2022: Rural Shanghai: Drones Help Block Virus, Party Committee Ensures Seedling Deliveries

Aerial + ground” full coverage, Shanghai suburban township with drones weave a rural epidemic prevention and control network


May 12, 2022

“Please wear masks, stay two meters apart for safety!” “Please don’t move around so much. Do not go out unless necessary.” In Chongming District, Gangxi Townshp, a drone flying over the nucleic acid test points, villagers’ homes and other gathering points, issues reminders and directives and other epidemic prevention propaganda.

The reporter learned from Gangxi Township that the township uses drones to actively build “air + ground” full-coverage work mode, continue to weave a tight and firm epidemic prevention and control network, guard the hard-won prevention and control achievements. The city transportation center of Gangxi Town has overcome technical problems such as weak remote control signal, short battery life and low security level of long-distance data transmission for civilian drones, and achieved a single uninterrupted town-wide flight inspections lasting up to 236 minutes.

Gangxi Township, on central Chongming Island, has 12,000 households and 23,000 residents in its fifty square kilometers. Over 60% of them are elderly people who do not have smart phones. The drones’ “high mobility, high flexibility and wide coverage” are ideal for carrying out epidemic prevention and propaganda in rural areas.

In order to achieve quick and fast results, and to fight the battle of mmanagement, the town’s urban transportation center has adapted to the local situation, transforming old digital tuned radios into epidemic prevention and control loudspeaker and installing them on drones to carry out epidemic prevention and propaganda, effectively discouraging people from gathering, going out fishing, or not wearing masks and other rule violations.

Above: “Turning old FM digital receivers into epidemic prevention and control loudspeakers” Below: “during the quarrantine period a drone on patrol discovered people gathered together for fishing. Volunteers immediately went to the area to admonish them to disperse.

During their efforts to mantain a stable situation in the entire areea, the road entrance and village entrance are the top priority for epidemic prevention and control. In this regard, the town of Port West accurately set up “air and ground complementary” inspection mechanism. On the ground, the town set up a checkpoint, the town of 125 organizations, businesses, social workers and other town staff reached out to 12 villages, and village cadres, party members “who report both to local government and the local party organization, militia, volunteers together to strengthen the grassroots prevention and control forces, at 2 town-level road junctions and at 20 village-level road junctions to carry out round-the-clock patrol duty, in order to prevent by unauthorized vehicles or non-essential personnel.

In the air, the town launched a mobile sentinel, in addition to giving full play to the role of the town-wide video probe rotation patrol, but also used drones to surveil key areas, including areas with many vehicles for occasional inspections. Once a violation is discovered, a report is fed back from the ground control the to post responsible for enforcement so that violations are dealth with in a timely manner, so as to address roadblock violations over the barrier network, regional traffic flow abnormalities and other issues.

During quarrantine periods, overflying sealed-off areas, discovers violations of isolation barriers. The people concerned have already been admonished.

In addition, the current round of epidemic coincides with the busy farming season of spring preparation. In the process of drone inspection, the relevant staff of Gangxi Town found that some villagers had broken out of isolation net to sell seedlings. In order to rationalize the villagers’ real demand for seedling sales, the town prevention and control office took timely measures to coordinate with farmers who “have seedlings but haven’t been able to sell them” and “and farmers who have no seedlings to plant”. They reported the relevant varieties and quantities to the village committee, which helped to coordinate and take measures to make for the delivery of the seedlings to the villagers who need them in order to ensure that the spring planting and epidemic prevention are both achieved successfully.

During drone patrols the drone discovers that some people have crossed quarantine barriers to sell seedlings. The township epidemic prevention and control office immediately implemented a system by which seedling sellers holding a permit could go to a seedling collection point where volunteers from neighboring villages could take the seedlings and deliver them to buyers so that both sucessful epidemic prevention and control and the spring planting could be ensured.

Column editor-in-chief: Tang Ye

Author: Mao Guanjun


2022-05-12 15:11










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