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Wu Xiaoping Controversy: Time for China to Move Away from Market Economy?

A prof at Renmin University told me in the late 1990s that some people argued in the 1970s that China needed to go backwards from socialism to a market economy in order to achieve communism since market->socialism rather than a … Continue reading

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Chinese Readers Comments on Financial Times Chinese Language Website

Reading comments from Chinese readers of websites such as the Financial Times Chinese language website is interesting. As much as the articles oftentimes. The site being outside China and frequented by Chinese business people, it escapes the heavy censorship that … Continue reading

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2009:With PRC Bailouts, State Sector Gains Ground on Private Sector 国进民退

  Ye Tan  叶檀, a history PhD armed scholar with a strong interest in economics and a Financial Times China website contract commentator, argues in “Questioning the Head of the Chinese Statistical Bureau” 质疑中国统计局长 that contrary to what the Statistical Bureau … Continue reading

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