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Opening Up and Supporting USG Open Source Translations on China Etc.

Among the recommendations of the 2019 Annual Report to Congress of the U.S.-CHINA ECONOMIC AND SECURITY REVIEW COMMISSION is a call for the US government to devote more resources to translation and analysis of Chinese-language open source materials. The CIA’s … Continue reading

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Automation of Telephone Call Monitoring in China

[ After writing this blog article, I got an interesting tweet from China about phone monitoring. 重要对话用 @telegram 端对端加密,电话短信早就被监控着了。” For important conversations use Telegram Messanger ( https://telegram.org/ )with its end-to-end encyption. Telephones and instant messaging have been being monitored for quite a while.”] … Continue reading

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Chinese Spy Novel “Fatal Weakness” — The CIA Spy School

Fatal Weakness  致命弱点  [Zhiming Ruodian] is a novel about Chinese spies in the United States,  the competition between US and Chinese intelligence services, and the fatal weaknesses and susceptibility to manipulation of both services.  Fatal Weakness along with the other … Continue reading

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