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2015: Li Jiang 李江:  Why should China’s foreign affairs strategy change gear?*

This translation is by a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous.  The article appeared on both the Financial Times Chinese language website in July 2015 as well as on the PRC liberal intellectual discussion website Aisixiang. 中国外交战略为何转变? FT中文网撰稿人李江:在当前的条件下,中国外交战略显得强硬可能是试图通过外交为棘手的内政问题寻找出路,加强意识形态控制,利用反腐整顿吏治均是表现。 … Continue reading

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2009: China’s Singapore Illusion; Religious Charity in Rural Henan

Summarized from the January 28, 2009 issue of Nanfengchuang 南风窗 : Religious Assistance, A New Supplement to Socialization of Elder Care?  宗教救助,社会化养老的新补充?  by Nanfengchuang  journalist  Shi Po 石 破 After going through some background on cooperative health insurance in rural Henan, it discusses … Continue reading

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