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Cartoons on HK – Taiwan “Wanwan come home”

A Chinese broadcaster recently said Taiwan should return to the embrace of the mainland, using the word wanwan 湾湾 a reference reminiscent of the shortened names Chinese children give one another. The protests and crackdowns in Hong Kong, however, are … Continue reading

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He Qinglian: Concerns as Taiwan Faces “Red Infiltration”

He Qinglian has a good commentary in the May 28th Dajiyuan (Epoch Times in Chinese) discussing her just-concluded three week speaking tour in Taiwan. A bit of an ad for her recent excellent  book (I’ve been reading it — (full … Continue reading

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CSIS II: The Taiwan Relations Act at Forty and U.S.-Taiwan Relations

I went to listen to all-day panel discussions “The Taiwan Relations Act at Forty and U.S.-Taiwan Relations” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC on April 9th. I even got a free lunch and caught … Continue reading

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2009: PRC Newsmagazine Lauds KMT Agricultural Reforms on Taiwan

  The February 9, 2009 issue of China Newsweekly Zhongguo Xinwen Zhou  中国新闻周 ran an admiring article about the KMT’s successful land reform in Taiwan “Land to the Tillers” Taiwan Style Now the Farmers are Some of the Most Prosperous … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s Lee Teng-hui as Former Communist in 1996 Taiwan Presidential Campaign Leaflet and Novel

This sheet (what we would call opposition research!)  was circulated by Lee Teng-hui’s opposition during the Taiwan presidential campaign of 1996. The sheet accused Lee Teng-hui of having been a member of Taiwan’s underground communist party in the late 1940s … Continue reading

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与台湾出家人谈话 A Talk with a Taiwan Monk

Two years ago while visiting my wife’s family in central Taiwan, I had an interesting talk with a monk (chujiaren) who lives in a small community nearby whom I met by accident walking on a country road up into the … Continue reading

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2011 Summary Translation: PRC Weekly Nanfengchuang — “My Views on the Growth of Democracy in Taiwan”

Summary Translation: Therefore, according to my understanding, the result of Taiwan democracy and especially the result of two changes in the ruling political party is that human rights and democracy have made great progess. For example, when Taiwan began its … Continue reading

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