On the further strengthening of family education family style construction of the implementation of the views”. Please take into account the actual local conditions as you implement this Opinion.

  • Central Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China
  • Central Civilization Office
  • Central Commission for Discipline Inspection organs
  • Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee
  • State Supervision Commission Ministry of Education
  • All-China Women’s Federation

June 30, 2021

Opinions on the Implementation of Further Strengthening the Construction of Family Education and Family Style

In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important remarks on focusing on the construction of family education and family style, implement the national “14th Five-Year Program” objectives and tasks, promote the core socialist values in the family to take root, give full play to the construction of family education and family style in the training of the new generation, promote the good family style, strengthen the important role of grassroots social governance, gather the strength of hundreds of millions of families to strive for a new era, to advance a new journey, now put forward The following comments.

The general requirements of the new era of family education and family ethics construction

  1. Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the comprehensive implementation of the 19th CPC National Congress and the second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee we are implementing new development concepts for the new era based on the stage of development at which we have now arrived. In building a new pattern of development, we take as our bottom line the cultivation and practice of the core values of socialism. We will build cultured families, implement scientific education, and make passing down wholesome family styles as our main focus. We will strengthen the family style of party members and leading cadres. We will strengthen the construction of party members and leading cadres, highlight the keys to children’s moral education, strengthen education and guidance, practice and cultivation, as well as institutional safeguards.

We will promote the high-quality development of family education and family style, unite and lead family members to enhance the “Four Consciousnesses” [Note: “The fundamental principle of strengthening consciousness is to follow the ideology, political thinking and deeds of the CPC Central Committee, with Xi as general secretary at its core,”] , firmly realized the “Four Self-Confidences” [Note: “confidence in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics“] , achieve the “Two Safeguards” [Note: Safeguard the position of the core party leadership led by General Secretary Xi Jinping and Safeguard the central role of the Communist Party in China], firmly establish a new era of family concept, unite love of family and love of country, integrate the realization of personal dreams and family dreams into the realization of the China dream, our national dream. For the comprehensive construction of a modernized socialist country, the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has been gathering majestic strength.

  1. Basic principles
  • Adhere to the overall leadership of the Party, improve the leadership system and working mechanism of unified leadership of the Party Committee, the Party and the government. All departments shall perform their duties and responsibilities, and all sectors of society shall participate in the construction of the correct direction of family education and family ethics.
  • Adhere to the leading role of socialist core values as the basis of requirements for national, social and personal values through the whole process of family teaching and family style construction, guide family members to form the ideology, spirituality, cultured style, behavior norms to meet the requirements of the new era.
  • Adhere to righteousness and innovation, establish a new style of righteousness and eliminate the old rules and bad habits, inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture, continue promoting the red family style, promote the new era of civilization, and constantly promote the content, means, carriers and grassroots work innovation, perpetuate the family teaching and family style construction vitality and vigor.
  • The government will insist on problem orientation, address the outstanding problems of family education and family style construction, implement precise, targeted measures and make long-term efforts, and to actively respond to the people’s new expectations for a better life.
  • Adhere to the common construction and sharing, have the masses play the main role, absorb the participation of social forces, strengthen the effective coordination of departments, the formation of family education and family culture construction synergy, so that hundreds of millions of families shall share the fruits of development.
  1. Main objectives

After sustained and unremitting efforts, over the next five years as we support the development of the family policies and regulations continue to improve, the whole society focus on family education and family culture construction atmosphere has become ever more intense. The influence and appeal of family civilization construction activities shall be enhanced, the number of typical families cultivated shall be doubled, the exemplary role of Party members and leading cadres in the construction of family style shall be given full play, and the family concept of the new era shall be vigorously promoted. The concept of family education is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The family education guidance service system covering urban and rural areas shall be constantly improved, the mechanism of coordinated parenting between families, schools and communities is ever more sound.

By 2025 the construction rate of parents’ schools [jiazhang xuexiao] will reach 90% in urban communities and 80% in rural communities. The standardized construction level of parents’ schools in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens is greatly improved. The role of family education and family style construction in grass-roots social governance is ever more prominent, the level of culture of family members and social civilization is further enhanced, and the new socialist family civilization of love for the country and family, love for one other, upward mobility and sharing is promoted.

Strengthen the study and propaganda of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discourse on focusing on family education and family style construction

  1. Strengthen theoretical armament and research and interpretation

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thesis on the construction of family and family ethics is an important part of the study and education of Party members and leading cadres at all levels. It shall be included in the study plan of the theoretical study center group of Party committees (Party groups) at all levels, incorporated into the teaching arrangements of Party schools (administrative colleges) and cadre colleges at all levels. General Secretary Xi’s theses shall be incorporated into the study and education of Party history, integrated into political theory education, education on Party rules and discipline, and education on the purposes of the Party, to guide Party members and leading cadres. This shall be done in order to further enhance their ideological and operational consciousness of family education and family style construction.

Promote the construction of a new type of think tank in the field of the family, the family family education family style construction selected topics into the philosophical and social science research projects. Launch a number of theoretical research which will bring doctrinal depth and academic rigor to this process. Support qualified universities and research institutes to set up relevant professional courses, train specialists and improve the theoretical system of family construction. Strengthen the transformation and application of theoretical results to better guide the practice of family education and family style construction.

  1. Strengthen social propaganda and mass communication

Combined with the history of the Party, the history of the new China, the history of reform and opening up, the history of socialist development propaganda and education, the organization of the preparation of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the focus on the construction of the family, family education and family ethics important discussion study book, the launch of a series of interpretation articles, authoritative reports. Party newspapers and periodicals at all levels, radio and television stations, news websites and other regular set up columns on the construction of family education and family ethics, to create fresh content, innovative forms of integrated media products. Innovative micro-promotion, websites that often educational lectures online, mass education for women, lectures to promote honesty and fight corruption and other mass publicity and education activities.

In both urban and rural communities set up Family Concepts for the New Era bulletin boards, promote the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches in schools, in the community, int the family, at the patriotic education bases, at the New Era Civilization Study Centers. In May-June every year, multiple departments focus on the theme of family style and family education to tell good family stories, spread the concept of family education and create a strong atmosphere. Grasp the overall planning and production of family-themed literary and artistic works and publications, and through government purchases, launch more high-quality masterpieces that are unified in ideology, artistry and ornamentation. Produce and broadcast public service announcements, widely disseminated in various media at all levels, city screens, building TVs, buses and subways, parks and communities, so that the new era of family values shall be internalized in people’s hearts, externalized in their actions, and become the moral norms and codes of conduct that hundreds of millions of families use every day and do not realize.

Lead the construction of family education and family style with socialist core values

  1. Enrich the connotation of family education and family style construction in the new era

Using true-to-life anecdotes, daily activities and representational art, carry out education on patriotism, collectivism and socialism, guide family members to firmly establish a new-age family concept, pass down to the next generation traditional Chinese virtues such as respect for the elderly, love for the young, equality between men and women, harmony between husband and wife, diligence and thrift, and neighborhood solidarity. Carry forward the great spirit forged by the Party in its long-term struggle, inherit the red family style, practice loyalty and love, family companionship, all one’s lifelong. The family shall promote the modern family concepts of loyalty and love, family companionship, lifelong learning, green ecology, cultivating and integrating love of family with love of country. Build family relationships of mutual love, promote the family virtues of upward mobility and goodness, embody the family pursuit of common building and sharing, and promote the core socialist values so that they take root in the family.

  1. Deepen the construction of family culture

Refine the criteria and content of the creation of cultured families, improve our criteria for recognizing the best and promote the influence of the brand of creating cultured families. Depending response to the actual local situation and needs of different regions, groups of people and families, conduct regular search for “the most beautiful family” activities, carry out star-level cultured households, honest families, green families, five good families and other special innovations, promote the extension of activities from urban and rural communities to schools and institutions, enterprises and institutions, non-public economic organizations and social organizations, and expand the reservoir and reserve team of cultured families. Improve the typical family incentive help mechanism, set up online and offline honor rolls, promote good family style credit, supermarket point system and other incentive measures, to create a good environment in which virtuous people finish first. Makes these things the standard to emulate so that the value of the civilized family guidance will be a more obvious benchmark. Promote culture.

We will continue to carry out “Our Festival” activities, seize opportunities at Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Dragon Boat Festival, HerdBoy/Weaver Girl qi-xi Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth and other festivals. Organize family art activities, cultural lectures, family style story telling, new marriage culture propaganda, the new style of the times propaganda, etc., to attract urban and rural people to participate in passing down holiday customs, feel the spirit of China, enhance people’s pride in their own national culture. Vigorously carry out publicity activities to optimize fertility policy, promote the long-term balanced development of the population, strengthen education and guidance on the concept of marriage and family. Resolutely resist bad social habits such as bad marriage practices, excessively high dowry requirements grooms pay for their brides, neglecting one’s parent’s in life but giving them a fancy funeral, and guide the public to create a cultured countryside, with a family style. Encourage a simple and honest popular style, changing bad habits and creating good new ones, promote changes in prevailing habits and customes cultivating a civilized and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Implement the fundamental task of moral education to carry out family education

Popularize the scientific concept of family education, provide personalized and diversified guidance services through thematic lectures, online classes, consultation and counseling, guide parents to strengthen the main responsibility, focus on character education and mental health education, strengthen the construction of family culture, educate appropriately according to the growth of the child, educate children with the right actions, the right ideas and the right methods to develop good ideas so they will develop good conduct and good habits. Foster the man of the new era who will take up the responsibility of national rejuvenation. Increase family education job slots and teams. Build and use schools, communities, online parenting schools and family education guidance service centers. Museums, memorials, children’s palaces, children’s activity centers also have a role to play.

Combine the strength of teachers, experts, “Five Olds“, good parents and other teams, and promote the construction of urban and rural family education guidance service system. Create a sound family-school-society collaborative parenting mechanism, smooth communication channels between home, school and society, encourage cooperation between schools and families. Terminate after-school services at the same time as the work day ends for local workers. Cooperate to solve the problems of children’s homework, sleep, cell phones, reading materials, physical management, as well as out-of-school training, mental health. Help parents to reduce their children’s education expenses and alleviate educational anxiety. Support those authorities, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and individuals that have adquate resources to provide public welfare services. Support institutions, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and individuals to provide public welfare family education guidance services, and gradually build a whole chain of education pattern with consistent goals, clear boundaries and shared resources.

  1. Grasp the family style construction of party members and leading cadres

Take the construction of family style as an important part of the construction of the style of party members and leading cadres. Guide party members and leading cadres to raise their political awaremess. Deliberately make the construction of a good family style a top priority. Incorporate loyalty to the Party into the construction of family teaching and family style. Strictly abide by Party rules and regulations. Take the lead in governing the family with integrity, distinguish between the public and the private, separate the interests of their relatives from the duty of honesty they own to their position. Strictly teach the properly family lifestyle. Strictly control their family members and children. Frequently supervise, remind, warn, educate and urge them to comply with the law. Work with dedication and responsibility. The use of cases of abuses to strengthen the education through warning. Resolutely investigate and deal with the improper family style of party members and cadres and other issues. Create strong deterrents.

Deepen the use of cases of abuses as lessons for others. Promote reform, through the organization of warning education conference, by listening to the court trial of job-related crimes, organize visits to oppose corruption in government education exhibition, family education family style exhibition. Makes use of in-depth family education, guide party members and leading cadres to correctly deal with the relationship between self-discipline and other types of discipline, trust and supervision, authority and privilege, principles and feelings, build a firm anti-corruption and integrity of the family line of defense, with a pure family style to nurture a clean party style, government style and social style. Ensure that the family style is pure. Make good use of red resources such as patriotic education bases, cultivate red propaganda teams, excavate and organize and tell the stories of revolutionary predecessors’ family style, guide cadres and masses to draw the spiritual nutrients of virtue, integrity, diligence and thrift from the century-old history of the Party’s struggle, inherit revolutionary traditions and pass on red genes.

  1. Focus on the important role of family education and family style construction in grass-roots social governance

Combine the construction of family education and family style with the creation of civilized cities and civilized villages and towns, and organize a variety of cultural and recreational activities such as health and public welfare, parent-child reading, neighborhood mutual assistance and cooking demonstrations in order to attract people to come out of their “small” homes and integrate into their “big” homes. Actively participate in the construction of harmonious communities, harmonious neighborhoods, beautiful villages and safe communities. Combine the construction of family education and family style with the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses”. Focus on the needs of families such as “an old man and a small child” to implement practical projects for people’s livelihood, encourage kindergartens to carry out integrated services of child care, use existing positions to provide various forms of child care services, and help families solve the difficulties of caring for infants and toddlers under age 3.

Organize and carry out volunteer service activities, play the role of the new era civilization practice center (institute, station). Coordinate the residents (village) people’s committee, owners’ committee, property units and other forces to provide for widows and orphans, empty nesters, disabled elderly, bereaved parents who lost their only child. Provide additional services such as life care, spiritual and cultural comfort, health testing, fraud prevention, the use of intelligent technology. Increase the protection of special groups of children in difficulty. Carry out winter and summer care activities for children left behind in rural areas; carry out marriage and family counseling, conflict and dispute mediation, psychological counseling, after-school student care services, etc., to form a good culture of upward mobility and mutual help.

Strengthen solid guarantees for the construction of family education and family style

  1. Strengthen institutional protection

Accelerate the process of promoting family education legislation, and constantly improve the legal system for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of family members and promoting the function of the family. Vigorously promote the Civil Code, the Law against Domestic Violence, the Law on the Protection of Minors and other laws and regulations to guide family members to enhance their awareness of the rule of law and adhere to the moral bottom line. The value orientation of public policies will be manifested, and the requirements of the new-age family concept will be reflected in various economic development and social management policies and in various institutional norms and codes of conduct, so as to effectively play the role of laws and regulations, public policies and social norms in guiding and restraining family members.

  1. Strengthen organizational leadership

All relevant departments at all levels should fully understand the importance of family education and family style construction, and effectively take political responsibility and leadership.

  • The propaganda departments of party committees and civilization offices at all levels shall focus on strengthening the family, family education, good family lifestyle construction into the overall layout of spiritual civilization construction. They shall strengthen the coordination, organization and implementation, selection and recognition, publicity and guidance and supervision of implementation.
  • Discipline inspection and supervision organs, organizational departments shall take effective measures to strengthen party members and leading cadres family style.
  • The education department takes the lead to improve the family-school-society collaborative education mechanism and implement the fundamental task of building moral character.
  • Women’s Federation organizations to implement the “family happiness and well-being project” as a means to play a unique role of women in promoting the Chinese family virtues, establish a good family style.

All relevant departments should make building family and family ethics a top priority, and incorporate it into the overall planning of economic and social development, in improving policies and initiatives, improve the working mechanism, focus on assessment and evaluation, and increase the protection efforts to promote the institutionalization of family and family ethics, standardization and normalization of the work.

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中共中央宣传部 中央文明办 中共中央纪委机关中共中央组织部 国家监察委员会教育部 全国妇联印发《关于进一步加强家庭家教家风建设的实施意见》的通知各省、自治区、直辖市和新…

中共中央宣传部 中央文明办 中共中央纪委机关
中共中央组织部 国家监察委员会
教育部 全国妇联印发



国家监察委员会 教育部


为深入贯彻习近平总书记关于注重家庭家教家风建设重要论述,落实国家”十四五” 规划纲要目标任务,推动社会主义核心价值观在家庭落地生根,充分发挥家庭家教家风建设在培养时代新人、弘扬优良家风、加强基层社会治理中的重要作用,汇聚亿万家庭力量奋斗新时代、奋进新征程,现提出如下意见。


  1. 指导思想

以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四 中、五中全会精神,立足新发展阶段、贯彻新发展理念、构建新发展格局,以培育和践行社会主义核心价值观为根本,以建设文明家庭、实施科学家教、传承优良家风为重点,强化党员和领导干部家风建设,突出少年儿童品德教育关键,加强教育引导、实践养成、制度保障,推动家庭家教家风建设高质量发展,团结引领广大家庭成员增强”四个意识”、坚定”四个自信”、做到”两个维护”,牢固树立新时代家庭观,把爱家和爱国统一起来,把实现个人梦、家庭梦融入国家梦、民族梦之中,为全面建设社会主义现代化国家、实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦汇聚磅礴力量。


——坚持问题导向,针对家庭家教家风建设突出 问题,有的放矢、精准施策、久久为功,积极回应人民群众对美好生活的新期待。

经过持续不懈努力,未来五年支持家庭发展的政策法规不断完善,全社会注重家庭家教家风建设的氛围日益浓厚。家庭文明建设活动的影响力和感召力不断增强,培树的典型家庭数量翻一番,家风建设中党员和领导干部表率作用充分发挥,新时代家庭观大力倡扬。立德树人家庭教育理念深入人心,覆盖城乡的家庭教育指导服务体系不断完善,家校社协同育人机制更加健全,到2025年城市社区家长学校建设率达 90%、农村社区达80%,中小学幼儿园家长学校规范化建设水平大幅提升。家庭家教家风建设在基层社会治理中的作用更加显著,家庭成员文明素养和社会文明程度进一步提升,推动形成爱国爱家、相亲相爱、向上向善、共建共享的社会主义家庭文明新风尚。





结合党史、新中国史、改革开放史、社会主义发展史宣传教育,组织编写习近平总书记关于注重家庭家教家风建设重要论述学习读本,推出系列解读文章、权威报道。各级党报党刊、电台电视台、新闻网站等常态化设立家庭家教家风建设专栏专题,打造内容鲜活、形式新颖的融媒体产品。创新开展微宣讲、云讲堂、百千万巾 帼大宣讲、清廉讲堂等群众性宣传教育活动,在城乡社区普遍设立新时代家庭观宣传栏,推动习近平总书记重要讲话精神进学校、进社区、进家庭、进 爱国主义教育基地、进新时代文明实践中心。每年5-6月,多部门集中开展家风家教主题宣传,讲好家风故事,传播家教理念,营造浓厚氛围。抓好家庭题材文艺作品和出版物的统筹规划与创作生产,通过政府购买方式,推出更多思想性、艺术性、观赏性相统一的精品力作。制作刊播公益广告,在各级各类媒体、城市大屏幕、楼宇电视、公交地铁、公园社区广泛传播,让新时代家庭观内化于心、外化于行,成为亿万家庭日用而不觉的道德规范和行为准则。


  1. 丰富新时代家庭家教家风建设内涵


  1. 深化家庭文明建设

细化文明家庭创建标准和内容,完善评选表彰办法,提升文明家庭创建品牌影响力。针对不同地 区、人群、家庭实际情况和需求,常态化开展寻找”最美家庭” 活动,开展星级文明户、廉洁家庭、绿色家庭、五好家庭等特色创建,推动创建活动从城乡社区 向学校机关、企事业单位、非公经济组织、社会组织拓展延伸,做大文明家庭蓄水池和后备队。健全典型家庭激励帮扶机制,设立线上线下光荣榜,推广好家风信用贷、积分超市等激励措施,营造德者有得、争当典型的良好环境,让文明家庭的价值导向和标杆示范作用更鲜明。实施培育.文明风尚行动,持续开展”我们 的节日” 活 动,抓住春节、元 宵、清明端午、七夕、中秋、重阳等节日契机,组织开展家庭文艺活动、文化讲座、家风故事宣讲、新型婚育文化宣传、时代新风宣传等,吸引城乡群众在参与中传承节日习俗、感悟中国精神、增强文化自信。大力开展优化生育政策促进人口长期均衡发展宣传活动,加强婚恋观、家庭观教育引导,坚决抵制婚嫁陋习、天价彩礼、薄养厚葬等不良社会风气,引导群众在改陋习树新风中涵育文明乡风、良好家风、淳朴民风,推进移风易俗,养成文明健康生活方式。

  1. 落实立德树人根本任务开展家庭教育

普及家庭教育科学理念,通过主题讲座、网络课堂、咨询辅导等途径,提供个性化、多元化的指导服务,引导家长强化主体责任,注重品德教育和心理健康教育,加强家庭文化建设,遵循儿童成长规律,用正确行动、正确思想、正确方法教育孩子养成好思想、好品行、好习惯,培养担当民族复兴大任的时代新人。加强家庭教育阵地和队伍建设,建好用好学校、社区、网上家长学校和家庭教育指导服务中心,发挥好博物馆、纪念馆、少年宫、儿童活动中心等阵地作用,汇聚教师、专家、”五老”、优秀家长等队伍力量,推动构建覆盖城乡的家庭教育指导服务体系。健全家庭学校社会协同育人机制,畅通家校社沟通渠道,鼓励学校与家庭合作,推动学校课后服务结束时间与当地职工正常下班时间衔接,合力解决孩子作业、睡眠、手机、读物、体质管理 以及校外培训、心理健康等问题,帮助家长降低子女教育开支、缓解教育焦虑;支持有条件的机关、企事业单位、社会组织和个人提供公益性家庭教育指导服务,逐步构建目标一致、边界清晰、资源共享的全链条育人格局。



  1. 注重发挥家庭家教家风建设在基层社会治理中的重要作用

将家庭家教家风建设与文明城市、文 明村镇等创建活动相结合,组织开展健康公益、亲子阅读、邻里互助、厨艺展示等丰富多彩的文化娱乐活动,吸引群众走出 “小”家、融入”大” 家,积极参与和谐社区、和睦邻里、美丽乡村、平安社区建设。将家庭家教家风建设与”我为群众办实事” 实践活动相结合,聚焦”一老一小” 等家庭所需所急实施民生实事项目,鼓励幼儿园开展托幼一体化服务,利用现有阵地提供多种形式的托育服务,帮助家庭解决3岁以下婴幼儿照护困难。组织开展学雷锋志愿服务活动,发挥新时代文明实践中心(所、站)作用,统筹居(村)民委员会、业主委员会、物业单位等力量,为孤寡老人、空巢老人、失能老人、失独家庭等提供生活关爱、精神文化抚慰、健康检测、防诈骗、智能技术运用等服务;加大对特殊困难儿童群体的保障力度,开展农村留守儿童寒暑假期关爱活动;开展婚姻家庭辅导、矛盾纠纷调解、心理咨询、学生课后托管等服务,形成向上向善、互帮互助的良好风尚。


  1. 强化制度保障



各地各相关部门要充分认识家庭家教家风建设的重要性,切实负起政治责任和领导责任。各级党委宣传部、文明办将家庭家教家风建设纳入精神文明建设总体布局,加强统筹协调、组织实施、评选表彰、宣传引导和督促落实。纪检监察机关、组织部门采取有效措施加强党员和领导干部家风建设。教育部门牵头健全家校社协同育人机制,落实立德树人根本任务。妇联组织 以实施”家家幸福安康工程” 为抓手,发挥妇女在弘扬中华民族家庭美德、树立良好家风方面的独特作用。各地要将家庭家教家风建设摆上重要议事日程,纳入经济社会发展总体规划,完善政策举措,健全工作机制,注重考核评估,加大保障力度,推动家庭家教家风建设工作制度化、规范化、常态化开展。

About 高大伟 David Cowhig

After retirement translated,with wife Jessie, Liao Yiwu's 2019 "Bullets and Opium", and have been studying things 格物致知. Worked 25 years as a US State Department Foreign Service Officer including ten years at US Embassy Beijing and US Consulate General Chengdu and four years as a China Analyst in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Before State I translated Japanese and Chinese scientific and technical books and articles into English freelance for six years. Before that I taught English at Tunghai University in Taiwan for three years. And before that I worked two summers on Norwegian farms, milking cows and feeding chickens.
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