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2009: “China is Unhappy” First Chapter Capsule Summary

  The first chapter of China is Unhappy    Unhappy China: The Great Time, Grand Vision and Our Challenges (Chinese: 中国不高兴:大时代、大目标及我们的内忧外患; pinyin: Zhōngguó bù gāoxìng: Dà shídài, dà mùbiāo jí wǒmen de nèiyōu wàihuàn) summarized. This is a book easy to dismiss but worth … Continue reading

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Chinese Writer on US History Liu Xianwen Visiting Scholar at Harvard

Liu Xianwen  刘显闻 , author of several remarkable books introducing US history and culture to Chinese readers, is now a visiting scholar at Harvard.  I met Liu Xianwen when I was working at the US Consulate in Chengdu during 2007 – … Continue reading

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Excerpt Translation: The Qing and Yuan Dynasties were Not ‘Chinese’ Dynasties

China as a cultural zone and China as a state. What is China?  The Qing Dynasty called itself  Da Qing, not China.  Dynasty after dynasty. Are dynasties different states?  Some existed simultaneously with other dynasties within the Chinese cultural zone. … Continue reading

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2008: The Wishes of a Tibetan

  The Wishes of a Tibetan   一个藏族人的心愿 http://tibetanwishes.tibetcul.com/45373.html These are some hopes the Tibetan people have. We hope that the state will support them. 1. We hope that a common Tibetan language will be designated. (86% of Tibetan want … Continue reading

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