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2014: “The Qing Dynasty was not a Chinese Dynasty”

When the PRC was founded in 1949, it called itself New China — as in the name of  the Xinhua press agency, the New China Press Agency.    A intriguing 2013 blog posting argued that “The Qing Dynasty was not … Continue reading

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2009: Behind the Hurt Feelings of the Chinese People — A Threat

  The Xinhua publication Global Times on its websites offered a list and map of countries that have hurt the feelings of the Chinese people 伤害了中国人民的感情 over the past few decades. Chinese officials often say that this or that action … Continue reading

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Excerpt Translation: The Qing and Yuan Dynasties were Not ‘Chinese’ Dynasties

China as a cultural zone and China as a state. What is China?  The Qing Dynasty called itself  Da Qing, not China.  Dynasty after dynasty. Are dynasties different states?  Some existed simultaneously with other dynasties within the Chinese cultural zone. … Continue reading

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