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Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department 统战部

United Front work, like propaganda, and the political and legal affairs committees exists at every level of Communist Party organization in China mirrored all the way down reporting to both the local Party leader and the corresponding organization at higher … Continue reading

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Poster: Chinese Communist Party’s New Politburo

Just saw a poster of the new Chinese Communist Party Politburo on the Twitter feed of Matthew Pang Suitable for framing! The seven members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party plus the eighteen … Continue reading

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Süddeutsche Zeitung: Updating the Chinese Dictatorship

The Google Translate robot told me about this commentary by Kai Strittmatter in the “South German Times” —  Kai Strittmatter, Süddeutsche Zeitung: Update der chinesischen Diktatur   (Updating the Chinese Dictatorship) In German: Google Translated into English: October 21, 2017, 1:21 … Continue reading

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Huang Wenzhi: How the Anhui “Water Spirit Hairy Man” Rumor Become an Ideology and Local Government Response

The February 2016 issue of the Chinese journal Communist Party Historical Research and Education  《党史研究与教学》 tells the story, based on research in local government archives,  of a scary rumor from the early days of the PRC.  Widespread rumors of hairy monsters … Continue reading

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2016: Red Flag and Preparing the Ideological Ground for the Cultural Revolution

The Cultural Revolution can be thought of as Mao’s revolt against the Communist Party apparatus after Mao himself was marginalized after the famine and other disasters that followed the Great Leap Forward campaign that he initiated in the late 1950s.  … Continue reading

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2015: Li Jiang 李江:  Why should China’s foreign affairs strategy change gear?*

This translation is by a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous.  The article appeared on both the Financial Times Chinese language website in July 2015 as well as on the PRC liberal intellectual discussion website Aisixiang. 中国外交战略为何转变? FT中文网撰稿人李江:在当前的条件下,中国外交战略显得强硬可能是试图通过外交为棘手的内政问题寻找出路,加强意识形态控制,利用反腐整顿吏治均是表现。 … Continue reading

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Understanding the Chinese Police State — Thoughts Towards a Reading List

First of all,  I would recommend  Stein Ringen’s  2016 book The Perfect Dictatorship — China in the 21st Century is a fine overview and analysis of China as a police state. Less comprehensive works focusing on a particular aspect of the police … Continue reading

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