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de Volksktrant Interview: RANA MITTER AND NADÈGE ROLLAND “China is already shaping us more than we think”

Lots of beneficial brainwaves.  Captures the acute feeling of vulnerability the Party feels. But maybe the sky isn’t falling in after all. Gift diplomacy is intriguing.  The old imperials tribute system was the exchange of gifts. The Emperor gave much … Continue reading

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Wang Jisi: The US Trade War Aimed at Changing Chinese Behavior and Making More Money, Not Disengagement

Some interesting idea to try on for size on what is behind the US- China trade ‘war’ from a Chinese international relations scholar.  Views that are not necessarily influential in China, but intriguing discussion on world trends although the focus … Continue reading

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Chinese Political Mini-Novella: The Last Assassin’s Mace Left Over From Before the Dissolution of the Soviet Union 苏联解体前留下的最后杀手锏

Here below is a Chinese micro-novella found on a Chinese website, Google machine-translated from Chinese to English, then slightly cleaned up.  I’ll copy the Chinese text below the translation.  Sometimes articles with a political tinge disappear suddenly from Chinese websites … Continue reading

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Yang Hengjun: Will Kim Jong-un be the Architect of Reform and Opening for the DPRK?

Fascinating blog post by Chinese-Australian spy novelist Yang Hengjun.  Trump as America’s non-ideological president and the opportunity for change in the relationship with the DPRK that that presents. Like Mr. Spock said in Star Trek V, “We have a saying … Continue reading

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